However, in a short time, the fighting between the two sides has become white-hot, with bullets and bone spurs, and a large number of people have died, while the defenders have also suffered a lot of casualties.

Kong Jie’s classmates were either injured or sacrificed, and he insisted that Reagan didn’t feel hurt in his brain. His only thought was to kill more bugs. Get a new magazine as soon as you run out of ammunition. When the magazine was gone, he quickly picked up the machine gun left by his companion

This is to ask Haiyi.

"Well, I didn’t believe it at first, but now I’ve confirmed that this is the news that the special forces are back. It’s really Big Brother White Teeth!" "But how did he meet the special forces?" "This is another short message, in which it is written that ferrets can meet white teeth, which is an

Imagine a sudden addition of a memory in your mind, which feels like your own experience but not your current identity. This may cause two consequences: one is self-cognitive confusion; Second, I can’t bear such a huge amount of information, which leads to the collapse of consciousness.

Among the four people, Manman or Sanjing Sanxiu’s trip to Hua Zhen immediately realized that it was inappropriate to wake up Manman’s way of coping with the magic realm. Although it’s not the experience of Manman’s demons or the magic realm, it’s similar in nature to Manman. It’s a small accident, and Locke also stopped

The army advanced all the way, and the Song forces retreated all the way, and soon lost many important military strongholds, political and economic centers and historical and cultural cities.

For example, Lu ‘an, Shouchun, Hefei, Anqing, Chuzhou, Baling, Wuling, Changsha, Hengyang and many other important places were captured by the army. Of course, there is a need for military attacks in this process, but a large part of them are unguarded and the whole city can’t escape. The people in the city are kneeling

"Tell me about the strange place?" I smile. These guys are grave robbers. If they were ordinary tombs, they would have got roots. They don’t have to take the liberty to beg me and King Kong cannons.

"The tomb is not hidden next to a Miao village, and the pyramid-shaped mound is also open, but no one has been able to enter it for so many years. Whenever you go to the entrance of the tomb for ten meters, it will be blocked by a strange force," added the old man in

Bombarding Takashi is like a sharp hammer hitting the lookout’s chest. It is a desperate feeling. Because the frederick the great has already drilled into the sea fog area, it can be seen everywhere that the thick water vapor will hold the commander tower and partially cover the thick hatch. Although it is difficult to breathe, the short instructions are still reached.

"Ask the fourth team about the situation! Inform the first reconnaissance fleet that the ocean fleet found that the British fast fleet ordered the first reconnaissance fleet to turn around and cooperate with the ocean fleet to attack on both sides! " "Will that be the British fast fleet, where the god of war Heidi