"Thank you, Senior Qinglong"
Xia Qi sincerely thanked Qinglong Emperor for a word, but it solved a big trouble for Xia Qi.
"Ha ha, you don’t talk to him politely, but he took advantage of you. If you hadn’t found his ghost and the heaven fairy house contained HarmonyOS gas and black land cultivation, he didn’t know when he would be able to recover. What’s more, this time his ghost was cultivated by HarmonyOS gas, but he got a lot of benefits. Actually, he should thank you."
Heaven smiled and said
He is very kind to Xia Qi, and Xia Qi considers everything, which makes Xia Qi feel very warm in his heart and really regards Heaven as his father.
"Well, it’s time for us to go and stay here. Maybe when the corpse emperor will use fate to find you, it will bring trouble to the whole cultivation world."
Tsing lung emperor smiled at the words of heaven and said lightly
"Well, we really should go Xia Qi. After I leave, you must remember not to rush to soar and accumulate strength to find a way to lift the world! This is a rare opportunity for you, and I will try my best to protect you when the world rises to the celestial world! "
Heaven solemnly told Xia Qi before he left.
Before this, Tiandao had already told Xia Qi many things about the rise of the world, and there were many situations in the celestial world where Tiandao finally decided to let Xia Qi rise.
This is a generation that has a chance. If it can succeed, it is natural to hope that Xia Qi can take this road in the future.
Moreover, there is little chance that there will be problems with the protection of heaven in Xia Qi’s soaring world.
Xia Qi’s command to Heaven is also remembered in his heart. HarmonyOS Qi, that is, the mysterious gray fog in Heaven Fairy House, has seen some magical effects.
If you have a chance to get Xia Qi, you should try it.
It is precisely because of this that Xia Qi is so eager to unify the cultivation of immortals
"Father, you can rest assured that I will do it." Xia Qi nodded solemnly.
At this time, Xia Qi is a child in the eyes of Heaven, and Heaven is the father of Wang Chenglong.
"Well, you’re just in a state of virtual fairy realm, and you’re not in a hurry. You slowly realize that it’s best to reach a limit and soar, so there’s hope."
Heaven nodded in the heart very gratified.
Anyone who is qualified to ascend the world is a genius, and his son is qualified to ascend the world and has a great chance. Heaven is naturally happy.
"But you should also be careful that this celestial realm used to be a part of the celestial realm, and now it’s easier to lift the realm this time. Many people have been staring at the five elements of the holy case and sent monks for three transgressions of five times, which is also the idea. Now you have repeatedly destroyed the plan, and I’m afraid you will use many means to deal with you later. You must be careful."
Heaven has several words to say to her son before leaving, and her heart is full of enthusiasm.
"Don’t worry, I’ll be careful."
Xia Qi didn’t feel bored, but his heart was full of warm feelings.
After such a long journey in the celestial realm, there are too few people who really care for others. A few confidantes have already gone to the celestial realm, and Wu Zaiyou is the strange and familiar father in front of him.
"well, if I don’t go, I’ll go first."
Tsing lung emperor saw this scene and smiled with a hint of ridicule.
Heaven is also white. At the time of parting, I took a look at Xia Qi, turned around and went straight for the sky. It has its own momentum.
The explosive momentum of the two people has set off a dark cloud rolling in the upheaval of heaven and earth, and thunder bursts are overwhelming towards Heaven and Qing Emperor.
See two people figure without fear directly into the full of thunder terror rob cloud power slightly cast will rob cloud directly crushed a piece of lang lang shine.
At the same time, an immortal avenue has been paved since nine days. It is golden and misty, full of dreamy beauty and intoxicating.
But there is a crisis in this beauty.
This is the last optical card in the celestial world.
I don’t know how many soaring people died in this last smoke, which is the most terrible thing about Chengxian Road.
Of course, this is nothing to the Dragon Emperor and Heaven. The two men looked very dull and smiled from stepping into Shengxian Avenue.
The two figures were submerged by all the golden light and fairy fog, and Shengxian Avenue slowly disappeared in the middle and recovered in the middle. Qing Tiandao and Qinglong Emperor had disappeared.
The two emperors returned to the celestial world.