"Let’s go and meet this ice monster, and I need many Taoist friends to plunder the array for me. If there is something bad, hurry to rescue me, but don’t fold it here." Elder Liu looked at the people with his eyes off.

"Elder, rest assured that we will protect the Taoist friends." Han Huan chuckled. Elder Liu got up and said, "It’s better to take a day off today to restore your mana, and then go to the monster. This time, I came across a continent in World War I, thanks to my wonderful method, but I

It is also a good thing for him that the fire pulse spirit cooperates so well, because if the fire pulse spirit does not cooperate, he must erase the spirit of the fire pulse spirit, so that even Xia Qilai’s apotheosis of acupoints will inevitably weaken a lot.

Fortunately, although the fire pulse spirit is not in contact with people, it is not stupid to know that you have no other choice, and you can agree if you don’t want to disappear. With the help of the fire pulse spirit, everything became smooth. Xia Qi didn’t have much time. The fire pulse spirit

Chapter 29 Set out

Arryn (Lin Hao) woke up early the next day, excited and nervous. If nothing happens, he can see Harry Potter today. He quickly got out of bed and got dressed. An hour later, Bunce’s father, Mr. Smith, helped put the heavy suitcase in the trolley. After that, Mr. Smith hurried away. The luggage is heavier