"Oh … no, this is really a sad story!" Steel-toed said sadly, the root is not as imposing as it was just now.
Li Xiangkun looked at them frolicking with a smile, and even the group of recruited soldiers behind him looked at the mercenaries with some envy.
"Don’t envy you can also like them free to relax! That’s good, "said Li Xiangkun casually, seeing what they were thinking.
Who would have thought that this sentence actually changed the atmosphere in which the soldiers in Hulong City got along with each other? All the legions were distressed that the soldiers were too rigid. At that time, the soldiers in Hulong City were already playing with the mercenaries in the pub!
After confirming that all the mutant zombies have been paid off, Li Xiangkun led a large army to follow these bodyguards to find those businessmen who had already hidden.
When they opened the door of an armored car, a group of crowded businessmen quickly climbed out of the car and gasped greedily.
"Just that jerk fart? Smelly old! " A middle-aged man in a suit and tie said with disgust covering his nose.
"I don’t know, but it’s definitely not me!" Another businessman replied.
Everyone shirked and almost had a fierce argument in the end, otherwise a fart would cause a bloody case.
When the bodyguards persuaded them, these businessmen noticed that there were nearly a thousand people around them.
A middle-aged man who looked promising gently coughed, reached out and shook hands with Li Xiangkun, and said politely, "Sir, I am the vice president of the Northern Health Base Chamber of Commerce. Fortunately, you saved us at the time, otherwise we would be run out of luck!"
"Nothing, this is what we should do!"
Lee sang-soo put on a big smile and said kindly.
Chapter two hundred and forty-four Pierce the heart!
After exchanging pleasantries with Vice President Li Xiangkun, the latter decided to leave first. After all, the longer it took, the later it arrived at the central base. At that time, there was a great probability of an accident.
"Why don’t the vice president stay and have a rest in my city?" Li Xiangkun offered an invitation.
The vice president immediately decline his invitation with a forced smile.
"Don’t refuse in such a hurry. The strength of your current guard is not reliable. Why don’t you let these bodyguards have a good rest and March again and again?"
Li Xiangrou’s face is more smiling, but the vice president vaguely feels a chill.
"Well … all right! We are just a little tired and have a rest. "
Businessmen around have no objection when they see the leader, and they have turned around and drove in the direction of protecting Liuzhou.
Because it is the early stage of building the city, it is convenient for people to go in and out, and the solid iron gate has been kept open.
When the team slowly drove to Hulong City, all the businessmen became speechless.
What about rest? There is nothing but an isolated building hanging around here.
"Well … is there a building in your city?" Vice President eyebrows a wrinkly tone became a little trembling.
"As you can see in front of your eyes, our protection of Liuzhou has just been built and has not yet begun to develop." Li Xiangkang nodded his head and didn’t feel anything strange.
The vice president wiped his forehead with a cold sweat. He suddenly felt a sense of entering a thief’s den. When he looked at one of his own people, the roots of the other person were not proportional, and he kept thinking about his career.
After the car, Li Xiangkun led this group of caravan merchants and bodyguards into the first floor of the city hall.
The resplendent decoration, precious antique toys and famous calligraphy and paintings everywhere blinded everyone.
"This is too extravagant. I wonder how much it will cost for the Lord to build such a building?" The vice president asked curiously, although they are also rich and expensive people who are used to living in luxury villas, it is the first time to see such antique and modern rooms.
"It’s all small money!" Li Xiangkun waved his hand very easily, just like saying something very worthless.
Businessmen in the back were surprised. They looked at the expensive building decoration and groped around excitedly.
"wow! It’s Master Wang’s masterpiece! It seems to be an original. I have long heard that this picture was bought by a mysterious wealthy businessman and there is no trace. I didn’t expect to see it here! " A businessman with a hunchback stooped and carefully observed a picture hanging on the wall.
"Isn’t this a cultural relic unearthed in China ten years ago? I heard that before the end of the day, the National Museum paid a large price for this bottle of cultural relics. I didn’t expect to be lucky enough to witness it die in this life! " Another businessman seems to be more excited. He enjoys the cultural relics inside through bulletproof glass enthusiastically.
More than businessmen are also looking around for all kinds of treasures.
Amazing as if this is an exhausted treasure house.
Lee sang-soo watched this group of businessmen attracted by the gifts of the babies and knew that his first step had been achieved.
"You don’t know that it’s a matter of you going to the central base?"
The vice president took the lead in taking back his eyes. He looked at Li Xiangkui and looked suspiciously for a few times, but his eyes were very pure and there was no effort, so he was relieved
"This time, we set off for the central base to get in touch with the chamber of commerce there. Recently, disasters in the northern base have continued, and people’s hearts are not very stable, so business has also been affected."