Gao Hongbo shook his head to his wife after hanging up and said, "It’s hard to believe that my Football Association will make things difficult …"
My wife smiled. "It’s good to have a good Asian Cup this time. Just because you are the head coach of the national team, my father didn’t watch the national team game for a long time before."
Gao Hongbo smiled shyly, "trying not to disappoint the master."
Then things entered the official level.
Lazio officially sent a letter to the China Football Association inviting them to the Vermelot training base to prepare for the Asian Cup.
The China Football Association of course accepted it.
Subsequently, the China Football Association, the German Football Association and the Spanish Football Association sent letters to apply for playing warm-up matches with these two national teams.
Because both national football associations have been greeted by the national team coach, there is naturally nothing to refuse and they all agree.
In this way, half a month before the training, the China Football Association has finalized all the training matters.
It happened that Indonesia was going to participate in the Southeast Asian Football Championship and couldn’t participate in the warm-up match on the 26th, so the match was cancelled. Now China has no time to fly back to China from Rome to play such a game.
Their warm-up opponents are world-class teams, and they don’t want to play against Indonesian teams-fall in price!
Soon the China Football Association, the Spanish Football Association, the German Football Association and the Lazio Club officially announced this series of news respectively.
China Football Association announced that China’s national team will go to Rome to prepare for the Asian Cup and play a warm-up match with Spanish and German national teams respectively!
China fans and their friends were stunned when the news was announced!
As soon as everyone recognizes that this is fake news and a rumor, they also curse the media, but there is no bottom line for rumors.
But when Lazio, Spanish Football Association and German Football Association all confirmed the news, China fans were shocked again.
Someone exclaimed, "China, a broken team, can make German and Spanish compete to warm up … Is this the sun coming out in the west?"
"Go to Lazio training? Then warm up with Germany and Spain … It is a luxury for China to prepare for the Asian Cup! "
"What is this rhythm? Why did the China team suddenly become a hot potato for everyone? Is it really a sensitive word? "
The network has been talking for a while!
Chapter three hundred and ten Redknapp worry
Of course, after the news came out, some people thought it was a gimmick, and some people criticized the Football Association for preparing for the Asian Cup. Why did they go to Italy to warm up with European teams?
Are the Asian Cup opponents all European teams like Germany and Spain?
Opponents also said that China’s national team had to travel long distances to get jet lag, have a rest and recover its physical strength. How many times did it really come to practice tactics? It’s really doubtful
There are always people who are optimistic about this matter, and naturally some people are not optimistic.
Everyone has their own words, and no one can say who.
Finally, the results of the Asian Cup can be used to prove whether this amount selection is correct or not.
If you play well in the Asian Cup, even if the China national team doesn’t train, everyone will think that it will ensure the players’ full rest and physical fitness.
If you don’t play well in the Asian Cup, even the top warm-up plan will be a bad warm-up and drag down the team.
Therefore, such high-profile training and warm-up actually put a lot of pressure on Gao Hongbo.
Why do you take the Asian Cup for training? The Football Association will never do that again.
In doing so, Changsheng hopes to help Gao Hongbo to do better in the Asian Cup, so that maybe he won’t give some people with ulterior motives a chance.
The main reason why they attacked Gao Hongbo before was that they couldn’t play well in the Asian Cup. However, the performance of Gao Hongbo’s national team in the Asian Cup was remarkable. The only game they lost was to be hacked by the referee and play against the host Qatar.
Of course, the Blacks don’t care about this. They need to see that China’s Asian Cup group has not qualified. That’s enough.