He never thought that he would look like this when he saw Purple Yan again.
As soon as ZiYan came to this world, she was seriously injured and then had to face the fierce robbery …
After Xiao asked, you can be sure that if there is a purple Yan who came here himself, then the purple Yan will be blown to death by those road robbers.
But even if ZiYan had him around, he still had sesame gall, and the two of them failed to share too many robbery attacks.
At this time, Purple Yan has fainted, and her beautiful face is full of blood …
He was seriously injured. Just now, Xiao Wen saw Daojie invade his body.
Even if you are already in a coma, Purple Yan is still in pain. From time to time, your body stirs up a choking bleeding from your mouth.
Even if Xiao asked if he didn’t believe him, he had to admit that Zi Yan was dying at this time …
Xiao Wengen quickly took out his best healing medicine from the physical ring regardless of his own injury, and took his left hand in the middle and right hand, and the sword finger was dotted in the past.
The outer layer of that Dan medicine immediately gasified in Xiao Wen’s guidance and floated towards the purple Yan body and disappeared into the purple Yan body.
But Xiao Wen soon felt that the breath of externalized Dan medicine could be absorbed by Zi Yan, and a tiny part was almost equivalent to the milli effect.
Purple Yan is the root effect of the inferno physique celestial healing medicine on him!
Xiao asked that all the healing methods were celestial beings, but it was another way at that time.
Don’t just watch ZiYan die?
"Look at other things!" Ninety thousand abrupt woke up on the other side
Xiao asked finally to react, and immediately picked up the purple nightmare to find out and saw a lot of medicine bottles.
He took out all the medicine bottles at once. Although he didn’t know what medicine was in the bottles, he could feel it intuitively.
Soon he poured out a deep purple Se pill from a purple Se medicine bottle and was quite sure that this Dan must be a healing medicine for the underworld.
The left hand will capture the imaginary point of the right hand sword finger!
But the deep purple Dan medicine root movement …
I can feed it directly, but Ziyan is unconscious now. How can he swallow a pill the size of his finger?
Xiao Wen quit Guanghua with a flash of water and flew out. He wrapped the Dan medicine directly, and Xiao Wen pointed to the Dan medicine. A little bit of black gas rushed over and smashed the Dan medicine directly.
Dan Yao thoroughly changed Xiao Wen in clear water, and hurriedly put a pinch on Zi Yan’s mouth with his left hand, and introduced the liquid medicine into Zi Yan’s mouth with the imaginary point of his right sword finger.
When the liquid medicine department flew into a coma, Purple Yan made a swallowing movement. It should have swallowed a lot of liquid medicine, but the second mouth was still swallowing, and there was blood choking out and coughing up the remaining liquid medicine.
At this time, both Xiao Wen and 90,000 people panicked. Because of the current situation, they are likely to be unable to save Purple Yan.
Xiao Wen rummaged through those medicine bottles quickly, and finally found out a bottle of black Se ointment, which smelled like an extraordinary fragrance. It should be an externally applied healing medicine.
Purple Yan has many wounds, the deepest of which is a blood hole the size of a teacup in her right chest, which appeared when she came out of the nether world.
"You won’t die. You won’t die …"
Xiao asked so chanting reached out and grabbed the purple Yan that blood hole clothes "bursts" a tear.
Then purple Yan bust on the right side of a few left a powder Se tube top wrapped in a bloody soft meat.
"hmm? !”
Even if you know the timing is not right, Xiao Wen is still stunned.
Isn’t ZiYan a man or a woman? Why do you have breasts?
Or is the inferno like this?
At the other end, 90,000 people were stunned, but this girl was born with less strings and quickly reacted and urged, "Don’t be stunned."
"Well," Xiao asked hurriedly promised to act again.
If you want to apply medicine to purple Yan, you must first cut the tube top. Xiao Wen and his right hand have directed a small and medium-sized means in the Purple Ghost Magic Wu Zhen Jing, and there is a sharp gas awn sticking out directly to cut the tube top at the gully in the purple Yan chest.
When the powder Se tube top was cut, the purple Yan’s repressed two soft meats immediately bounced up and slipped naturally from the surface.
Those two big meat balls with blood have a cruel aesthetic feeling, especially when Xiao Wen saw the meat ball on the right side along the blood hole the size of a teacup …
At this moment, he suddenly realized that Ziyan was probably a woman, and her technique of wiping her chest tightly around her chest seemed to be too similar to that of some women disguised as men.
Never mind whether it’s true or not, it’s talk.an excellent thing to heal quickly.
Black Se ointment was quickly applied to Ziyan’s body wound by Xiao Wen and 90,000 yuan, but Ziyan showed a trend of improvement.
Besides, she’s not only injured in half, but also in half.
At this time, Xiao Wen and 90,000 are actually difficult to get up. They are the real method to confirm the purple Yan Xing. God knows if the inferno will really be so weird …
It is enough for the male Xiao to ask one person to help him wipe the medicine; If it is a woman, it will be90,000; If it’s not a man or a woman, then it’s also so-called …
Finally, I was so nervous that I took the initiative to say, "I’ll do it, brother. You should avoid it first."
"Good" Xiao asked nods. After all, from the purple Yan bust, she is more like a woman.
After handing the ointment to 90 thousand, Xiao asked to get up and leave the result, but he almost fell down again and dumped his head to wake up a little.
Before helping ZiYan get in the way, he almost risked his life, and the injury was also extremely heavy.
Xiao asked difficult stumbling to the distance and felt that the distance was almost the same, so he quickly turned his back on Zi Yan and ninety thousand sat down.
When his ass landed, he really wanted to lie directly on the ground, and he couldn’t sleep from then on.
He was so tired, so tired, and his body hurt too much. At that moment, he was in a trance and wanted to ask himself what all this was.
He has forgotten to chase him, and he has changed several times, and he doesn’t remember how many people chased him. He knows that he has been running away without playing recently …