"What reward do you want?" Li Shimin asked.
Yin Yuyi scratched his head and said, "Beizhi saw a woman who wanted to marry her and asked Qin Gong to be my boss."
"oh? Who is the girl? "Li Shimin is interested.
"Yang Mei is the maid around Pingyang Princess," said Yin Yuyi.
Li Shimin pondered for half a ring, only to remember that Li Sanniang was surrounded by this woman who was also handsome. It is said that she saved Li Sanniang and was often escorted by her.
Li Shimin also knows that Li Sanniang’s feelings for Yangmei are unusual, and she is a little bit like a sister.
Ask for relatives? If it is a general maid, there is no problem. If Li Sanniang really means that, I’m afraid it will be difficult. At that time, Li Shimin hesitated
Yin Yuyi waved his hand and said, "Qin Gong Beizhi is willing to send another gift."
"oh? What gift? " Li Shimin is interested.
The earthquake is located at the southern end of Longshan Mountain, which happens to be at the junction of Tianshui County, Fufeng County. Because of the importance of this place, Li Yuan’s 5,000 troops are guarded by Zhai Changsun and Shi Danai. The earthquake is a military fortress with a wall as high as seven feet and five feet thick, which has always been a battleground for military strategists.
In the earthquake, there were more than 7,000 people, among whom 5,000 were soldiers, and some of them were family members of soldiers. In addition, there were some mobile vendors in selling groceries and more than a dozen restaurants, which were usually full of customers, and the business was very hot.
In addition, there is a brothel that is not in demand. Prostitutes in brothels are all ordinary goods, but soldiers like this kind of goods. Soldiers like to come here for leisure and have fun.
At dusk, Fangde appeared, his jaw was plastered with beard and his face was stained with yellow powder like a seriously ill middle-aged man. He walked into a wine shop step by step, and the owner of the wine shop immediately shouted, "Please take a seat, Sir!"
Fangde walked to a corner on the second floor, sat at the bartender’s end and put the warm cheese on the table. Fangde took the warm pot and dipped it in the cheese table and quickly wrote a few words. The bartender nodded and said, "This gentleman warms a pot of peanuts, a plate of mutton!"
The bartender said back to the boss and said something around him. The boss nodded silently towards Fang De and turned and walked out.
Sang Xianhe immediately took 3,000 soldiers to sprint towards the east after getting the order from Qu Tutong. After two hours of running, he had seen the continuous ups and downs of Gansu Mountain and the earthquake was hidden in Gansu Mountain.
Sang Xianhe stopped by a small river, and the soldiers washed their faces and took out dry food to restore their strength. Dozens of scouts ran towards the four sides to find out about the military situation. Sang Xianhe also ate dry food. At this time, he was worried that Fang De could cheat the city gate.
As the sun sets, the last ray of sunshine disappears into the sky, the soldiers take out blankets and surround themselves. This season, it is particularly cold in the morning and night, and Sui Jun can’t make a fire and can warm itself with blankets.
As time went by, it was finally dark, and the strong wind blew and sang Xianhe’s face was a little sore. Sang Xianhe paced and seized the earthquake, which was of great significance, not only to help defend Tianshui, but also to attack Fufeng County.
When a soldier erected an hourglass to judge
""dong! Knock! Knock! Hey! " A bang sounded one after another, and a residential tung oil lamp flickered.
Fang De sat on a soft pier and pointed to the defense map of several major earthquakes. "This is the garrison situation tonight. It happens that the garrison will change shifts at midnight and they will walk from the gate to the barracks for delivery."
"Well, it’s 300 steps away from the city wall. Two shifts in Tang Jun will be handed over, so Chengtou will not be stationed for a short time, which is about half a column of incense."
"That’s when we hit the city gate and put our brothers into the city."
Fang De said slowly that his voice was low and he seemed a little nervous, which meant that the Sui army had a great chance to gain a foothold in Longxi. This is the moment when he has been waiting for undercover for many years. He has paid too much effort at this moment.
"Then how can we take it?" A woman asked if men were knocking at the gate. What about them?
"You are very simple, that is, before we act, we divided into two batches, one set fire to Dongcheng and the other spilled this thing on the ground!" Fang De said and took out a box from the table. He beat the box with bamboo joints inside and cut it into a pointed outfit similar to an iron thistle.
"I am white!" The woman’s face showed anger. Her husband and young Chengcheng were killed by Tang gaozu, and her eldest son went home to visit relatives and escaped. This deep-rooted hatred made the woman join the Royal Guards. She was willing to kill Tang gaozu and pay for it, including herself.
At this time, a slow and fast bang sounded at midnight, and Fang De waved and said, "Let’s act, empire!" "
"The empire!" Everyone drinks a few palms together.
"Be careful to pay attention to Ann! I hope you can all come back safely! " Fang de told again
Teams of Tang Jun were patrolling in the earthquake. Because it was very cold, many soldiers kept their hands in each other’s cages to keep warm. The night was dark and the moon was hidden in dark clouds. From time to time, people flashed in the streets, and then they hid in the corner and waited for the Tang Jun patrol to go away. Only then did they quickly rush toward the front.
"It’s even colder than last year in such a cold day!" A soldier with a beard said that the man was a corporal.
"Yes, it snowed only last November, and now it’s only a few months cold!" Another young soldier replied.
"Ah, if there is an exception, there will be a demon! I’m afraid it’s not a good sign! " Said the bearded soldier
"What’s the bad one million head? Qin Gong has broken Xue Renguo. A few days ago, the demon Xue Renguo was hacked to death on the streets of Chang’ an. This is a good thing! " The young soldier replied.
The bearded soldier shook his head and he couldn’t come. At this moment, the strong wind roared like a wolf howling, making his face ache. The bearded soldier stamped his feet again and again and said, "Let’s go! Go back to drink and warm up! "
Seeing that Wu ran for a long distance for several soldiers closely followed the word wine has made their bellies full of wine bugs.
The soldiers ran far away, Germany came out from the dark, and his eyes shone with cold light. He knew that these people were the last soldiers to patrol the city wall, and immediately went straight to Chengtou with several people. The gate was made of pure iron, heavy and heavy, and the door bolt withstood it very hard, but also two kinds of big locks locked the keys, Zhai Changsun and Shi Danai respectively.
That is to say, if two people visit this big lock, they can’t fight without waves. It is better to climb from the wall. Fangde has brought ten zhangs of rope for Sui Jun to climb Chengtou.
Fang De ran to the city wall and looked in the direction. The city was dark. He lit up the flint and flashed the signal. Fang De shouted, "Dragon covers the earth!" "
There was no response to calling the end of the city. Fang De stared at everything carefully, but he couldn’t see clearly in this ghost weather and light.
"Dragon covers the earth!" Fang Degao shouted and looked at the city anxiously. Can’t Sui Jun come for any reason?
Chapter 25 Raiders [3]
There was silence, and China was a little anxious. If Sui Jun didn’t come, he would pay for everything. More importantly, if he couldn’t deploy undercover in the earthquake, Tang Jun would find out that if he deployed undercover in the earthquake, how could he explain to the temple?
At this time, he had already seen the flame in Dongcheng, and he seemed to hear Tang Jun’s footsteps heading for the fire site. Tang Jun was killing his brothers and sisters with a horizontal knife in his hand.
Fang De’s heart bled. He gritted his teeth and wanted to retreat. He couldn’t lose anything, could he? At this moment, a security guard pointed to the city road, "The command shows you!"
Hearing the sound of Fang De’s eyes wide open, he vaguely saw the fire flashing, and he couldn’t help but shout again, "Dragon covers the earth!" "
"Baota Town River Demon!" This time, the sound was loud and noisy, as if the Sui army were all drinking loudly.
"Here they come!" Fang De was so happy that he quickly let people light the torch. The Royal Guards put the rope on the female wall and then let it fall into the corner. Several Sui soldiers rushed to climb along the wall.
Sang Xianhe rushed to the front and saw that he was like an ape and quickly climbed the wall.
"You are here at last!" Fang De seemed very excited.
"Sorry we’re late!" Sang Xianhe held a fist with apologies. "The moonlight is obscure. I made a mistake at the moment!"
"Just come!" Fang De turned around and pointed to the flaming place in front of him and said, "General Sang, our brothers have set fire there to attract Tang Jun’s attention. The general can send troops to attack Zhai Changsun and Shi Danai Mansion!"
"Good brothers, come with me!" Sang Xianhe said
At this time, Tang Jun, who came to patrol, found that it was not good. A team shouted "Who?"
Fang De sneer at a cufflink arrow thrown from the sleeve, which is quite accurate. The dart was thrown in the middle of the captain’s throat. Immediately, the corporal killed Tang Bing and was stunned. It was difficult for the corporal to hit the wizard. They looked at Fang De eyes have some fear hesitate to dare not before.
At this time, Sang Xianhe drank a lot and rushed to the silver gun in his hand, which was a life.
"kill!" Sang Xianhe drank a lot and took Sui Jun over the wall to kill him.
Shi Danai is sleeping with his concubines in his arms. Like him, his wife and children will stay in Chang ‘an. This is a means of checks and balances, which is generally the case in all dynasties. Shi Danai has raised a concubine to take care of his daily life. At one o’clock, his concubine has exhausted her physical strength and is sleeping deeply with her charming body in her arms.
Just then, when he was fast asleep, he knocked on the door and woke up his housekeeper’s door, shouting, "Master, something is wrong!" "
"Bastard" Shi Danai is very dissatisfied. What’s the big deal? Xue Renguo was beheaded by a knife, and the state of Western Qin fell apart. The king of Tang was going to get several war horses in Longxi, and from then on, the border people in Longxi, China’s rich and powerful, were sure to get the sky. It is said that some ministers prepared the king of Tang to ask him to reign as emperor.
If the king of Tang reigns as the emperor, everyone will be promoted to the rank of knighthood, and then he will not be bitter, haha, and this bird will stay in a place where nothing moves.
Things are beautiful, but the reality is very cruel. The housekeeper’s words make Shi Danai feel like he was poured by snow in the summer of March 9, and his whole body is cold.
He looked at the housekeeper in disbelief and swallowed a mouthful of water. "Say it again?"
"Master, someone has been killed. It seems to be Sui Jun!"
"Sui Jun? How is that possible? !” Shi Danai couldn’t help but shout. This is a big earthquake, not Jingzhao County, nor Fufeng County. How can Sui Jun appear here sadly? Shi Danai took a deep breath. "How is that possible? !”
"But it is Sui Jun!" Said the housekeeper
At this time, there was a rush of footsteps from outside. Shi Danai looked up and saw a group of soldiers running quickly with torches. The first person was Zhai Changsun, who was wearing armor. He walked quickly for a moment and reached Shi Danai’s side, saying, "General Sui Jun has come in."
Zhai Changsun’s words completely chilled Shi Danai’s heart. The housekeeper may not know Sui Jun, but Zhai Changsun will never make a mistake. "What the hell is going on?" Shi Danai asked.
"Now is not the time to talk. You and I will take the troops and intercept them separately. It is necessary to stop them!" Zhai Changsun said with a face of anxiety
"Wait a minute!" Shi Danai hurried back to the house, woke up the concubine and sent her to a room to hide. Zhai Changsun watched with a sigh and ran out of Shi Danai mansion with Qinbing. At this time, a large number of Sui Jun had climbed along the wall, and their Fang De led Shi Danai and Zhai Changsun mansion to be surrounded.