At this time, Ziyan also spoke out to comfort "Chaoyang people’s ghosts and ghosts are unusual, and even if they reach the human world, it is difficult to hide. Worse, it is said that ghosts are afraid of Lei Guang’s sister’s hands and hands."

"ZiYan right ancient this ghost to contain the whole underworld is under the jurisdiction of the fairy court let’s say this is the Lord …" Say "Baiyun Tower will no longer converge" and "Qi Qi will move forward two steps and step on Lang" and "Xian Jun will not show up to meet you as

"Well …"

Bite your nails and think hard. I want to organize the language and speak it well, but this is not something that language can express clearly. No language can accurately express what love is. "If there is someone who can make you feel happy when you are together, and you want to stay together forever

Compared with these Pei Wende, he now pays more attention to the monsters who were attracted by Xiaoqing’s vision when she broke through the bottleneck.

At first glance, the dragon, snake and demon are more attractive than the magic weapon. Don’t mention those scattered demons. Even those younger brothers who have their own path won’t mind having a magic weapon refined from Dragon Ball, Dragon Blood, Dragon Tendon and Long Lin in their hands. "This time it’s the same. At

After a slight hesitation, Bai Ling spoke next to them. "Don’t worry, he has no whip, that is, a waste, not even my opponent!" Said the running body really yuan on the spot to repair their own blue beads.

Qiongzhi and Manyun listened to Bai Ling’s words and immediately pinched the seal, which definitely released Lin Feng as soon as the seven treasures were collected. "It’s Long Xingxuan. Do you know that Fei Qiong was killed by them?" Lin Yufeng roared up at this time. "They killed Fei Qiong, and you went to them