"Anyway, let’s go to Taiyin Sect first. If we don’t return to the Sword Sect, we won’t be afraid if Xia Qizhen is there, we will just kill the little beast at one stroke."
Xu Zhao decided to go to the Sword Sect without returning with the elite.
Just then, a roar sounded like thunder, echoing endlessly in the Taiyin Valley, and the monk who was slightly lower directly shocked and passed out.
"If you don’t go, you won’t return to the Sword Sect to find me. I’ve taken the initiative to send the door to kill me completely. It’s up to you."
With the roar, a stone cliff in Taiyin Valley smashed directly, and a figure appeared from it. The sound was mighty and dull in Taiyin Valley.
"Xia Qi"
"It’s Xia Qi"
"How dare you come to Taiyin Sect?"
"Many younger brothers listen to my command, Bu Dazhen is ready to take her alive and let him know that Taiyin Sect is powerful."
Exclaimed binge drinking and denounced echoed in the Taiyin Valley. The younger brother of Taiyin appeared. Looking at the mid-Xia Qi, his eyes were not good.
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Chapter six hundred and ten Kill god possessed!
Chapter six hundred and ten Kill god possessed!
Xia Qiguang broke into the Taiyin Valley and smashed a stone cliff directly, which shocked the whole Taiyin Sect. The younger brother of Taiyin Sect appeared and besieged Xia Qi completely! Chinese
Xia Qi, dressed in a black robe and black hair, danced like a madman proudly.
In the face of the lunar ancestor Wan Di, his face remained the same, as cold as ever, and the lunar ancestor swept through with all his dangers, and immediately turned to emptiness, which could not affect him at all.
"Cloth array captured him alive."
Xu Zhao stared at Xia Qi’s eyes and shot deep hatred.
His grandson, Xu Ping, was killed by Xia Qi, which made him try his best to cultivate future generations, which made his hatred for Xia Qi as deep as the sea.
Several monks of Taiyin Sect kept pouring out from Taiyin Valley. Xia Qi naturally wouldn’t sit still and listen to the sound waves of dragons rolling across the two dragons in heaven and earth for nine days.
One is crimson as blood, the other is vicious and horrible, but the other is brilliant and shining like a fairyland.
However, in the eyes of the lunar brother, these two dragons are more horrible than killing God.
Even Xu Zhao, a strong man at this level, feels uneasy and has an impulse to kneel on the ground and commit himself to two dragon claws.
After nine days of dragon dance, all kinds of horrible magical powers descended from the sky, and blood was like the sea, or suffocation was like a knife, or the glow was like a sword or a whip was full of horrible lethality.
Xu Zhao took several elders personally to stop the two dragons, but it didn’t help. In the past two days, the dragons have now reached a level that may be stronger than the top virtual fairy peak. Xu Zhao, a monk, is no match.
"Lay a large array quickly and you must slay these two evil dragons."
Two days’ dragon is terrible. It’s really like nine days’ arrival, and the dragon is as powerful and domineering. More importantly, it’s as murderous as the sea.
Many younger brothers of Taiyin Sect are not rivals, and they can’t even resist, and they have become lambs to be slaughtered, such as purgatory.
Xu Zhao and several elders were in a hurry to stop the attack on the ordinary brother, but they were attacked by the dragon and suffered heavy losses.
"Attack Xia Qi and kill Xia Qi for me. Kill Xia Qi and everything will be solved."
Xu Zhao’s head and tail are hard to care about, but after all, he has experienced several hardships before he grew to the realm of virtual immortals. Soon Xu Zhao reacted, and all this originated from Xia Qi.
To solve Xia Qi, everything will be solved.
The figure flooded in like a locust towards Xia Qi.
Everyone believes that killing Xia Qi will solve all the crises.
But these monks obviously underestimated Xia Qi’s strength.
Although Xia Qi looks like a virtual fairy realm, it is worse than Xu Zhao and others. Many of them seem vulnerable, but the actual strength of Xia Qi is shocking.
Several figures rushed over, and the sky turned dark, and many people drowned Xia Qi in the absence of any trace.
However, after drowning Xia Qi, I haven’t waited for the joy of Brother Taiyin Zong, but I heard a loud noise in my ear, which flooded Xia Qi with large pieces of blood scattered in all directions.
On one side, the red seal is suspended to protect Xia Qi on the surface.
Xia Qi was just drowned by the figure and was unscathed.
"Give me a desperate kill Xia Qi, the realm is very low, and the lack of truth won’t last long. If you need to attack him desperately, he will soon be unable to support it."
Xu Zhao and several elders are afraid to get close to it, because now Xia Qi holds the town soldier platform is too fierce, and there is a fierce atmosphere that can kill the gods.
Xu Zhao shouted at the back and encouraged the younger brother of Taiyin Zongdi to attack Xia Qi without fear of death.
But all this is in vain.
Two dragons are raging in the middle of the mountain, and the town platform is suspended. Although all this needs the support of Xia Qi Zhen Yuan, Xia Qi Zhen Yuan is vigorous and there are all kinds of elixirs, the most important of which is living water. This consumption is nothing to him.
Blood spatter, corpse explosion
The tragic scene kept playing in Taiyin Valley.
In a short span of time, the younger brother of Taiyin suffered at least 1,000 casualties, which made Xu Zhao and others pale and stunned, and their eyes were full of fear.
"How is it possible?"
"It’s impossible"
"A mere monk in the realm of virtual immortals can’t be so tough even if he goes against the sky again. This is beyond imagination, even the immortals are so much."
Xu Zhao and several venerable elders were more horrified than watching Xia Qi kill the younger brother of Taiyin with great power, which was as easy as killing chickens and sheep. Such cruel and bloody scenes made them almost collapse.
"Send a message. Send a message immediately. Tell Wan Mo Cave that it doesn’t belong to the Sword Sect. Everything is true and now it doesn’t belong to the Sword Sect. I’m afraid it’s gone."
Xu Zhao woke up and yelled at the people around him.
Just now, he also doubted whether the news of no return to the Sword Sect was true, but at this moment, he did not have any doubts. He vaguely thought that the Sword Sect would never be there again.
Pieces of emergency message jade operator was crushed and the glory broke away. Even Xia Qi stopped it without a large array in advance.
Xia Qi gives birth to a little urgency in my heart.