They are trapped, and so will Xia Qichang.
However, they launched several attacks, but in the end, what they got was a large array. Xia Qi’s cold hum seemed to be very disdainful of this war.
"changing array"
Some of the immortal kings drink heavily.
This is a set of feather wisdom in the ancient fairy house. The battle is full of power and unpredictable.
At the moment, hearing Xia Qi’s cold hum seems to have a countermeasure to break this war. People don’t hesitate to change the battle immediately to trap Xia Qi.
Every change in the war is enough to make the war inside earth-shaking. Even if Xia Qi wants to figure out a way to crack the war before, he will definitely crack it in the face of sudden changes in the war.
"sleepy Xia qi"
"slay the emperor of heaven"
Zun Xianwang is very excited to attack one after another. He wants to slay Xia Qi as soon as possible, and he will also make Xia Qi go to great lengths to find a way to break the array.
Feather wisdom in the distance did not hand light looked at all this.
He is confident that following his immortal king can slay Xia Qi.
This has been proved in previous battles that no fairy king has ever been able to come out alive in this set of wars.
Besides, Xia Qilian is not even a fairy king. He is just a Jin Xian.
A roar accompanied by the fire reflected a face with a faint smile and a proud feather.
No feather wisdom to react a figure appeared in the eyes of the feather wisdom.
Xia qi
Xia Qi came out at the moment, trapped by an ancient war played by the statue of Fairy King.
He rode a blood dragon around the firelight, and the thunder enveloped him like the Lord of heaven and earth, and he was domineering, and he threatened heaven and earth with majesty, which made people feel palpitation.
Even if you are as intelligent as a demon, you are slightly absent at the moment.
He was shocked by Xia Qi.
Breaking a large array like a god out of trouble Xia Qi reappeared, which shocked Yu Zhi’s heart beyond belief.
But feather wisdom, after all, is extraordinary and will soon return to absolute being.
"Go back quickly and quickly to avoid the summer break"
Feather wisdom drink quickly wake up and surround Xia Qixian and retreat immediately.
The strength of Xia Qi, who broke the ancient war, is beyond doubt, and with the breaking of the ancient war, the statue of the immortal king of this war has also been attacked by itself, with different degrees of injuries.
At this time, they absolutely can’t compete with Xia Qi. The only way is to retreat.
Feather wisdom shout woke up was stuck fairy king.
Feather wisdom wakes up correctly, but from time to time
When he woke up the immortal king and made him want to retreat in fear, they found that they had no way out.
Xia Qi and his visions surrounded the immortal king.
Reversal of the situation
A moment ago, Xia Qi was trapped, and the fairy king was so proud that he was bent on slaying Xia Qi and making his name famous.
But the moment is Xia Qi, in turn, trapped the statue of Xianwang.
Chapter nine hundred and ten Fanatical pitfalls
Chapter nine hundred and ten Fanatical pitfalls
The situation changed unexpectedly, and even Yu Zhi didn’t react. The statue of Xianwang had been trapped by Xia Qi in turn and got away.
"Retreat and come back."
Feather wisdom shout loudly at the same time oneself also blunt go to.
Xia Qi and several kinds of powerful visions around him are enough to trap the statue of fairy Wang Yuzhi. If you don’t rescue him, then this statue of fairy Wang is run.
However, although Yu Zhi tried his best to rush over to save the statue of the fairy king, the result changed.
Xia Qi’s strength is too strong. Although it is the realm of immortals, it is not a problem to kill several immortals, especially when several immortals are trapped.
Long Yin rocked Rowen like a prison.
Lei Long and the blood dragon swept across the sky, and the fierce momentum gave people an irresistible feeling.
Two fairy kings were swept by the dragon body on the spot, and their bodies were shattered and the blood fog exploded in the middle.
"Shout …"
Two dragons killed two immortals and shocked everyone, but it was just a monstrous flame that suddenly ignited at this time.
Fire pulse spirit and Yan Mo demon fire
One flame is white, and the other is ink. It looks exactly the opposite, but it seems to blend in. The flame swept through the four immortals and was trapped. Although it didn’t die immediately, it was also unlucky.
The most striking thing is not the two dragons and the fire pulse spirit, the Yan Mo demon fire, but the ghost tree
Since Xia Qi beheaded Ge Zhengqi and took control of Jiuyou Styx, the strength of the Styx reached a peak after it was absorbed by the Styx in Jiuyou Styx.