Without Yan, it seems that no one will hold up the sky in front of her anymore.
Before she had Teng Yun, but later she found that men were unreliable.
But those brothers and sisters are so small.
Gentle looking at lying next to the phone on looking at chenchen two words is lying there motionless.
Her heart is white. chenchen certainly has no unpleasant things. Even if she does, she is tinkering with her husband.
However, no one can be more important than her mother now.
She suddenly lost interest in anything and just lay quietly in bed with tears.
There’s not a sound at all. Silence makes people panic.
In fact, Yan can’t sleep, just lying there quietly as if waiting for that moment.
Wen Yi is in a room with warmth, lying head to head, looking at the warm path on the roof. Do you want to accompany your mother in the past?
"No, mom said let’s stay in our separate rooms. Wen Liang is still in the living room. If mom hears anything, he will call us."
No one can sleep in this bleak night.
Wen Liang stayed in the living room for a few minutes and then gently pushed the bright door, looked into the door and smiled.
Wen Liang gently closed the door and went to sit next to her. Why didn’t you sleep?
"I can’t sleep for a few days, which is probably the case."
She can still joke about tenderness, but she is about to cry.
Yan, grab your hand. Don’t be wronged, girl. I care about you.
Wen Liang also smiled. I know.
His shallow voice makes Yan uneasy, but you are stubborn in your heart without saying anything.
"Mom, stop it and have a good rest." He wanted to stay with her for a while and watch her haggard. Yan discovered that she had been wearing makeup the other day. He also wondered why she suddenly fell in love with beauty. It turned out that it was to hide her haggard appearance.
"Mom’s fine. We can talk for a while while now."
Yan said that looking at her eyes is always so soft.
"Did you call Belle?" Yan asked him
"Not yet!" He replied.
"Give her a call, and she will definitely be a woman who will live in the future. If you give up like this, you will definitely regret it."
"If she doesn’t love my family, what if she lives again? Or do you hope that I won’t be there in our sister-in-law gathering day in the future? "
Yan didn’t talk but shed tears.
"I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your two sisters. I should have taught them to cook from the beginning. Now Belle doesn’t like it when she comes to her husband’s family in the future …"
It took a long time to say that Yan felt uncomfortable thinking about it.
"Mom, you taught us to cook well. It’s not a girl. Nowadays, many men can cook. For example, I have a brother-in-law and my elder sister-in-law also take her very well, right?"
Wen Liang wanted to comfort her heart and bent slightly to hold her hand and explain it to her.
Yan wanted to think gentle in-laws but thought of Teng Yun.
"It’s your brother-in-law and your sister … Xiaoliang promised her mother that if her mother is gone, she must look at your sister and not let her divorce your brother-in-law."
"I will, but what if my brother-in-law really did something wrong to my sister?"
"If only your brother-in-law could get back, I’m sure he wouldn’t lie to me about this dying man." Yan wants to see Tengyun again.
"I asked my sister to call him!"
Yan took a look at Wen Liang and then Wen Liang got up and went to the living room.
Gentle didn’t fall asleep until I saw it was a gentle number.
"hello?" It’s so dumb that I can’t imagine it’s so weak that I just heard it.
"Elder sister, are you listening? Mom wants to see her brother-in-law. "
Gentle and delayed, then immediately promised to come. I know. I’ll call him.
Have no strength anymore
Wen Liang was still looking at his mobile phone after hanging up. He could hear tenderness and fatigue.
Gently lying in bed to call Teng Yun, his mobile phone is in the state of machine, and she gets up as soon as she lags behind.
Professor Yuan and Professor Teng were still on the sofa when they saw her coming in a hurry. What happened?
"I can’t get through Teng Yun’s words."
"We just played, but it didn’t work." Professor Yuan looked at tenderness anxiously.
The gentle heart jumped quickly and then immediately thought of a man sitting on the sofa with a mobile phone and secretly calling him there. It didn’t take long for him to pick up there. Hello.
"I am gentle Teng Yun. Am I with you?"
"The wife of shop-owner? Oh, I’m afraid the boss won’t come back until three days after he went to a remote township for an inspection. "
Gentle felt that it was dark at the moment, but she insisted on trying to reach him, saying that my mother was dying and hoped that he would come back immediately.
"What? I’ll go to the countryside to find him. Don’t worry, I’ll call you as soon as I find him. "
"Thank you!" Gentle and hang up the phone.
"How about it?" Professor Yuan was worried and asked