Arryn (Lin Hao) woke up early the next day, excited and nervous. If nothing happens, he can see Harry Potter today.
He quickly got out of bed and got dressed. An hour later, Bunce’s father, Mr. Smith, helped put the heavy suitcase in the trolley. After that, Mr. Smith hurried away.
The luggage is heavier than expected, all because Mrs. Smith is afraid of her children and is not used to school life. Arlene has prepared many things, including a doll that makes Arlene want to vomit.
Yalin turned to look at the watch on the train wall-10: 15.
He knew that Harry would show up at about 10: 30 on TV 9 and TV 10 to find his way in, so he waited against the wall.
A boy with black hair appeared not far from Arlene, his face looked blank and at a loss.
Yalin pushed the cart and walked over to him.
"Are you looking for the road to Jiu4 minutes and three stations?" Jarrin asked.
"Excuse me, are you? But the problem is-the problem is that I don’t know how to get there-"
"I don’t know how to get to Taiwan, do I?" Arlene took his words and said that Harry nodded his head.
"Follow me to the entrance on the ninth and tenth walls. If you are afraid, you can close your eyes and run over." Yalin said and took the lead to walk there.
After passing through, Arlene looked back and saw Harry looking around. Obviously, Mr. Potter is very interested in the magical world.
A crimson steam locomotive stops at a crowded passenger platform, and the train hangs a sign that says Hogwarts Express.
At eleven o’clock, Arlene and Harry were pushing carts and walking side by side. Cats of all colors in the chirping crowd were wearing their feet.
The crowd buzzed and dragged the heavy luggage, and the owl screamed when you called me.
The first few carriages are already crowded with freshmen who lean out of the window to talk to their families and have seats to fight.
Arlene and Harriet pushed the cart forward side by side to find a seat. When they passed by, a round-faced boy said, "Grandma, I lost toad again."
"Ah Neville!" They heard an old lady sigh.
A boy with appalling long hair was surrounded by some children.
"Let’s see Ali too. Come on."
The child opened the holding box to reveal his long hairy legs, which scared the children around him to scream and retreat.
After Arlene pushed through the crowd, Harry followed him. Later, they found a box and Arlene took Harry to sit down.
"I" Arryn’s voice just fell but was interrupted.
Through the sliding door, a boy with a flaming head appeared.
"Excuse me, can I sit here? Other place are full, "he asked, look straight at Harry and Arlene.
"Of course" and "of course" Harry nodded with Arryn.
"My name is Arlene Arlene Smith, and my parents are muggles," Arlene said. "What about you!"
"My name is Ron Ron Weasley," said little red-haired Ron.
"My name is Harry Harry Potter," said Harry.
"Are you really Harry Potter?" Ron couldn’t help blurting out his words because he was very surprised.
Harry wondered why Ron had such a big reaction and looked at Ron sitting next to him with a puzzled face.
Ron also understood Harry’s doubt and pointed to Harry’s forehead.
Harry swept away his forehead and showed a flash scar. Ron’s eyes widened. It was so cool. Ron thought so.
"This is the mystery man’s work."
"Yes," said Harry, "but I don’t remember."
"Don’t remember at all?" Ron asked eagerly.
"You are so rude, Ron," Arryn interrupted Ron.
"Oh, I’m sorry!" Ron said that he sat there staring at Harry for a long time before he realized what he was doing and quickly turned his eyes to the window.
"Arryn, thank you for taking me to the nine and four stations," Harry asked.
Harry and Ron chatted about the sudden appearance of a light curtain in front of Arryn. This time Arryn was not surprised. Arryn was infected with the shadowy light curtain.
The light curtain told Yarrin that Yarrin was finished.
Branch line: "A" level: Harry Potter becoming a friend Harry Potter becoming a friend will be conducive to the subsequent development of "completed"
Reward: 1. Belief 1 (obviously Mr. Potter has many fans) 2. Soul contract (being able to have a soul life and sign a contract to control the other person’s soul will give the other person strength at the same time)
New branch line release:
Level "A"-Raiders Male Pig’s Feet: Kill or Receive Harry Potter Kill Reward 1 Believe in Harry Potter World 5% Source Reward 1 Believe in 5% Source Plus One Caregiver.
"A" level-harem start: kill or receive hermione granger’s kill reward 1. Believe in Harry Potter’s world 15% source reward 5. Believe in heaven 15% source kingdom card (it seems that there are still many people who like beautiful women).
"A" level-small red hair: kill or receive Ron Weasley’s kill reward 1 belief in Harry Potter world 15% source reward belief 15% source food admission ticket (obviously Ron doesn’t like men)
Level "A"-Voldemort must die: kill or receive Voldemort’s kill reward 1. Believe in Harry Potter’s world, 1% receive reward 1% believe in the source, and then deduct the owner’s 100 attributes.
Grade "A"-the old man is me: kill or receive albus dumbledore’s kill reward 1% source reward 1% belief in Harry Potter world 1% source wise man.
"Are you satisfied with the release of Elena, a lovely little beauty who is the super enemy of the universe?" Elena sound suddenly rang out from Lin Hao’s ear.
Elena’s back
Chapter 29 car
"Elena, where have you been? I miss you so much!" Yalin (Lin Hao) hugged Elena’s delicate and soft body in front of her, hugging Elena as if she didn’t want to let go for a generation.
"I miss your master, too, but there are some things I have to do." Elena was lying in Lin Hao’s arms and said softly, her tender little hand tightly hugged her waist and buried her face in Lin Hao’s arms, and she rubbed her face with a look of enjoyment. Obviously Elena was very attached to Al Lin.
"What’s the matter?" After hugging Elena for a few minutes, Arlene frowned, because he found something was wrong. Although Arlene, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley had known each other for a long time, Arlene knew that they were not the kind of people who liked silence, and they turned to look at it and made a questioning sound.
"Master, I froze the world," Elena replied, blushing. Maybe it was pride or shyness.
"Elena, you can deal with the unknown enemy after you finish so much." Arryn was overjoyed. When it comes to talking, his arm around Elena is still tight.
"Master, I’m really not good at all." Elena was depressed when she said that she was depressed because the law helped her master.
"What?" Arryn is puzzled. What can be frozen even in a world?
"My strength is limited at most, and the real master can do it when the master freezes the world at the same level," explained Nelliana, whose face is covered with ink.
"How is that possible?" Arlene felt that he was going to lose his bus. Obviously, Elena said it was impossible to yell.
"You can be the master!" Elena said softly
Lin Hao’s face was full of meditation. Obviously, he recalled his ability to do this.
"It’s very simple for the master to freeze this world, because it’s an illusory world, and the world barrier is very weak. You need to have certain abilities or special things to cross it, or" Elena’s little face is very serious when she explains uncharacteristically, but Arlene likes it.
"Then how can I freeze the time?" Lin Hao was very impatient and excited to master this power and asked
"Master, haven’t you tried everything?" Elena cocked his head and asked