Fortunately, although the fire pulse spirit is not in contact with people, it is not stupid to know that you have no other choice, and you can agree if you don’t want to disappear.
With the help of the fire pulse spirit, everything became smooth. Xia Qi didn’t have much time. The fire pulse spirit helped him deify a point.
The world of this new cave is a sea of fire, and the center is a huge magma lake, and the fire pulse spirit entered this magma lake at the first time.
Xia Qi smiled.
He can clearly feel that his strength has increased, and as more and more acupoints are deified, he has evolved into a world. He feels that he seems to be evolving into a big world, and there are generally many understandings that are of great help to his progress.
"One day, if I deify 365 acupoints, I don’t know if many small worlds can really evolve into a huge world."
Xia qi heart suddenly full of expectations.
He hopes to see that after he deified 365 points, the scene may really change as much as he imagined.
Of course, Xia Qi is almost short of 200 acupoints now, and he wants to deify 365 acupoints almost half short. It is too early to say these things now.
"Please ask the blood phoenix elder to stay here for a period of time, and I will protect the law and wait for me to go deep into the magma lake to draw a lesson from the fire pulse fire power department here."
Xia Qi deified the acupoints, but did not intend to leave immediately, but wanted to draw the fire pulse power department here into the new deified acupoints world.
In this way, the strength of the fire pulse spirit can be further improved.
"Brother Xia Qi, go back quickly. Sister Moon and Sister Blood Phoenix and I are waiting for you here."
Jade bell root didn’t give the blood phoenix demon emperor a chance to speak. The tender little hand waved at Xia Qi and took Gu Yue and the blood phoenix demon emperor to talk very closely.
Xia Qi smiled and knew that Jade Bell was helping himself and didn’t hesitate to summon the fire pulse spirit.
At this time, there was a slight change in front of the fire pulse spirit. The original fire pulse spirit was just a child’s size and shape, and it was white like a small flame.
At this time, the fire pulse spirit has become like an adult, and its shape is still a flame shape, but its color has changed slightly, with a little bright red in white.
The fire pulse inspired Xia Qi to turn over and jump into the magma lake, swimming freely in it like a dragon in the sea, and sitting on his back, Xia Qi did not feel the heat at all.
"One beverage cooled …"
As the fire pulse spirit entered the magma lake, the magma lake immediately boiled, and in the boiling, Xia Qi could clearly feel that several hot energies had entered his own cave world.
Along with it, the temperature of the magma lake here is constantly decreasing. In less than half an hour, this magma lake has cooled and solidified in many places.
Xia Qi and Huomai Ling are delighted to feel that the whole magma lake suddenly trembled violently and roared violently when several fire-fighting forces poured into the cave world.
No, Xia Qi said that the fire vein turned over and shot at the surface of the magma lake.
In a blink of an eye, the fire pulse spirit took Xia Qi away from the magma lake and once again appeared on the surface of the earth and happened to be beside several blood phoenix demon emperors.
"What happened?"
Xia Qi somberly asked several people about blood phoenix demon emperor.
He could feel that there was a majestic coercion in the tremor just now, which was looming, but it made people feel awe from the depths of their souls
"Look over there"
Blood phoenix demon emperor, flying fairy king, Gu Yue, jade bell four people on the ground are looking up at far jade bell with Xia Qi said, eyes did not move.
Xia Qi followed several people’s eyes and looked far away.
Just at this moment, the second strong tremor came like a muffled thunder, and the coercion with the earth in the loud noise was even better than the coercion given off in the first roar.
"This is the emperor’s coercion."
Looked up at the sky blood phoenix demon emperor suddenly mouth said a words.
The words sound just fell Xia Qi several people look is a surprised to show shock color.
"This first heavy day can’t even enter Jin Xian and Xian Wang Jiangzhe unless it is brought in by special methods. How can there be a great emperor entering here?"
Xia qi frown sink asked
"Yes, if an emperor enters this place, if we don’t deal with the emperor with Tiandong Sect, wouldn’t we suffer?"
Jade bell is also full of worries
"Not the living emperor"
Blood phoenix demon emperor gently shook his head again, but this time let Xia Qi several people all show excitement.
"Not the living emperor, this must have been inherited by the emperor."
"I heard that someone had received the support of the Great Emperor on the first day, but I didn’t expect that we could meet."
"Come on, come on, let’s get there quickly, or someone else will beat us to it."
Xia Qi several people are forced to stay, even Xia Qi keeps calm.
He doesn’t need the emperor’s support, but the emperor may leave some treasures in the emperor’s ware, but it is fatal to him.
Besides, just because he doesn’t want the Emperor Cheng doesn’t mean that Gu Yue and Yulingling don’t need it.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-three Cause riots