This result simply makes people laugh and cry. Ye Han sighed with emotion that politics is complicated and finally came to a conclusion that ordinary people don’t know how to play it unless they can’t afford it!

The boss is still the old mother-in-law, but the new joint command has also brought some new changes. Leishan received several orders from North Moon Island in succession, canceling Leishan’s protection of No.1 base and replacing Ceres with its target, which means that the safety of Ceres will be in Leishan’s charge in the future.

"Lin Feng is very clever. Have you shown any flaws?" The king of Jin did not expect that Lin Feng would enter Tiancheng and not leave. The original loss was heavy, and Lin Feng would inevitably choose to return to Beijing.

"Report assured that although Lin Feng was not stupid in his humble position, he had already expressed his position and vowed that Tian Cheng would die together." Lu Jun deliberately slowed down his speech and acted in the same way, so he needed to change his tone according to the place and way of speaking.

"Beautiful goal! Ten percent of the credit for this goal should go to luis garcia! His breakthrough completely disrupted the Murcia defense! Mista’s work is simply easier than in training! "

"I can say that the Murcia team was defeated by luis garcia? Although this is a bit exaggerated, it is true! " …… Changsheng was not very excited on the sidelines this time, waving his fists and celebrating with his colleagues. He raised his right fist. This is not luck! This tactic is really effective!

The True Sutra of the Sun can be regarded as a combination of the creation of the Imperial Heaven and the stormy world. The True Sutra of the Sun has definitely created such a method of cultivating immortals. This method of cultivating immortals is not comparable to that of Taiji Xuanqing Road, but it can finally be integrated with fellow practitioners of Taiji Xuanqing Road, which is a great help to the cultivation of Tian Buyi.

Imperial heaven draws out a blank sheet of paper again, and then it is enough to continue to spread it. Soon, another fairy tale appeared. "The Taiyin Zhenjing is also a reverse of the Taiyin Zhenjing, which absorbs the essence of Taiyin and has the same effect as the Taiyin Zhenjing!" Imperial day said but