In fact, this is a small matter, but Song Xian feels that Seibel has lost his face by arguing with him in front of others, so some people are ashamed. Now Seibel has said this, and Song Xian has nothing to say. After that, he embellished Lyu3 bu4′ s ear and spoke ill of Seibel.
It is precisely because Seibel’s personality will not bend to everyone that other generals are not very good. Naturally, Lyu3 bu4′ s ears are full of bad words about Seibel, which is also the reason why Seibel has always been neglected by Lyu3 bu4.
Lyu3 bu4 knew that Seibel had the ability to lead the troops, so Seibel could only hold a little soldier when the war was over. At other times, Ji was a lovely man.
Just at this moment, Lu Bu didn’t let Seibel hold the soldiers, but let Song Xian, who is very talkative, take the soldiers and give them to Song Xian at will.
"Gao Jiangjun’s house is very kind, Song Mopei!" Song Xian grotesque said 1 immediately turned away or hurry matters.
Song Xian immediately turned to look at the old man who was caressing the face of the dead Han and said with a little sadness, "I’m sorry, uncle!"
"Son! Wake up! Father how to live without you! " The old man is still immersed in pain.
"Alas," Seibel sighed. Suddenly, with a clot of eyes, she took out an ingot of silver and put it in front of the old man. "I can’t stay here when I am in a hurry. I hope this ingot of silver can help you."
Seibel was serious and hurried forward to drink a way "General Song! Enemy attack! "
The old man’s eyes blurred with tears. He looked at the silver ingot again, but he still refused to close his eyes. He reached out and trembled. He picked up the silver ingot and suddenly smiled. "Son, I’ll accompany you." Then he swallowed the silver and stuck it in his throat.
"General Song! Take defensive measures quickly! " Seibel nasty drink.
Song Xian had previously been angry with Seibel, but now seeing Seibel in such a hurry, he felt comfortable and unhurried, saying, "What’s the fuss? Is this a high general in the military who has forgotten these rules?"
In the military, you should be serious and not personal, because it will easily affect the soldiers around you, which is a taboo in the military.
"Now that the situation is urgent, Gao can’t take care of so much. Please forgive General Song or take protective measures quickly!" Seibel said anxiously because just now Seibel has felt the murderous look.
This is Seibel’s ability. Seibel can always feel it as far away as 20 miles away for the troops who are unlucky. This is also the reason why Seibel’s troops have never been raided.
See seibel expression is not false and seibel although this person has been and their hard, but the ability is still Song Xian also some with a grain of salt turned to look at the back a trace of smoke didn’t see the root is not like a pursuer.
On second thought, Song Xian felt that Seibel was making himself immediately cold and said, "If General Gao jokes in the army again, don’t blame Song!"
"Song will …" Seibel has yet to say that Song Xian has turned away angrily.
"hateful! Yong Jiang! " Seibel is angry and anxious to chase Song Xian again, hoping that Song Xian can listen.
At this time, Li Shezheng was flying fast, but it was strange that the sound of 7 thousand fighters was not so loud, and the smoke was also pitiful. It turned out that the horseshoes were wrapped in a thick cotton cloth, thus avoiding being discovered by the enemy too early and preparing the enemy.
But there is also a drawback, that is, it is easy for a horse to stumble when it is blocked, but there is no way to help it. Fortunately, it is still rare for a horse to be cool in the west.
Two sentences of corpses suddenly appeared in front, one is Han, and the other is Li She, an old man attached to Han’s body. His sight didn’t stop for a moment. Li She has seen too many corpses like this, and she has long been numb. If she has to sigh with emotion every time she sees them, she will still live.
"Report!" The agent reported again that "the enemy is five miles ahead!"
"good! Release the horseshoe and move forward quickly! " A trivial sound in Li She’s drinking team started to attack again. At this time, the horseshoes were full of momentum and dust, and the fighters attacked everywhere.
But now the Bing army is still not ready. Seibel is still trying to say that Song Xian Song Xian was impatient and was about to reprimand him when he heard the deafening sound of hooves. "What’s going on?"
"General Song! You go and inform General Zhang to support here, and I’ll stop it first! " Seibel urgent way to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-three Take alive
How can the attack of fighters make others think that Song Xian will stop dawdling over a good horse and inform Zhang Liao quickly?
Behind them are some knives and axes. There are not many people. There are 3,000 Seibel troops waiting for the arrival of Li’s fighters.
The line of sight is a group of Xiliang fighters dressed up as Seibel. There are some doubts that Xiliang fighters should not be with the Bing army. Why do you become murderous now? Seibel firmly believes in his ability and shouts angrily, "I am the brother led by the Bing general Seibel?"
Li she suddenly heard Seibel’s name and almost fell off the horse. Shit! I met a tough crop when I first came here.
I turned my head and looked at the fighters behind me. I don’t know if they can be trapped in the camp. When I touched Zhang Xiu’s confident eyes, Li She realized what a stupid thing she had done. How could she doubt her soldier’s ability before the war? She should be brave and have an enemy!
"Please stop a hundred paces away or don’t blame Seibel for being rude!"
Li involved a finger seibel "Zhang Xiu! Can you beat this person! "
"Hum!" Zhang Xiu cold hum 1.
"good! If it is possible to capture this person alive, I am big, "said Li She.
Zhang Xiu’s hip BMW suddenly rushed to the forefront of the army and went straight to Gao Shun. "Pick me up!"
Seibel if you dare to pick up Zhang Xiu’s gun with Ma Weiyi, you will quickly flicker and let go of the opportunity to swing a spear at Zhang Xiu’s back. Zhang Xiu pike has already resolved this key.
At this time, the fighters led by Li She have also been rushed to kill, and the resistance of 3,000 knives and axes has been washed away and waiting for the fighters to slaughter.
Li has doubts. Does this mean that he is trapped in the camp? Why are you so vulnerable?
And seeing this scene, Seibel’s heart is like dying embers. The impact of the West Cool Fighter is too strong. Three thousand knives and axes have no resistance at all. I hate the trap camp I practiced. Otherwise, how can they be arrogant here?
Lyu3 bu4′ s suspicion of Seibel won’t let Seibel have soldiers. Usually Seibel will be a training general. Only in wartime will Gao Shunyi have some soldiers. Lyu3 bu4 had already brought elite troops to stop Cao Cao and then went to protect Dong Zhuo’s safety. I didn’t expect that there would be pursuers coming. What was left here were some ugly troops.
In a blink of an eye, 3,000 hatchet men have been lost, and Seibel is in danger. There is something wrong with Zhang Xiu riding a horse.
Zhang Xiu’s gun potential is the best of a generation. Although Seibel is also an old hand at playing with guns, there is still a distance compared with Zhang Xiu. Zhang Xiu slammed a gun on his chest and flew out. Ben Ma shot forward and resisted Seibel’s throat. "Are you unwilling?"
"Ma Zhan has a hero for the step war, but since Gao is not as good as others, he naturally has no complaints!" Seibel awe-inspiring, not afraid, still clashing of iron, and finally closing his eyes and generously dying.
Zhang Xiu smiled and put away the pike. "Well, I will let your heart."
Turning over, Ma Gaoshun pulled a distance and smiled, "You and I have a fair fight!"
"good!" Seibel eyes aggressive brazenly to kill and just wronged all vent out.
At this time, Seibel finished playing desperately, and even Zhang Xiu had to avoid it a little bit. When they were short-edged, they also fought evenly.
At this time, Zhang Liao was walking with the team in the front when he suddenly heard the rear shouting and killing and knew that something had happened. If you see Song Xian running to the big hurry, "Please come after the attack …"
Song Xian suddenly turned his eyes to suppress the words "General’s quick reinforcements" and blurted out "General, please retreat quickly!"
"General Song, don’t panic, please speak slowly." Although Zhang Liao is urgent in his heart, his performance is still not very flustered
"General Gao is a traitor!" Song Xian shouted.
"impossible!" Without thinking, Zhang Liao immediately denied that Seibel had had a heart-to-heart relationship with himself and felt that Seibel could never be the master.
Zhang Liao Seibel is both a unified soldier. The difference is that Zhang Liao is a handsome talent and is deeply influenced by Lu Buxin, while Seibel is an elite general, but he is quite excluded.
"It’s true! I saw Seibel’s inverse thief meet tens of thousands of fighters. If I hadn’t been clever and ran fast, I was afraid that I would have died in the west. "Song Xian’s expression was still in shock, which made Zhang Liao have to believe.
Zhang Liao said maliciously, "I can’t believe that Seibel is such a person who knows people but doesn’t know his face!"
"Say more benefits or hurry away!" Song Xian urgent way in the mind has been happy flower hum call you always and I don’t know how to die this time I let you die!
Zhang Liao was so angry that he wanted to kill the dust everywhere in the rear, but he also knew that tens of thousands of fighters dared not touch their edge or that the army was heavy. After all, Lu Bu’s troops in Bingzhou were running out. This is why Lu Bu can stand firm in the Xiliang camp. If his troops are finished, he is afraid that Lu Bu will struggle.
Immediately, Zhang Liao shouted "Withdraw!"
I threw away countless people and led troops to chase the troops ahead. I hope these fighters in the rear can retreat, otherwise it will be a larger foe.
At this time, Seibel was interrupted by Zhang Xiu’s shot, and the pain in the calf and leg bones made Seibel have to sit down on the ground and sweat kept dripping.
Zhang Xiu closed potential and stand "such as? Is it fair this time? "
Gao Shun gritted his teeth with pain. "The general’s martial arts are amazing. Gao can’t lose. I hope the general can give Gao a good time!"