Just now, the war inspector immediately turned his horse over. "I wish the governor would behead this man!"
As soon as the words were spoken, the flying horse appeared confident, and the mouth shouted, "I am happy, I hope you don’t die, and I don’t know who killed you!" "
"Puffy!" Steel into the meat sound Zhang Xun frighten repeatedly retreat to see just now also throw its weight around bid official music has been Zhang Xiu a gun into the body a shock flesh immediately burst into a pile of minced meat.
Zhang Xiu looked at Zhang Xun with a ferocious sneer. "It’s you!"
The fighting didn’t last long, and the fighting like this was not a place here in Zhang Xiu. After all, Yuan Shu planned to surround Xinye City, and there was not a place where troops were deployed at the same time, but with one exception, the fighting soon ended.
The armies meet in one place and immediately split up. Tonight they are very busy. They will go to Wancheng and control the surrounding area of Wancheng earlier. Yuan Shu will be trapped in Wancheng and the role of Yuan Shu will be transferred.
Li She opened her eyes in a daze, and the sunshine came through the window to light up the room. Li She looked at her arms with love. Zhang Ning gently pulled Zhang Ning out of her forehead hair and kissed her.
It may be that the movement is too big. Zhang Ning woke up and immediately pushed Li She angrily. "You don’t want to touch me again!"
Li She immediately had the cheek to stick to "Okay, good Ning Er, it’s all my fault. Don’t be mad at me, okay?"
Why is Zhang Ning so angry? It turned out that Li She had no scruples last night. Zhang Ning cried and forcibly seized the precious back door of Zhang Ning, which made Zhang Ning so angry
"Don’t touch me!"
"Okay, I don’t touch it. I can touch it."
Finally, Zhang Ning, a little woman with a tough appearance and a weak heart, accidentally fell into the sugar-coated cannonball of Li She, revealing a look of enjoyment and curled up in Li She’s arms like a docile kitten.
Li She said with emotion, "It is really rare for you to do this."
"What am I usually like?" Zhang Ning didn’t even bother to open his eyes.
Li said with a bad smile, "I always look like someone owes you money with a straight face, and it always makes me angry to lose my temper easily …"
Li Sheyue said that Zhang Ning became more and more depressed, and he thought that I had so many shortcomings in his heart. Listening to Sister Bian said that men like docile and obedient waitresses like themselves, it should be difficult to please him, but I am really trying to change myself and want to be docile, but it is very difficult.
"However, I like you and me. If you don’t get right with me one day, I think I will definitely die." Li She seems to have seen through Zhang Ning’s mind. "So Ning Er, you can’t force me to change myself. I like you the most, not pretending to be you."
A tear of "xianggong" slowly slipped from the corner of Zhang Ning’s eye, and the softest place in his heart was severely hit by Li She. "Do you really like me?"
"Yes, you are my favorite." Li’s big hand has gradually become restless.
Zhang Ning’s bright smile can be seen in Li’s eyes. He always feels a little cold and painful. When he was kicked out of bed by Zhang Ning, he listened to Zhang Ninghan’s face and said, "I said you can’t touch me again!"
Li is involved in "…"
This side is full of spring scenery, and the rear of Zhang Ning is not defended. On the other side, the spring # light shines on the person’s warmth, but Yuan Shu doesn’t feel comfortable at all because his army chrysanthemum was burst by Zhang Xiu. The army has firmly surrounded Wancheng.
Just this morning, Yuan Shu also sent Ji Ling to lead 300,000 troops to Xinye, and Chen Lan led 50,000 troops to Nazhi. Immediately, 50,000 troops were wiped out, and the pioneer Chen Lan was captured alive by the enemy.
Yuan Shu hasn’t recovered from this news when a foot soldier came to report that "the surrounding area of Wancheng is surrounded by the enemy and there is no way to retreat"
"what!" The news was so sudden that Yuan Shugen didn’t react. He never thought that he would be surrounded by people in Nanyang.
At this time, Ji Ling also ran into the room in a panic. He couldn’t bow down because of Bingjia’s body. He said, "Master is not good. I don’t know where a large number of enemy troops have suddenly appeared."
"How is it possible that an army of millions of people suddenly appeared? Why didn’t I know there was such a big force?" If Yuan Shu was not so anxious when he heard the news of the besieged city just now, then Yuan Shu must be in a state of anxiety now. It is a metaphor that the original besieged soldiers have topped the sky at most 200 thousand, but suddenly a million-strong army has emerged
Yuan Shu asked again, "Do you know that people lead the troops?"
"I don’t know if I can see a’ Li’ banner far away," Ji Ling answered.
Fang Yuan Huan suddenly let out a sigh and said, "This Li involved is really a big deal. He was afraid of the master’s power in Xinye. I didn’t expect him to set up such a big game to defeat us easily."
"Obsidian qing white some what? What is this army? "
"Isn’t this army just like Yi and others? Who has so many troops except them?"
Yuan Shu heard that it was Yi and other followers of the Yellow Scarf who immediately became angry and angry. "A group of baiwenhang jumped. I lent them Jiyang County to settle down and they betrayed me!"
Eye people know in their hearts that it is understandable that Yuan Shu needs help when they come to Nanyang to settle down, while Yuan Shu Resettlement Instrument and others naturally have the number of those soldiers. If Li is solved by Yuan Shu, Yuan Shu’s talons will certainly reach out to Instrument and others.
"It’s no wonder that Li She has been hiding in Xinye City, which is actually to paralyze us and make us feel that he is afraid of us. Therefore, we will be careless. He seized the opportunity to overthrow Gan Kun’s calm mind with a blow. It’s terrible!" Yuan Huan’s tone is still full of admiration to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and forty-one City plan
Where is Yuan Shu in the mood to listen to Yuan Huan’s appreciation of Li’s involvement in the Six Gods and say, "What should we do now?"
Yan Xiang looked at a suit of armor Ji Ling and said, "I wonder if General Ji Ling has confidence?"
"I will be impregnable in Wancheng!" Ji Ling is confident.
Ji Ling is not boasting. He has this ability. Ji Ling is a general, and the soldiers are well-behaved. He is good at making every soldier and making the army play its part. The best thing is to boost morale.
"good! I am worried about Ji Ling. "Yuan Shu is overjoyed. He likes to hear Ji Ling’s confident tone.
Yan Xiang added, "It won’t take long for the master’s safety to be in general Ji Ling’s body. In January, a million troops outside this city will be destroyed due to lack of food, and Yangzhou reinforcements will have arrived in Nanyang."
"hmm!" Yuan Shu nodded and the panic color has disappeared. Instead, there seems to be some excitement. In my heart, I am imagining the beauty when the army breaks Li’s army, but I didn’t care. At this time, I am still surrounded by Li’s army.
Yuan Shu’s character may also be the character of most people. They always look on the bright side in everything, but the result is very unsatisfactory. After more times, it is difficult to give up on themselves and achieve great things. This is also the reason why the world is still dominated by ordinary people. Real social elites are rare.
At this time, there are communication foot soldiers running in "report! The enemy will shout abuse in the city! "
As soon as Ji Ling heard it, he immediately walked away. "How dare people be so presumptuous that they will meet this person at the end!"
Yuan Huan hurried to stop Ji Ling from worrying and said, "I heard that Li’s hand-in-hand warrior is like a cloud. There is a peerless warrior named Zhang Xiu who followed me and heard that General Sun Ce, the fighting bully, must not go out of the city to face the unexpected!"
"What did you say! Will I be inferior to Sun Ce? "
Which military commander has no pride in his heart, especially a general like Ji Ling, who is even more arrogant in his heart. No one in Yuan Huan’s eyes is angry with Ji Ling immediately after saying something nice.
Yuan Huan knew that he had said something wrong and immediately explained, "The general misunderstood me. I’m not saying that the general is not as powerful as the enemy in Sun Ce. I’m afraid that something will happen to the general. This Wancheng can’t be kept without the general at the root!"
"Come on, Ji Ling, you go to Chengtou quickly. What’s the mess?" Yuan Shu quarreled with the counselor who saw the military commander, and Ji Ling didn’t continue to pursue the step to Chengtou.
Outside the city of Wancheng, it was a noisy scene, and all kinds of drinking and cursing were constantly extreme. The yellow turban insurrectionary soldiers took off their pants and made all kinds of obscene moves, constantly greeting the female families of the city garrison soldiers, among which the most natural thing was the general Ji Ling.
Those foot soldiers in the yellow turban insurrectionary are poorly trained in the instrument and other people. They all look like soldiers of fortune, so the soldiers are vulnerable. Some foot soldiers in the yellow turban insurrectionary lie directly on the ground and squint their eyes to feel the warm sunshine.
Seibel looked at the foot soldiers of the yellow turban insurrectionary and said slightly, "It seems that these yellow turban insurrectionary armies have come to reshuffle their cards, and some of them are really not suitable for being a soldier to be cleared out or the army will not become an army."
"Yes, where is this to fight? This is simply to fight in a cluster. If it is really a hard battle, it will definitely be vulnerable." The rear army dialed Li’s figure and appeared in Wancheng
"Master!" Seibel and others will visit quickly.
Li She put her hand on her forehead to avoid the glare of the sun, looked up and looked at the nearby city wall. The guards and deputy armed forces were ready to wait and said, "Are they going to hold on?"
Seibel Nai said, "Look at their posture. I’m afraid that’s it." Seibel is good at fighting tough battles like this. Seibel is really not very good at it.
"Although we claim to be a million-man army, if they can’t stick to their words, it is impossible for us to break through this city with a million-man army, and the army consumes a lot of food, so it will eventually retreat."
Li She was worried that Li She would have to retreat as soon as Yan Xiang said just now.
Looking around, I couldn’t see Zhang Xiu’s figure and asked, "Where is Zhang Xiu? Why don’t you see him?"