According to Corriere dello Sport, Stada has signed a contract with Lazio.
He will be a member of Lazio this summer.
Lazio fans will be delighted and AC Milan fans will have to bid farewell to the club’s heroes.
Lazio fans are really happy.
After the news was revealed, they were an April Fool’s joke.
"Corriere dello Sport" is a pro-Roma club in general, and it is not impossible for them to fabricate a fake news to find Lazio’s heart.
But soon Lazio officials confirmed the news.
Then it is difficult for you to describe the feelings and moods of Lazio fans in words.
Every Lazio fan is talking about the return of Starr, and every Lazio fan is looking forward to imagining Starr wearing Lazio jerseys again.
It’s like they’re expecting a wanderer to return home.
Some people can’t wait to PS the photo of Starr playing football in Lazio jersey-this is not an old photo to make up the number.
More fans flocked to Lazio club official website to thank Lotito for bringing back Stada.
Excited by them, the official website of Lazio Club was once paralyzed …
You know, even angry AC Milan fans didn’t paralyze AC Milan club official website.
Lazio fans’ joy overwhelmed the anger of AC Milan fans.
When Starr appeared at Milano training base again, it was his teammates’ turn to hug him.
"I didn’t expect you to return to Lazio," Gattuso shook his head and sighed.
"I didn’t expect it, but fate is so magical." Starr laughed.
Seedorf said to Starr, "It’s a happy thing to retire from his debut team."
Starr nodded. "I feel very happy and satisfied after making a decision."
The last person to appear in front of Starr was a little surprising: head coach allegri.
Everyone knows that it was allegri who advocated the team to clean up the veteran. The old guys have some opinions about him in their hearts.
But it didn’t show.
Allegri didn’t hug Starr. He asked Starr, "I don’t think you can bear the tactical and physical requirements of Lazio."
Starr nodded. "Even I don’t think I can bear it."
"That you still …" allegri was surprised to hear Starr’s answer.
"Sometimes you don’t have to play a game if you like the team’s contribution."
Starr said so.
Allegri is Chen Oh.
He looked thoughtful when Starr left.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Starr rumours
Of course, not everyone will applaud Starr’s return to Lazio.
As obvious as Gallia’s doubts, it is impossible for those professional journalists not to see it.
Lazio football requires a lot of physical fitness, and their requirements for central defenders are different from those of other teams.
Their central defenders run no less than midfielders.
Because they also need to control a lot.
They need to keep plugging the ball forward.
This has a high demand for their ability to control the ball with their feet and the ball, and even higher demand for physical fitness.