Three people figure instantaneous disappear evil fairy temple also followed into it.
Blink of an eye, the five elements are left in a mess, and the holy mountains of the five elements are cracked, and the aura is scattered.
Thick earth bodhi old zu several people still kneeling on the ground gawk at all this.
They haven’t reacted yet. They bow down and worship the immortals. When facing the evil fairy hall, they will turn around and run away, regardless of Xia Qi’s escape.
"This … what is this?"
The thick-skinned bodhi old zu stared at all this, and everything in front of him made him feel like he was in hell. All this made him unable to believe the whispers.
In the distance, a group of immortals hurried back in golden light.
This group of immortals is very neat and tidy in robes, and it is a group of immortals whose faces are not good-looking and gloomy as water.
In particular, one of the young people with golden robes is even more sinister in his eyes.
This person was injured by Gu Yue’s bloody sword. If the immortal of Yuan Shenyuan accidentally, he will be reduced to a disabled person in this trip.
"… fairy adult"
Thick earth bodhi old zu several people hung his head and dare not look straight at a group of immortals respectfully way
"What’s the matter? What will someone attack me? What world will have a hall of evil immortals? You made it clear to me! "
A middle-aged fairy swept over and rebuked the thick earth bodhi old zu and others.
I finally won the world quota, and I was ambitious. I wanted to make contributions, but I suffered such a change when I first arrived. This made a group of immortals feel gloomy.
"Calm down a few immortals."
Thick earth bodhi old zu and others are dissatisfied with a group of immortals who just fled, but they dare not show it. At this time, they are low-spirited and smiling.
Wait until the anger of a group of immortals dissipates, and some thick-skinned bodhi old zu and others will slowly tell the story of today
New Year’s Eve wishes everyone a family reunion!
Chapter six hundred and twenty People can
Chapter 1 People can
The arrival of the immortals of the Five Elements Sect interrupted Xia Qi’s plan.
Although the elite bases of the five elements were all beheaded, it is impossible to destroy the five elements only by coming forward to make ten immortals Xia Qi and Dan Zong.
Eye Xia Qi a group of people returned to Danzong to gather in the main hall, and their faces were all dignified.
Although the influence of Danzong is strong now, it is comparable to that of the demon clan in the cultivation of immortals, but in any case, it is enough for the five elements to sit in several immortals to erase all this.
Immortal, this is the lifelong pursuit of practitioners, but now it appears alive in front of us without impact. How much absolute strength has enabled the five elements to make a comeback?
The thought that there are several immortals in the Five Elements Sect now, and it is very likely that there are more true immortals in Danzong, and all the high-level officials are worried and heavy.
"Alas, if only the Qinglong predecessors were still here."
Jingjing Xiu has also stepped into the realm of virtual fairy, but she is not strong in alchemy, but she is very talented. Now almost all the high-order Dan medicines in Danzong are refined by Jingjing, and Jingjing can’t help but sigh.
She is very close to the Qinglong Emperor, and they are like father and daughter. She knows the Qinglong Emperor very well, which is why she will feel this way at this time.
"Heaven predecessors said they would think of some way to help Xia Qi. Why is there no movement now? Even the Five Elements Sect has a fairy arrival. Don’t Heaven predecessors care about these things?"
Bells also light mouth tone with a hint of blame.
Heaven and Xia Qifu are now well known at the top of Danzong.
"He’s just a busy person, and he’s definitely going to find the body first with the celestial fairy house and HarmonyOS inside. It may have been delayed for some time."
Xia qi heaven defended 1
His soul of the earth and the soul of the immortal world can’t tell who devoured whom. He is very close to heaven, and heaven can’t ignore him.
"Xia Qi, what are you going to do now? Let’s just hide and give several continents to the five elements or are we going to fight with them?"
Dan Yuanxiu has also grown rapidly, and because he has a shortage in his hands, Kun Dingwei is very powerful, but Dan Yuan is more in charge of Danzong. At this time, he is worried about the future of Danzong and asks Xia Qi
"it is impossible to hide."
Xia qi was composed, slightly silent and sank, and said
"If you hide, it takes some means to hide in the mysterious world. I’m afraid all of you can find us. It’s just waiting for death. Of course, recklessly is definitely not good. I don’t know if there will be six or seven immortals coming from the five elements, and we can’t compete with so many immortals. At present, I don’t have a good way to hope that the Moon Immortal Temple will shock the group of immortals, but when we strive for a little, we will repair all the four continents in the Yuanying period and evacuate them to the mysterious world."
Xia Qi’s slow accent made a group of nervous monks Danzong breathe a little sigh of relief.
No matter how Danzong expands, there is one backbone, and that is Xia Qi.
If Xia Qi doesn’t panic, all the monks of Danzong will feel calm as if they had a needle to anchor the sea, and it seems that they can meet all difficulties and challenges.
"Xia Qi, why did you get all the Yuan infant monks from four continents to the Xuan world?" Dan Yuan was puzzled when he heard Xia Qi.
Although the four continents are strong now, but the monks in Yuan’s infancy are quite a few, I’m afraid the seven metaphysical realms will be filled.
"Although there are several immortals in the Five Elements Sect, the elite of the Five Elements Sect almost died before. If the Five Elements Sect wants to rise, it will definitely attract potential monks from four continents and train them. We need to send the Yuan infant monk department to the Xuanjie Five Elements Sect, even if there is an elixir, there is no monk to train."