"You know that a patient needs a good environment and mood to heal faster. If you want to get rid of me as soon as possible, go for a walk with me now." Ji Yu said that he took Xia Yu’s hand and walked to the town park together
This man is really unreasonable. Xia Yuli wants to break away from Ji Yu and his hands are finally held tightly in his palm.
"Ji Yu, no one said that taking care of patients must be hand in hand, right?" Xia Yu asked angrily.
"It’s natural for me to hold my wife’s hand, isn’t it?" Ji Yu was also a little angry and spoke in a cold tone.
Oh, forget it, let him take the lead, and he won’t lose a piece of meat himself. Anyway, he will go back in a few days. Although the two faces don’t show the sweetness of lovers, they still attract the attention of the street people. Generally, there is no shortage of audiences, and they can still be so outstanding in the bustling crowd.
They came to the park together because the season is too fast, and they are used to slow life. Xia Yu is simply being dragged away. Is this man walking? He doesn’t know what walking is, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. He needs a good environment and mood.
At this time, Xia Yu quit his job and fell off Ji Yu’s hand angrily. "Does Ji Yu have you for a walk like this? Don’t let everyone have the same height as you."
After listening to Ji Yu, he laughed and sneered, "You admit that you are short-legged."
"Hum, I’m too lazy to ignore you. Let’s go our separate ways from now on." Xia Yu looked at Ji Yu with disdain and grunted coldly.
"Anger is easy to be bad for children. Don’t be angry. I can’t follow you." Ji Yu put a low profile.
"But, but you have to give me back my bag yesterday." Xia Yu stretched out his palm and looked at Ji Yu with a bright eye.
"No problem, you have to work less tonight. How can it work?" Ji Yu readily promised.
Xia Yu snorted from his mouth and never spoke again, but he was quite satisfied with the transformation of the season.
After a short walk, the two went home side by side. Xia Yu wanted to eat Chinese food outside and then go back, but Ji Yu stopped her, saying that she would be responsible for the Chinese food problem. Of course, she would not be stupid enough to refuse to eat Xia Yu. You know, she is very poor now.
Back to the rental house, Ji Yu went out again, saying that he wanted to get lunch and bring back Xia Yu’s bag by the way. Xia Yu didn’t object to sleeping for a few hours last night. Now Xia Yu is a little sleepy and plans to sleep back. Besides, she fell asleep in bed soon.
When Ji Yu brought the personally cooked food to Xia Yu’s room, Xia Yu’s roots were still asleep. Ji Yu gently walked beside Xia Yu and patted Xia Yu’s tender face. "It’s time for you to get up for lunch, lazy boy. Can we sleep when you’re full?"
Xia Yu mumbled a few words in bed and didn’t want to get up. This food is really delicious. Xia Yu ate two bowls of rice. She was satisfied and stretched and wanted to go back to bed and continue to sleep. The more she slept, the more sleepy Xia Yu became in the third trimester.
"Aren’t you afraid of being as fat as a pig in Liu Xia’s language?" There was some yelling in Ji Yu’s tone, and her face became rigid. Didn’t this woman know that it was not easy to digest when she was full?
Just want to lie down Xia Yu stopped by this reprimand, and want to lie down was shocked by the harsh tone of the season. This man is really wide-minded. Why should he be here with other women? Xia Yu’s face suddenly became angry and said, "Even if you are fat as a pig, I don’t want you to take care of it. You should sometimes take care of your little sister, don’t you?"
All women are unreasonable animals. It seems that this is really the case. Why does she bring something else to Chen Yishan’s side every time? Ji Yu is both resistant and resistant. "I woke up in Xia Yu, which is not good for digestion, and Chen Yishan and I really have nothing. I always treat her as my sister."
"Fuck your sister, don’t you think I’m blind? Is it something your brother and sister should do to kiss that night?" Xia Yu’s tone was prickly and aggressive
"I told you that she drugged me that night, and I mistook her for you. I really have nothing to do with her," Ji Yu hastily argued.
"You know she’s up to something with you, but you still give her a chance to get close to you and keep her straight. Will I believe you? Get out of here. I don’t want to see you get out of here for a moment now." When Chen Yishan’s summer mood gets a little out of control, she can’t help growling.
Chapter 25 A quarrel broke out
"Xia Yu, how can you trust me?" Ji Yu asked with some frustration.
"If you don’t leave, I’ll leave." Obviously Xia Yu doesn’t want to entangle that topic with Ji Yu, otherwise she will never be able to control herself. She is afraid that her emotions will get out of control in front of Ji Yu, and now she is coldly marching orders.
Ji Yu couldn’t leave the room and gently brought the door. He was frustrated, lowered his head and was in high spirits at the mall.
In the corridor on the second floor, he seems so lonely that he wants to be a black and white leader. There is nothing that he can’t solve, but Xia Yu, a stubborn woman, is so posturing herself. Can’t she forgive him?
Ji Yu returned to his room, and his spirit was a little weak. He didn’t sleep very well last night, and he bled too much and got up early. He was a little sleepy and fell asleep in bed. He didn’t wake up until five o’clock. He secretly screamed because he had to prepare dinner in summer.
Ji Yu suddenly sat up, got up quickly, dressed up, and then rushed upstairs to get Xia Yu up quickly. These recipes are all Ji Yu’s specialty dishes, which are nutritious and very suitable for pregnant women to be familiar with Ji Yu. I was thinking that I must deliver them before Xia Yu left the door tonight, even if she didn’t give him a good face.
After everything was done, Jiyu once again took the trouble to bring the food to the second floor.
"Benedict, Benedict, Benedict" Ji Yu gently knocked on the door panel. After a while, he still looked sleepy. Xia Yu suddenly knocked on the door. Although his face was still cold, he didn’t catch people’s wishes after seeing Ji Yu. After yawning, he went into the room again. She knew that her emotions were out of control in front, and her speech was really a bit too much. She also promised Ji Yu to take care of him until she was well injured, and then turned her face away.
Ji Yu arranged the food one by one and then called Xia Yu to come over for dinner as usual. It seems that nothing happened this afternoon. It seems that Xia Yu’s small table can hear the sound of two people’s bowls and chopsticks, and no one says a word. The atmosphere is solidified to the extreme.
Actually, it’s a lie to say that you’re not moved. Xia Yuxin is not hard-hearted. Ji Yu is a patient and wants him to take care of her in turn, but she was told to forgive him so easily. She was a little scared and uncertain.
"By the way, where is my bag?" Xia Yu asked the man who was cleaning the table.
Now the season is really a good man who lives at home, not to mention being bossed around by Xia Yu, even Xia Yu is a little surprised.
"Wait for me to send A Zheng" Ji Yu lifted his eyes and looked at Xia Yu without speaking again.
The efficiency of Ji Yu’s hand work is not that the big black canvas bag was delivered to Ji Yu’s hand one minute later. Ji Yu extended the bag to Xia Yu’s eyes and looked eager.
Xia Yu took the bag and snorted. She didn’t speak again. She couldn’t wait to rummage through the money she put in the bag. But where is her hard-earned money? Her face is full of anger and panic. How could this happen? Put the money in this box by herself.
"Ji Yu, have you seen the money I put in it?" Xia Yu asked Ji Yu anxiously.
Ji Yu shook his head and said "No"
Xia Yu stared at Ji Yu for a few seconds before looking back. It’s not this man, is it? This black-bellied man wants to force her to go back, but he can come up with anything. But if he refuses to admit it, he can’t say anything himself. She has no evidence to accuse Ji Yu of doing it. Who told her to meet that gangster?
Although I am unwilling, what can I do to accept this reality? I started to turn around and walk to the bathroom, and then changed into her national costume. After everything was done, Xia Yu went out. Ji Yu didn’t go with Xia Yu because he still had some company things to deal with. He said that he would wait for her class.
Xia Yu didn’t say anything. If this Millennium iceberg goes with her, will anyone dare to buy her things? But Xia Yu was scared last night. What if that happens again?
After putting things away, Xia Yu looked around and caught a glimpse of Ji Yu’s hands Ayi and A Zheng at the corner not far away. It must be Ji Yu who asked them to protect her, which made Xia Yu feel at ease.
Today’s business is as hot as yesterday’s. For half an hour, she decorated the department and sold it.
A city kv box is illuminated by colorful and gorgeous lights, which makes people look so blurred and mysterious. kv comes to all kinds of ghostly songs, and one of them can be regarded as everyone’s respectful voice. Almost all of them want to see their ears. Some people want to slam the door, but who call them brothers? Just bear it.
This kv has excellent sound quality, and many rich people like to go here for recreation and gathering. kv is decorated with all kinds of water chestnuts, smooth as wall sequins, and the lights are refracted and filled with some beautiful colors. The imported wool and imported leather sofas do not show the luxury and uniqueness here.
Bai Yifan, Wu Junfeng, Gavin Bach and Lede Rhodes are sitting on the sofa and howling in front. If their eyes are cold swords, they will definitely put Du Hongyi into a hornet’s nest.
After a song, Hongyi finally returned to his place. "This guy in Jiyu is too inefficient. It’s been three days and I haven’t seen him come back."
Wu Junfeng glanced at Degree Hongyi coldly, as if he was extremely dissatisfied with his words. If it weren’t for him, Ji Yu would have known the direction of Liu Xia’s language. Now he not only lost his way and the company’s business, but also was likely to have a gap with him because of this matter. The boss went to look for that woman without knowing it. It can be seen that Ji Yu no longer believes him.
"Ha ha can make Ji Yu so desperate for a woman. I want to see it. It’s sacred." Gavin Bach’s glazed eyes are amazing
Bai Yifan squealed, "If the boss doesn’t come back, I’m going to die." Now everything in the company is presided over by Bai Yifan, who is like a gyro. If I had known this, I might as well stay in baffin island and not come back so early.
"You’re going to die. I think you’re drunk and dreaming. You’re not afraid to get sick if you wander around all day." Rhodes scolded you, saying that his blue eyes were deep and bright
There is not a word in a few of them that is very lively, but he is not happy except Wu Junfeng.
I finished my work early, and Xia Yu felt that this day was too comfortable. Some sense of accomplishment exploded and followed by Ji Yu’s two prostitutes. She was not afraid of what happened last night. She was in such a good mood that she decided to get along with Ji Yu as soon as she got back. Anyway, when he got well, he could go back, which would make them unhappy.
Back in the house, Ji Yu has taken a shower, dressed in a gray home, and Ji Yu is working hard in front of his desk with a cup of coffee next to him.
"Come back!" Ji Yu didn’t pay any attention to Xia Yu after he took a look. This made Xia Yu feel a little lost and said that he was not in a hurry to go back. Now he is not the same as a handler.
Xia Yu pouted his mouth, picked up his clothes and took a shower. After the shower, Ji Yu still focused on the root of the words, just looking at her.