This is … really come to Rome?
Chapter two hundred and ninety-five I fucking unwilling ahhh!
Dong Qiudi has been in a daze since he came from the plane. When he came to his senses, he found himself outside the airport, and then he disappeared with a backpack.
It contains his passport, wallet, mobile phone, change of clothes, digital camera, flag and slogan supporting Lazio … and other belongings.
In other words, he now has almost everything except a few tens of euros in his jeans pocket in China, an Italian-Chinese dictionary in his hand and an Italian travel brochure in China.
So he looked forward to the "eternal city" and Rome was such a special way to welcome his guest from afar.
He was robbed of his bag, but he didn’t realize that it was obvious that he didn’t care about things around him just now. I’m afraid he was still here. He was surprised that he actually finished such a crazy thing in Rome, and he was also looking forward to his experience after coming to Rome, but he forgot that the law and order in Rome was not as good as he thought.
He should be glad that he completed the communication unconsciously now, otherwise he may be able to stay at the airport and not go anywhere …
Now Dong Qiudi is sitting on the edge of the airport parking lot and looking at this strange country with a frown.
His excitement on the plane has faded away like low tide.
He is now worried about what he will do if he takes it.
According to his original plan, he will stay in Rome for a week at most and return the next day after watching the derby with Rome.
So he has just enough money with him.
Of course, it must be the cheapest hotel to stay in, and it is also the cheapest to eat-he had searched all these things on the Internet before coming to Rome.
Now the network is so developed, what’s wrong?
Although Dong Qiudi is impulsive, he has made great efforts to come to Rome.
As a result, I didn’t expect that now all his preparations are gone.
Relying on tens of euros, he can hardly move.
Of course, he can go to the embassy for help.
But what the embassy can do is to reissue his passport and visa and then give him a plane ticket to return to China.
But don’t your own plans all go up in smoke?
He also wants to watch the same city derby with Rome.
Isn’t that the most important purpose of his coming to Rome?
It is impossible for the embassy to keep him in Rome until Monday.
But he’s unwilling. He’s really unwilling …
I lost my job after a lot of hardships-he came to Rome and left by plane without asking for leave from his boss. The boss must not know that he will never come to the company again, and maybe he is still calling the mobile phone that has been disconnected-what did he come here for?
Don’t you just want to fulfill this wish?
Go to Vermelot to watch Lazio training and go to the Olympic Stadium to watch a Roman derby.
And now …
Dong Qiudi gave his head a scold a way "damn it! You idiot! Didn’t you just go abroad to Rome? What the fuck are you excited about? Fuck! Excited and forgotten, the backpack was stolen and I don’t fucking know fuck! "
After scolding, he didn’t feel relieved, but he was even more discouraged.
Because even if he kills himself, this backpack can’t come back to himself.
So he said goodbye to his possessions forever.
Dong Qiudi sat outside the airport for an hour and finally had to bow to reality.
That is to ask the embassy for help.
If he could speak Italian and understand it, he wouldn’t do it. He would work in a restaurant and wash dishes to make money.
But he won’t.
I’m afraid he can’t hold on for three days with dozens of euros.
Besides, it has been getting colder in Rome in early November, and now it is late autumn.
Sleeping alone in the street at night will also encounter very dangerous things … Since people can steal their backpacks at the airport, sleeping alone in the street at that night may even be blown up.
These difficulty are all very practical.
But Dong Qiudi intends to go to Vermelot before going to the embassy.
He was unwilling to come and leave like this.
Even if I can’t watch the derby in the same city, can I still watch Lazio training?
It’s two o’clock local time in Rome, and Dong Qiudi thinks that if he goes there now, he should be able to catch a glimpse of the afternoon training class.
Fortunately, before he came, he checked the detailed road map to Vermelo training base, and he will know it by heart.
Otherwise, I’m afraid he doesn’t even know how to get there now. It’s probably not enough to take a taxi for tens of euros.
Thought of here, he finally got up and patted his ass and walked towards the airport bus.
When Dong Qiudi went through all kinds of hardships and finally arrived at the gate of the training base in Flamelo, Lazio, he suddenly felt an impulse to cry when he looked at the Lazio team logo at the gate of the training base.
He felt as if Tang Sanzang was finally going to see the Truth after the September 11th disaster.
Now he is finally going to achieve positive results.
He packed up his excitement and lost his bag at the airport. He can’t be excited any more …
There are many Lazio fans like him waiting outside the training base.
Lazio has recently set up a closed training center. After 15 minutes of each training class, the security guards at the training base will clear the field.
These fans are gathered outside waiting for the cars to come out after the training. What do the stars want to sign and take photos with?
Dong Qiudi didn’t understand this. He walked straight towards the door.
Then, of course, he was turned away by the security guard in suspense.
Dong Qiudi can’t understand Italian, but he can still understand gestures and expressions when he refuses to enter.
So he was dumbfounded. The State Grid often said that winning closed training is the "characteristic system" of China football, but I didn’t expect to let myself hit it once.