But what surprised Su Mo even more was that the white-shirted man was followed by an old man with a gray hair and beard.
Although there was no age limit in the ancient battlefield, it was the younger generation who came in, and now an old man suddenly appeared, which seemed quite different.
And Su Mo Lingjue told him that the old man was extremely dangerous!
After entering the ancient battlefield, Soviet-Mexican battles, big and small, also experienced a lot, but never a monk felt this kind of breath.
It’s horrible and heart-rending!
Su Mo took a deep look at the gray-haired old man before returning to the white shirt.
The white-shirted man held a small fan in his backhand and threw his fist with a smile. "Tang Yu doesn’t know what your friend’s name is?"
Sue ink eyes rested on the man waist door token fixed replied.
Most of the clan tokens displayed in the ancient battlefields are big clans and powerful forces.
Dimly discernible peak, the territory of the Zhou Dynasty is five gates, but the roots of the wild mainland are nothing, and Su Mo and others have a bag hanging around their waist.
It was Su Mo who guessed the origin of the white-shirted man was not simple, but he didn’t know the Zongmen token and he didn’t know the purpose at present.
Tang Yu’s slender wrist shook the folding fan gently and said, "Taoist friends must not know much about the four riders when they first arrived in Xuantiancheng, but I do know some news."
"Want to hear more" Su Mo nodded.
"The so-called four riders are actually arranged according to the wolves and tigers and leopards. Everyone’s mount is an ancient heritage. The powerful middle-aged boss Chai Ri is a seven-pulse foundation, and his three riders are also the peak of six-pulse foundation. It is possible to be promoted to seven-pulse foundation at any time."
Tang Yudao said, "The strength of the four riders in Xuantiancheng is not the strongest, but the reason why his top forces are unwilling to make friends is that there are seven veins in the four riders."
"Bao Yunfeng has fallen in love with you and his three riders, and even if he can escape from Xuantiancheng, he will be chased by the four riders. After all, he will not be able to fight in World War I."
Tang Yu Kan Kan and Su Mo finally looked at him in silence.
After a long time, Sumo asked, "What are you trying to say?"
"I can help you" Tang Yu speaks amazingly.
Sue ink eyebrows a pick.
Now he has offended the four horsemen, Kogan, and no one is optimistic about him. Su Mo never thought that someone would help him in Xuan Tiancheng.
Tang Yu added, "Of course, the so-called help is not to do your best to recklessly fight for the four big riders on your side, which is of no benefit to me, but …"
Tang Yu’s temper turned and said, "I can help you look after your worries."
"What do you mean?" Su Mo frowned slightly.
Tang Yu’s eyes turned and Ji Tiantian waited for people to pass by. Finally, Su Xiao condensed and pondered a little and suddenly said, "Is this sister an alchemist?"
Su Mo didn’t answer, and there was no fluctuation.
Su Xiao Ning glanced at it with a surprise.
From the end, she didn’t show any signs of alchemy, but this handsome man saw through her identity at a glance, so don’t surprise her?
See Su Xiao coagulation reaction Tang Yu smiled and nodded "it must be"
Tang Yu went on to say, "Once a bloody battle broke out among the four riders, this sister’s cultivation level was too low to help, but it would become a burden, but I could protect her for weeks."