However, in a short time, the fighting between the two sides has become white-hot, with bullets and bone spurs, and a large number of people have died, while the defenders have also suffered a lot of casualties.

Kong Jie’s classmates were either injured or sacrificed, and he insisted that Reagan didn’t feel hurt in his brain. His only thought was to kill more bugs. Get a new magazine as soon as you run out of ammunition. When the magazine was gone, he quickly picked up the machine gun left by his companion

However, his mainland ranking then has fallen in the atmosphere. At this moment, Xuanyuanyaqin’s mind has shifted from hoping that Sun Hao will get points to hoping that Sun Hao will be ill.

It is surprising that although the overall strength of South China is not optimistic, no monk has miraculously fallen after entering the burial day market. Five monks from Minaminoooji miraculously came to life. In particular, Sun Hao, Sun Chen Xiang, who ranks the lowest, can still live well, and although the score rises the slowest,

"In that case, well, second, you always said that you want to go it alone. Anyway, we will have a chance to meet each other after each of us has three talismans, but you must be careful this time!" Lu Yixia said

At this time, the public transport class looked relaxed. "Well, you should also take care!" The losing class nodded. "By the way, there are two of our friends in the human world, one is Jiang Tai, the owner of Tai Hao Shanda Leiyin Temple, and the other is Sun Fei, the granddaughter of Sun Wu.