"I just came back. I came to see you for the first time."
"That’s more like it. In fact, I knew you had already come back. Grandpa III told me when he came back. Let’s go and see my father. If you come, you will be very happy." Duan said while holding Duan Xin in one hand and Lin Sheng in the other, he went to the inside.
Instead of going to the room, I came to a pavilion by the lake.
Pavilion pavilion two people are sitting on a stone chair playing Weiqi. It’s really the ancestors and Duan Qirui.
"Three grandfathers, who do you think is here?" Period of excitement to chess two people said there.
"Huh?" Duan Qirui heard Duan Yin turned around and saw Duan Xin and Lin Sheng as soon as he heard it.
Lin Sheng and Duan Xin both saluted. In fact, Duan Xin has not returned to Dali to see Duan Qirui for nearly half a year.
At this time, Duan Qirui looked at the two people’s eyes and it was already some fog
"Come back … it’s good to come back." Duan Qirui looked at Lin Sheng and Duan Xin and nodded his head, and finally suppressed his feelings.
"three grandfathers"
After giving Duan Qirui a gift, Lin Sheng and Duan Xin gave a gift to the ancestors of that family. After all, they are all elders. No matter how tall Lin Shengxiu is, they won’t forget this seniority. Of course, outsiders are different. These are their lovers. Lin Sheng naturally scores a pecking order.
Now, whether it’s Duan Jia or the Lins’ family, we already know the real identity of this family wine’ meat’ monk, but Duan Jia, an ancestor, has reached the extreme, but Duan Xin and Duan are still calling him three grandfathers.
"Well" period of home ancestors light nodded his head.
"Surprisingly" teenagers have grown to this point. Remember when you first came to my house, I punished you for copying the three-character sutra? Xin son proved to be an eye for people without seeing the wrong person. "Duan Qirui was very pleased and patted Lin Sheng on the shoulder and said that he had learned something about Lin Sheng from the ancestors of Duan Jia.
Now, although Lin Shengxiu has reached a point where he can’t be in contact with anyone in his generation, he is completely unaware and still educates Lin Sheng as his younger generation.
Lin Sheng naturally thinks so, too. This is Duan Xin’s father, his father-in-law, and that is no different from his father.
"Let’s sit together. We haven’t had such a heart for a long time. Let’s talk together, especially Shenger. You have to tell us something about these two years. We are curious, but we are waiting for an adventure to create a character like you."
"Ha ha ….." Lin Sheng can laugh it off but can’t stand it, but several people are demanding it, especially Duan. Lin Sheng is good and tells a story about these two years, which probably makes several people listen to it thrilling and have a good blood boiling. It is the family ancestors who have lived for hundreds of years, and all of them feel that their blood is hot again.
The heart often passes quickly. This conversation is that most of the day has passed until the sunset is almost exhausted. Only when some people stop talking and have a simple family dinner can they arrange to have a rest.
It’s still Duan Xin’s yard. Since Duan Xin got married, this yard has been kept. When Duan Xin got married, Duan Qirui said that this yard will always be Duan Xin’s.
Back to this familiar place, Lin Sheng and Duan Xin are both holding hands in the courtyard feeling a little absent. Before they left here, they didn’t have a good memory. They went round and round, so they took the trouble to walk in circles in the courtyard.
At this time, it was already the stars. Lin Sheng took Duan Xin and jumped to the roof and sat quietly. Duan Xin was snuggling in Lin Sheng’s arms, so they sat there quietly and pointed to where the stars were from time to time and said something. All this seemed so beautiful 2.
[12] Amazing secrets
? The night is as cool as water, the moon is bright, and the stars are mottled. The two shapes of the ancient city wall are leaning against each other at this time.
Holding hands and sleeping for a long time; Heaven and man fall in the sky
Before you know it, Duan Xin has snuggled up in Lin Sheng’s arms and gone to sleep with a satisfied smile. In the past two years, since Lin Sheng left, Xin has really broken his heart. On the one hand, he has to worry about whether Lin Sheng’s safety theory is physical fatigue or mental fatigue, which has reached an alarming level.
Now that Lin Sheng is back, she is finally able to sleep peacefully in her husband’s arms. It is a kind of satisfaction from the soul. It is so dependent on each other. I don’t want Lang to pour out the sky. I don’t want Lang to be rich, but I want Lang to sleep hand in hand every night. From then on, I will be attached to heaven and man even if it is blue and yellow.
"Have a good sleep, I will always be by your side to guard you …" Lin Sheng stroking Duan Xin with her hair full of hair and said affectionately.
Duan Xin hasn’t got a peaceful life since she married Lin Sheng. The Lins have been swaying in the wind and rain for several years. Although their strength is increasing, they are getting stronger in the face of the enemy.
Fortunately, Lin Sheng is back now, but he has also advanced to the realm of Wu Zong and brought back another name equivalent to the strong purple orchid of Wu Zong. Now the Lins are completely guaranteed, even in the face of a giant similar to the Mupas family, the Laurie family is so fearless in power.
A morning breeze blew over Lin Sheng in the morning and woke up last night. They just stayed on the roof and went to sleep unconsciously. Although they were sitting on the roof for a’ dew’ day, Lin Sheng felt that they had never slept as well as last night.
Lin Sheng took the lead in waking up, but did not dare to motivate Duan Xin in her arms. At this time, she was still sleeping soundly, like a sleepy pig, with a happy expression on her face and falling asleep against Lin Sheng’s’ chest’.
At this time, the sky is not bright yet, but the east is already red. It seems that it will be a fine day again today. Birds come in the Woods and sing in waves, and the birds get up early and get the worm.
Before the day’ s bright, these birds have been working hard for a day, whether to feed their chicks or to be born by themselves, they all have to get up early as busy people.
There is never a lack of competition in the world. Whether it is human beings, ordinary humans or practitioners, birds and animals, ordinary animals, or animals in heaven and earth, Warcraft I is not in a constant competitive environment.
Looking at the birds getting up early for food, Lin Sheng was filled with emotion at the moment.
"Brother-in-law brother-in-law" in Lin Sheng this absence period but don’t know when to break into the yard from the outside where shouted.
"Shh …" Lin Sheng made a silence to Duan and pointed to his arms Duan Xin motioned for him not to wake Duan Xin.
Duan immediately jumped knowingly and landed on the roof, but he still woke Duan Xin. Just now, the two brothers-in-law had woken Duan Xin, but Duan Xin didn’t want to leave Lin Sheng’s warm arms to continue pretending to be asleep.
But now that it’s time, she is also embarrassed to continue pretending to sleep. After all, she still has to be solemn in front of her brother.
See Duan Xin moved know Duan Xin has been awakened by Duan Lin Shengsong holding Duan Xin arm light say with smile.
"Well" Duan Xin embarrassed nodded should be a.
"You didn’t sleep on this side last night, did you?" Period of looked at Lin Sheng then at his sister shrugged and asked