If he is reborn again, he will definitely choose to be a good person. It is wrong to do good deeds for generations.
When he saw Nan Yunqing, his guilt became heavier. If he was given the chance, he would really do something to make up for his mistakes.
At this time, he didn’t want to die very much. He felt that his soul could do many things to atone for it, such as reincarnating into a new world like Nanyu, which could benefit many worlds for life.
The selfish Xuanyuan emperor who finished cold-blooded probably has less than one percent left, but there is no magic in his heart. Even if Xiao asked, there may not be no magic in his heart, but the magic is smaller and can be suppressed.
Xuanyuanhuang and Nan Yunqing looked at each other from Xuanyuanhuang’s position, and he had to look up to keep looking at Nan Yunqing.
"Give me a chance. I want to atone."
"Did you give others a chance?" Nan Yunqing asked.
Xuanyuanhuang stayed on the spot and talked to Yu, but Nan Yunqing had not given him a chance.
Nan Yunqing’s right hand stretched out and directly held Xuanyuan Emperor in the palm of her hand. Her left hand was pressed from direction to direction, and Xuanyuan Emperor’s soul became smaller and smaller, and some of it flew out.
Finally, Nan Yunqing’s hands were not completely buckled, but a small part was left. When she took her left hand and right hand palm again, Emperor Xuanyuan was already the size of an ordinary person’s little finger and weaker.
Look at this little Xuanyuan emperor’s last look at each other’s pleading eyes. Nan Yunqing suddenly clenched his fist!
A little bit of smoke oozed from her fingers, and when she opened her palm again, Emperor Xuanyuan was gone.
Confirm that for a moment, she seemed to hear a big earthquake, and then it seemed that the whole world was courting her!
The idea of holding on to one thought for ten thousand years should be upgraded after her.

Chapter six hundred and twenty bully
Not only did Nan Yunqing feel Xiao Wen and Xiahou Rentai around her, but everyone felt that there was something very mysterious pouring into her body.
This process went on quickly, but when it was over, Nan Yunqing did not recover, and that feeling saved her.
Looking at all of her is like looking at another advanced species limited to God!
At this moment, she mastered some things about the world God Road J and jīng, God and soul.
In fact, she may know more about it, and it is possible to become a real god in one fell swoop, but her current physical condition has dragged her down, and even Dokki is still in a state of sleep, so she can also get those things on the J and jīng level.
At this time, she actually has a lot of fighting power, and a little fairy who has just awakened can defeat her, but her understanding of the world has reached the point where people can do business!
Then the soul burial suddenly broke into loud cheers and animal roars, not because Nan Yunqing harvested at the level of J and jīng God, but because she had just completely destroyed Xuanyuan Emperor.
For demon creatures, killing Xuanyuan Emperor is the most celebrated thing!
And for Nan Yunqing, it’s not like this? She didn’t realize what she had just gained, but she was completely immersed in the state of killing Queen Xuanyuan J and jīng. It’s hard to form what kind of dripping adult efforts and waiting finally got her wish in the five fingers.
Is it more than a relief? At this time, she seems to be able to accept the whole world, and she doesn’t have to stare at that goal. She doesn’t stare at the place. She has become a complete person, and because she has gone through hardships for ten thousand years to realize her almost impossible wish, her soul has been sublimated to a new height.
At a certain moment, Nan Yunqing suddenly realized that she chased Bai Qionghai at the level of J and NG God. It is said that Bai Qionghai was one step away from the world god thousands of years ago and that J and NG God was closer than strength.
With such a distraction, Nan Yunqing returned to her senses.
At this moment, Xiahou Ren suddenly interjected, "I got some information from Xuanyuan Emperor’s memory, thinking that your father is likely to have hope of resurrection."
No one expected that Xiahou Ren would suddenly say such a thing. After hearing the news, Nan Yunqing immediately asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Well, Emperor Xuanyuan kept the secret to refine the ghost spirit, and the method was very secretive. In the end, he was not even sure what kind of creature it was. He secretly tried the ghost spirit to seize the dying person’s body and let outsiders finish without seeing the flaw for a short time. According to the analysis of Youqilin, the ghost spirit probably won’t kill the original body and soul, so he can better control the body. If we can find the ghost spirit again and force it out of your father’s body with permission."
This has just put J and jīng God Nan Yunqing to work again. Don’t worry about whether it is true or not. Try it less.
Yu Xuanyuan Huang’s life is definitely in the underworld.
However, her physical condition is really not suitable for her to go to the underworld to find out all this in person, and we have to take a long-term view.
Soon Nan Yunqing, Xiao Wen and Xun Yu said goodbye, and Xiahou Ren decided to go back to the underworld first, so Zi Yan could ask for help first.