I’m afraid it’s difficult, right?
It seems that Inter Milan invited Leonardo not for competitive reasons, but to take this opportunity to disgust an AC Milan.
After all, Leonardo has always been an AC Milan man, but now he has turned to be a sworn enemy in the same city, which really surprised and shocked AC Milan supporters …
Of course, there is nausea.
Some people satirize that the true love in Leonardo’s heart turned out to be the hard work of Inter Milan. He has been undercover in AC Milan for more than ten years, and now he can finally give up the secret shot. Otherwise, how can he explain that he led AC Milan to lose to Inter Milan at home 4 times and was killed by Inter Milan 2 times?
In this game with Inter Milan, now that the coach of Inter Milan has been replaced by Leonardo, he has always won, and he is not even in the mood to fight with the coach of the other side.
Prepare silently before the game, and then just wait until the game to play directly.
Leonardo didn’t take the initiative to start a war of words. He was taught a lesson by winning in AC Milan during the season.
Moreover, he did not get good grades after coaching Inter Milan.
After fourteen rounds of league matches, Inter Milan, which he coached, ranked sixth with six wins, five draws, three losses and 23 points.
Inter Milan, whether coached by Mancini or Mourinho in previous seasons, has always been in the wind in the competition with Lazio, but the overall performance in the league is still good. Has there ever been such a bad ranking?
Because of this achievement, Leonardo has also suffered great pressure, and naturally he is even less emboldened and always wins.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-two Dull showdown
Neither coach provoked a war of words before the game.
A game that should be a focus war is so quiet.
This makes the media very uncomfortable.
Want to know which match between Inter Milan and Lazio was not sprayed from before to after?
Now it’s so peaceful that people feel overwhelmed.
The media also seemed to be bored for a while.
Only then did they suddenly miss leaving Mourinho.
When Mourinho was coaching at Inter Milan, the media smeared him with all kinds of hats and buckled him on the head, shaping him into an annoying image second only to the winning streak. It seems that his success was all due to the mouth gun. In other words, how many coaches like him would quarrel with the media all day, except one winning streak …
It is also said that Mourinho’s success is a disgrace to modern football. Some people say that Mourinho will be grandstanding, others say that Mourinho’s vision of transfer is worrying, while others say that Mourinho doesn’t pay attention to youth training and can’t train players … Some people also say that Mourinho will try his best to squeeze his players and leave them to his owners and successors after he leaves …
All kinds of blackness have made many fans believe that Mourinho is such a person they say.
So when some fans talk about Mourinho, they will curl their lips and say, "What’s the big deal about winning the championship with a mouth gun and playing all kinds of off-the-counter tricks for the head coach?"
But they will automatically ignore Mourinho, who also won the Champions League, and that is amazing in front of them.
In fact, he always enjoys the same treatment as Mourinho, especially when he was in Valencia and just came to Lazio.
The media’s smearing of Changsheng has reached the point of madness.
Even Chang Sheng yawned when directing the game can be interpreted by the media as disrespecting his opponent.
Some people disdain to say, "What are you crazy about at a young age?"
However, Chang Sheng is better than Mourinho because of his good grades, so whenever someone disdains Chang Sheng, it won’t be long before Chang Sheng will be a real champion to slap these faces.
As a result, up to now, one person has won three Champions League titles, which is the most in the current head coach.
And which team he goes to will not lack the championship.
Valencia became the power of La Liga roof of the world Lazio because he became the overlord of Serie A …
He has won 20 titles, big and small, since he became head coach, including nine league titles, five national cup titles, seven European Super Cups, two UEFA Cups, one Champions Cup and three World Club Cups.
With so many champions in hand, who dares to look down on him?
Then wait for the trophy to die
Even those who hate winning in online debates dare not say "What’s so great about him?" This kind of words.
If anyone dares to say anything, the horse will be killed by the number of winners.
Reporters also know that winning is hard to chew. If you are black, he will always be hit in the face by his champion and quantity. No one wants to be hit in the face all the time, so he picked up soft persimmons and went to find Mourinho in trouble.
Later, when Mourinho was dismissed from Inter Milan, these media cheered and celebrated as if Mourinho had been driven away by them.
Let’s not talk about the smug face. It’s really appetizing for people to see it
As a result, now they suddenly have some regrets.
If Mourinho were still here, what a good topic this game would be …
And not only this game, but also a lot of eye contact topics.
Besides, if Mourinho is here, they can at least create gimmicks to attract attention through black people.
What about now? With Mourinho gone, they can’t hack it. It’s impossible to catch up with Spain, right? That’s a little too domestic.
If they don’t like it in Italy, they will always win.
Can always win, they dare not black.
Every time I get dark, my face is badly beaten. I don’t know how many times I’ve swollen my face.
So after a long time, they also learned their lesson. Unless they are sure of winning, they will always win.
But … Can they really have this kind of thing?
Lazio’s home game against Inter Milan was not ups and downs at all, let alone exciting.
Unlike the previous two seasons, when Lazio played Inter Milan, the game was dull. From the first minute, Lazio firmly grasped the initiative of the game.
Inter Milan can be led by Lazio.
The final result was that Lazio beat Inter Milan 3-0 in the game.
There is no suspense in the whole game.
Lazio fans never worry that their team will lose to Inter Milan at home, and Inter Milan fans never thought that their team could beat Lazio away from home.
The players from both sides were also very polite in the game, and there were no rude fouls and no disputes. The scene was extremely harmonious.
Some journalists who focus on black Mourinho may say that this is the real return to football, and the game has made everyone focus on football …
But I believe that if they really say so, then Inter Milan fans will definitely spit their faces.
They would rather win a game rudely than a gentleman lose.
Now gentlemen make them very unhappy, but they can’t influence the team’s decision.
In the game, Changsheng saw with his own eyes that inter Milan fans missed Jose Mourinho, and the slogan said, "He didn’t win the championship, but he made us have dignity!"
Now Leonardo has no champion and no dignity.
After the game, Chang Sheng didn’t bother to talk about it. Did he see Leonardo as an opponent?
Since there is nothing to say whenever an opponent?