Luo Ya thought that it must be the gourd and banana that didn’t burn. How could it make the old man feel that there was any karma and immediately replied "good"
So Luoya and Sanqing set up a cloud together to play around the mountain, and saw that the passing places were full of fairy fog and ethereal aura, and occasionally there was a dragon Teng Fengming, which was really transformed by Pangu’s backbone.
Suddenly a clear light appeared in the distance, and the old man looked at the other three people. "Fate is here, everyone, let’s go together."
I was depressed when I saw what the cyan light was. "Or was it a congenital gourd that turned out to be this thing?"
Cyan light is a blue lotus, which is constantly blooming and not emitting strong fluctuations at the closing place.
"This blue lotus is taken by the method of fate." When the old man finished speaking, he used his power first.
Luo Ya’s wait-and-see attitude didn’t make her magic to make jokes. This is the last three cleanups. How can anyone get it? If you go to heaven for yourself, you won’t kill yourself.
I always get red flowers and a crutch, but I get white lotus roots and jade, and I get a sword with green leaves.
Luo Ya said, "Hehe, congratulations to the three Taoist brothers for getting such a congenital treasure. It’s really a deep blessing!"
"I would also like to thank the prospective friends for wanting it!" Straight-tongtian hearty talk
Lao Heyuan also immediately said, "Thank you, Daoyou!"
Luo Ya laughed. "Why thank me? These three treasures are just what the three brothers got. It’s just an act of God."
The old man said, "Even so, the Taoist friend’s move is really asking us to admire." The old man paused and pulled out a green gourd from the sleeve, and then said, "In case we feel guilty, this gourd can be regarded as a congenital treasure. If not, give it to the Taoist friend!"
Luo Ya’s heart is full of joy. It seems that it is a blessing to suffer. It is not false at all! However, he still refused, "How dare I accept such a valuable thing? Brother, please take it back quickly!"
When I heard it, I was in a hurry. "Taoist friends still accept it. My big brother has another one. Besides, we three brothers can’t tell the difference between two gourds. Does Taoist friends look down on me because they refuse to accept it?"
"Taoist friends still keep it away, otherwise we will feel guilty in our hearts and it will be difficult to make a breakthrough in the future!" At this time, the original is also mouth.
The old man put the gourd into Luoya’s hand and said, "Don’t refuse, Taoist friends, just accept it."
"Then you must be cheeky!" Los ya blunt three people is a ritual way
"So good," said Sanqing Qi.
After collecting the gourd, Luo Ya thought that it seems that this time I didn’t come for nothing. At least I mixed a congenital treasure, and my quasi-doing is quite good or very popular.
Old toward all kotow way "your hands polarizer decree by destiny are presented!
The first volume The lich quantity of robbery Chapter The demon race built heaven.
Luoya Sanqing visited the beautiful scenery of the first mountain in the middle of nowhere, and talked to each other again. That day was really good and happy. In a blink of an eye, one hundred years passed, and Luoya succeeded in breaking through to the quasi-holy period 30 years ago, and that Sanqing is now at the peak of the quasi-holy period, and there is a fine line between it and the post-holy period.
On this day, after Luo Ya’s discussion on Sanqing Road, Luo Ya felt that his purpose of traveling abroad had been achieved and he had promised to return to the west as soon as possible. So Luo Ya said to Sanqing Road, "Three Taoist brothers have been allowed to come here for a hundred years, but now it’s time to leave."
"Daoyou’re serious. It’s not that this century is just a blink of an eye for you and me. Besides, you, I and others are growing rapidly on this day. Daoyou might as well stay a little longer and leave in such a hurry!" Tongtian a listen to los ya want to leave mouth stop way
"Yes, friends will stay for a few more days! It doesn’t make sense for us to wait for you and me to repair, "the original also discouraged."
Old aside, though he didn’t say anything, he nodded in agreement with the original and Tongtian.
Luo Ya shook his head and said, "I have invited Brother Dao and three outstanding brothers, but the kindness can wait until the end of the day. The three brothers should not persuade them to stay!"
The old man said, "Since Taoist friends insist on leaving, it’s not good for us to wait. I hope Taoist friends will have more contacts in the future!"
"I’m sure I’ll come again in the future and hope the three brothers don’t get bored!"
"Hehe, Taoist friends are joking. It won’t be annoying if you come and wait for me to be happy!" Aside borne laughed
Yuan also said, "It’s a true friend. If we come again someday, our brothers will definitely sweep the couch and welcome us!"
"Then you must leave now, three brothers. We’ll see you another day." Luo Ya rushed to Sanqing and said after a ceremony.
"Friends cherish" Sanqing said in unison.
Luo Ya made a kotow to Sanqing again, saying "goodbye". He left for the west without saying a word, but Luo Ya really missed him for a hundred years!
All the way to the west to Luoya, I saw that the vast land is now spread all over the world. The two witch families think that the witch family is endless about the Yuan God, but they are physically strong. Plus, they are born to control some elements of heaven and earth. All of them are close-knit meat experts. They worship Pangu Jingxue without worshiping heaven, and they worship Pangu and say that the demon family of the father God is mostly specialized in the Yuan God and magic as a learned scholar. Moreover, the demon family thinks that they are the world where they live, and they look down on the witch family. Therefore, the friction between the two families is constantly increasing.
When Luoya returned to Sumeru Mountain, he saw that Sumeru Mountain had gradually shown signs of decline. The aura was far less than that of himself. At the beginning, it may be because of the thin aura. Now, there are not many creatures born in Sumeru Mountain, and their qualifications are very ordinary and difficult to fix the truth.
"Daoyou can be regarded as coming back. I told Daoyou to come back as soon as possible before the Zixiao Palace that day. I don’t want Daoyou to come out for a hundred years, which really makes my brother miss it!" Take lead in feel los ya came back after the first time out and said
Luo Ya also smiled and said, "I must miss Brother Dao too, but I hope Brother Dao won’t take it amiss when I forget it because of some delay in the road!"
"Ha ha friends serious not you my brother still talk like this! I think Taoist friends are chasing me now. Compared with this hundred years of travel, there must be a lot of gains. You and I should have a good exchange! " Take lead to come forward and say to Luo Ya
"Naturally, it is indispensable for brothers to confirm each other."
So they just sat on the floor and talked.
Just as Luoya received the quotation that she was having fun, a ring would come.
"Today, we two brothers formally established the heavenly demon clan, the commander in chief of heaven. We brothers share the heavenly master, Di Jun, the demon emperor, the second brother, Taiyi, and the Eastern Emperor’s Heaven stand by heaven!"
It was that day that the heaven was established. It seems that the Lich War is not far away! Los ya smell speech after thought.
It turns out that the two lich families are fighting more and more frequently with the continuous growth of the two ethnic groups, but the demon family is emerging. Because the Yuan God is weak, it is often not the opponent of the witch family who is good at melee. Plus, the witch family has 12 ancestors’ witch leaders, which can be described as unity, but the demon family is like a mess because of the leadership of people. Therefore, the loss of the demon family is some new forces, which makes many demon families realize the necessity of unity
To say that in this demon race, except for Nu Wa Fuxi’s brother and sister, the number of Di Jun Taiyi and Di Jun Taiyi is the sun star transformed by Pangu’s left eye. Because Di Jun was transformed earlier than Taiyi, he was worshipped by Taiyi, and the two brothers were born to control the sun. The real fire was extraordinary. Later, Di Jun got the innate treasure in his birthplace, and he also got the first treasure, chaos clock. Although they are now refining it by magic method, they are also relying on the innate treasure in the wild. It has created a strong demon race, and Nu Wa Fuxi is better than others. In addition, Nu Wa Fuxi is bent on striving for fame and fortune, so they both hope to be better than Nu Wa Fuxi in the demon race.
One day, Di Jun and Taitai came to the mountain peak in Di Jun with one hand and a large number of demons. It would be great if one party belonged to its own base area in this mountain peak!
So Di Jun took out all kinds of materials when he was in the middle of nowhere, and the Emperor Taiyi even took out the stars and gold brothers. Within a moment, a huge palace appeared in the top of the hill, which seemed to be rather than hanging around the top of the hill. It was even more magnificent to build the palace. The walls of the palace were all carved with three-legged birds, and the three-legged birds wanted to fly out, which made people feel so dignified.
The palace has four gates in the southeast and northwest, and several large columns are wrapped around the golden scales and bright red bearded dragons. It’s really golden, rolling red and neon, and a thousand purple-fogged and heavy glass columns are painted into the gate, and there are several long bridges hovering with colorful feathers. Ling Dan’s top phoenix clouds are reflected in the sky, and there are thirty-three small halls, namely Lingxu Hall, Baoguang Hall, Tianwang Hall and Lingguan Hall … One temple is dignified in an orderly manner, and all kinds of birthday star platforms have the splendor of flowers, grasses, crimson yarns, clothes and stars.
A large number of demons entered the temple gate, Di Jun, and Taiyi was sitting high in the Lingxu Temple. Di Jun had the clever demon in his hand and immediately fell to the ground and said, "We want to serve two adults, the demon emperor, and ask them to command and lead me, so that my demon clan can dominate this vast land and will not be bullied by that demon clan any more."
When other demons saw it, they knelt in their mouths and shouted, "May the two adults beg them to lead our demon race to dominate the universe."
Di Jun and Taiyi were also delighted when they heard the rumors from their hands. Di Jun said with a straight face, "We two brothers are just in name. If the demon emperor is sitting here, you’d better not talk nonsense!"
The big demon who knelt down first said, "I think that the demon clan has inherited the reiki of heaven and earth, but now it has been bullied by the demon clan repeatedly. Because we are not weaker than the demon clan, the two adults are born of Pangu’s left eye and the sun. I don’t want to say that repairing the demon clan is even more important. I hope that the two adults will not refuse!"
Di Jun thought for a while, and then they nodded their heads and heard Di Jun say, "So our brothers will be disrespectful!"