Blinking, Hu Yingxue turned to Mu Tianxuan and asked, "Whose idea was that little one?"
"My son"
Hu Yingxue turned to look at the man "Uncle Zhao, long time no see"
"You can always come up with something unexpected." Zhao Hang’s forehead is always gloomy. Now I can’t see any gloomy color, so I know that I have completely put my heart at rest.
Hu Yingxue replied, "There will be some special ideas because of some special experiences."
Zhao Hang raised his eyebrows. "Are you awake? Should I go out for a walk like Wei Chi Hanyu?"
Hu Yingxue smiled, "What if there is an opportunity?"
Chapter 246 Ningqian wants to kiss VS the so-called breakthrough
I heard that Cangshuozong was surrounded by many people coming, whether watching the fun or really wanting to help. Now I’m looking at the worm wall coming out of the skeleton hole. Someone caught the monster beast and threw it in, and in a blink of an eye, it became bones. One of the monster beasts was the sixth-order peak, and many people quickly retreated and retreated.
Ten thousand skeletons have been blocked and banned, and the people inside can’t send out the news, and they can’t come out. Looking at the worm wall, many people are scared. Many people are saying that Cangshuo people should be run. At this time, people in Kunwu Mountain may not have two bones.
Wu Yang and his people listened to the discussion around the crowd, and their faces turned blue and white. He and others inquired that Lingyi was still in Kunwu Mountain, which means that the people who were under siege at this time were invited by their Wu family to go to Cangshuozong. If anything happens, Tianque Gate will surely spare them.
An old man with a gray beard asked, "What shall we do, young master?"
Wu Yangqing’s face replied, "No matter how long you go, some influences on this side of the dry yuan world can’t reach the outside of the dry yuan world, and you don’t want to follow them and send something away."
The lips moved and the old man lowered his eyelids. "The old slave knows."
Worried that many people will be turned away from the Wu family, it doesn’t seem abrupt at all, but Wu Yang didn’t guard against others when he spoke to the old man. Those words that are easy to misunderstand fell into some people’s ears. Wu Yang finally succeeded in leaving the dry yuan world. It’s definitely a bloody tear. This is another story
At this time, a female student in the crowd turned her eyes from Wu Yangshen back to the opposite worm wall. The female student was lying on her shoulder with a fluffy tail of a snow ball shaking. Only then did she find that it was actually a white squirrel without any mottled color. Looking at the female student wearing a men’s cassock and wearing a bun with a peach hairpin at her head, she always felt that it was nothing to do with the squirrel.
Ignore some female practitioners who raise their hands and press the squirrel’s head with a bad look. "If there are no annoying bugs in the ground, go and make a hole and let’s drill through."
The squirrel raised its tail high and said how angry it is now. Look at it, bulging its cheeks and staring at the girl. Everyone next to it wants to defend it. For example, shake the girl to wake her up. One-that’s a squirrel, not a mouse.
The female teacher played the squirrel’s head. "Don’t worry, your princess is a great girl. They will never be fine."
The squirrel rolled his eyes. That guy named Yuanbao is not. He doesn’t even know what the Taoist priest is like, and his name is so vulgar. What about a treasure hunt mouse?
See their favorite pet female xiu some brisk laugh "I Ningqian always keep your word to let Hu Yingxue that treasure hunt rat do" xianggong "for you, and I will definitely let you marry in the past"
Next to someone carefully looked at the female repair face and couldn’t help DengYuan eyes "really is that clear water GongNingQian elders? !”
Ningqian turned to look at the man. "I am no longer the elder of Bishui Imperial Secretary. I can’t call it anymore."
Smell speech busy salute "elder don’t blame the younger generation for not knowing what to call you at the moment" with his head down, he wanted to slap himself. Bishui Palace took refuge in Wanren Cave, which has been all over the dry world. He will also link Ningqian with them. This is definitely looking for death.
"Where is your master?" Ningqian’s temper has changed a lot, and she is not angry because of this impression that the younger generation made a gaffe.
A man dressed in a dusty Taoist robe squeezed over and left Danmeng Zhao Dezhu more than ten years ago. He pulled his apprentice aside and gave Ning Qian a good look. "What is this dress?"
Ningqian left the corner of her mouth. "Before I came, I was a person who couldn’t dress up. I was taken care of in Bishui Palace. Just a few years ago, I found a few attendants. I didn’t leave anyone in these two years."
Zhao Dezhu pulled the corners of her mouth. "You are a woman."
Ningqian cocked his head. "I always feel that this matter can be handed over to one person."
Zhao Dezhu raised his eyebrows. "Who is it?"
Ningqian shrugged his shoulders. "I just know that no matter what I ask, he will promise to let him wear women’s clothes."
Zhao Dezhu messy a "I admire him".
Zhao Dezhu’s apprentice scratched the back of his head. "Master, can that man named Jia Yuan really go in?"
Zhao Dezhu raised his hand and pointed to the worm wall to "see for yourself".
Seeing a person strolling to the worm wall, the crowd suddenly became quiet. It was absolutely different to watch a monster being chewed with no bones left, and it was absolutely different to watch a person being chewed with no bones left. Some people turned their eyes and were timid and exclaimed in a low voice.
Jia Yuan is a little excited when he looks at the insect in front of him. He is a very contradictory person who is afraid of death but wants to die. No matter what happens, he can’t die. This makes him feel that he is even abandoning people in heaven. Sometimes he feels that his roots are meaningless, so he is afraid of death and he is looking for death everywhere.
This job was painstakingly done by Jia Yuan. When he heard Zhao Dezhu chanting, he wanted to know what was going on inside. He took the initiative to find him and offered to give him one hundred pieces of intermediate lingshi, so he helped to go in and see him. After a while, Zhao Dezhu had to take out one thousand pieces of intermediate lingshi and ask him for help.
He took a hundred intermediate lingshi and returned everything else. It’s not that Jia Yuan doesn’t want more, but he can’t have more than 100 intermediate lingshi assets. If the assets exceed 100 intermediate lingshi, he will soon become penniless. That’s why he feels that even Heaven is abandoning him. This idea has never wavered.
A bug fluttered in front of Jia Cong’s eyes, shook it left and right, and shook its mouth. The small tube was about to touch his nose suddenly and violently, and then it was swept to the ground by the wind. It set such an example, but many other companions rushed, so Jia Cong walked slowly and left a dead insect behind him.
Even if he walked slowly, Jia Cheng soon passed through the worm wall outside. Because the route he chose was still remote, it was probably because no one thought anyone could walk in so quietly that no one noticed that there was another person behind him.
It’s not that no one pays more attention to Jia Xuan. It’s the same person. Other family members are lamented in their hearts. Which ugly goods are released? Many people say that Jia Xuan looks like a sly eye. In fact, his eyebrows are too short, some corners of his eyes are too high, some noses are too flat, and some corners of his mouth are too long. Few people will look at him again for fear of hurting their eyes.
No one paid any attention to Jia Cheng’s obstacle to walking to the front of the team of Wanji Cave. Naturally, he saw that there was also a large insect in front. This should be to stop the people inside from rushing over. Just as a group of people were going to cross the insect wall to the opposite side, he followed. He was not injured by insects, so no one suspected that he was not a Wanji Cave man.
Once again, through the worm wall, Jia Xuan looked at the nearby place and became one. Two groups of people picked their eyebrows. It seems that people here are actually holding the wind. Cangshuo Zongren has more blood, but the basics are all Ten Thousand Skeletons Cave. Those idiots here are actually laughing.
The head flew past a large piece of worms, and they were still pretending to be in a mess. The younger brothers of Cangshuo Zongmen brushed together and took out a small bottle and sprayed the second-class worms on their bodies. When they stopped, they changed their hands to a large bottle and pointed it at the worm wall. After a while, the worms all turned into bodies as soon as they flew past.
I took out the photo bead when I glanced through the worm wall just now. After some thought, I finally decided to send this photo bead back to Zhao Dezhu. The requirement is to explore the situation inside and record it, which is enough for a job.
Just like when he came over, Jia Yuan didn’t encounter any obstacles when he went back to find Zhao Dezhu in the crowd. He handed over the photo beads that he had been holding in his hand, "I feel that Cangshuo people are very happy."
Zhao Dezhu, Zhao Dezhu’s little apprentice and Ning Qian, who recorded the lake in the photo beads, all agree with Jia Yuan’s evaluation of the situation. It is estimated that few people can think that they are worried about Cangshuo Sect or gloating here. The real situation is that the people in Wanmang Cave are playing with Cangshuo Sect again.
Compared with using those people in Wanbi Cave as grindstones to hone kendo, Zhao Dezhu is more concerned about Cangshuo Zongmen’s younger brothers taking out those two strange bottles that I can’t say where I feel. It seems that the insects will not gather together, and it seems that they will die immediately after another spray. What is more suitable than this?
Zhao Dezhu took out one hundred pieces of intermediate lingshi and planned to invite Jia Cheng to take a trip again. Suddenly, there was a noise in the crowd. When he turned to look at it, he saw a group of people flying mightily to look at the body decoration. It was Cangshuo’s good brother Qingyunmen’s younger brother.
In the dry yuan world, if there are more geeks than Qingyun Gate, no one dares to call it the second. At the beginning, Cang Shuo zong gave birth to Qingyang, a guy who was tricked. Many people said that he actually wanted to go to Qingyun Gate, but he went to the wrong gate. When he found out, he couldn’t change what he saw. The excitement in Qingyun Master’s eyes was hard to hide. Zhao Dezhu jumped his eyebrows.
Qingyun’s master didn’t disappoint Zhao Dezhu. After stopping at a place 20 meters away from the worm wall, he took out hundreds of cylindrical big guys to surround Kunwu Mountain. Zhao Dezhu bowed his head and looked at the corner of his mouth and twitched to determine that it was an enlarged strange bottle.
No one should have thought that at this time, there were hundreds of almost the same big guys in it, and the base that Qingyun Gate took out here was responsible for refining those spray bottles. When my brothers saw the door, they always had a chance to run out and fight, so they took the brother who was responsible for refining the insect repellent and fragrance essence and went back to refine these guys.
Outside the mountain gate, Cang Shuo’s brothers are still playing, and they have been sent out as pioneers. When the master of Wan Skeleton Cave receives the same sound, he immediately kills the gang of Wan Skeleton Cave cleanly and then quickly seizes the defensive position suitable for attack.
There is an "Kai!" inside and outside.
Those oversized spray bottles are puffing white water balloons, and those water balloons fly to the worm wall. They are all blown up and covered with white fog. Someone is specially responsible for adjusting the spray angle, which makes people discouraged. The dead corner of the worm wall is covered with white fog.
When the white fog gradually dissipates, we will see that there are no insect corpses on the ground, and no one immediately rushes to it. Who knows if there is any hidden life in that pile of insect corpses, or those insect corpses will make people toxic and others set fire to those insect corpses before anyone moves.
What’s the situation when the gang from Wanji Cave came here for nothing? It’s better to find that the surrounded people have become their Cangshuo Sect. After all, Cangshuo Sect still has a small population after expanding its population base. Looking at the other side, many Wanji Cave people secretly scold their mothers at heart and suppress a large head. Many people have a feeling of escaping from life.
The fact is that they want to curse the mother and the Qingyun master put out the worm wall, only to find that there are so many practitioners around them that there is no reason not to let others take part in the next battle, which means that the chances of their hand will be less and less, no matter how many fires have not been put out, teams or groups are still lined up to compete with each other.
Similarly, the brothers of Cangshuo Sect raised their swords before they rushed to the crowd, and the people there should immediately set up a defensive barrier. A large sword shadow has been killed in front of the door, but it is too late or at the front, the human wall composed of various cannon fodder collapsed by half.
Tearing the gap is naturally convenient. The number of people who attacked Cangshuo Sect is small, and not all the disciples have come out. The offensive is like a sharp knife inserted into the enemy’s belly.
On the other side, it’s another scene, driven by a bunch of people in Qingyun Gate. Those who wanted to stand by the wall were also taken out of the fighting spirit, not to mention those who didn’t intend to stand by, such as the younger brother who came here specially to Tianque Gate, who crushed a person and rushed to crush it.
How can this guy be the core of Cangshuo Sect? To put it bluntly, they are cannon fodder. Of course, we don’t expect how many so-called masters of Cangshuo Sect and the elite in the periphery have been killed without making moves.