Bang, a heavy Xuan fell to the ground and the statue and fire disappeared.
Lying on the ground, Zhang Zhongxuan smiled with satisfaction. "The rebirth from the fire is finally completed" and then he fell asleep as soon as his eyes closed.
Darkness is darkness except darkness.
In his sleep, Zhang Chongxuan suddenly woke up. He breathed a sigh of relief and knew that his fairy prosthesis had passed the artificial fairy body. In fact, it can also be regarded as the second yuan god. However, if we want to distinguish it, it is the second busy artificial fairy whose weight is in the body, and the second yuan god is in the spirit.
"I wonder how long I’ve been asleep?" The body is unobstructed than Zhang Zhongxuan. Looking around, he is now a mortal. When he pounced on the false fairy body, he had already ruined his whole body. There was no trace of truth left before he could see anything in the first floor of Wanliu Cave. There was darkness in his eyes.
Zhang Zhongxuan sat up beside his knee. Since the fake fairy body has been built and repaired, he is not here. He is staring blankly at the darkness. Of course, he is practicing the amazing practice of "Repairing God"
"Tian Xingjian is constantly striving for self-improvement; Terrain Kun Jun is thick and virtuous. "Zhang Zhongxuan is in a state of mind. He recalled from the outline of" Training the Gods "that he saw a white light rising slowly from Zhang Zhongxuan’s abdomen. The Huo Ran on the first floor of the dark cave was filled with white hair.
Zhang Zhongxuan naturally did not realize that the self-generated airflow of the body was pulled by the method of cultivating the spirit and guiding qi. Most practitioners go from the abdomen to the limbs and then complete a whole cycle. The difference is that the generated truth breaks through various metaphysical methods and transforms the body meridians.
Zhang Chongxuan cultivates the magic formula, otherwise the white light rising from the abdomen has never been dispersed and always circulates in his abdomen. Monks here will be puzzled by Zhang Chongxuan. If the real yuan fills the abdomen and does not look for an exit, it will inevitably explode and die, but Zhang Chongxuan stays in the abdomen with the real yuan.
As time goes by, Zhang Chongxuan’s real yuan in the abdomen is also increasing, but it will stop in the abdomen before it leaves the abdomen.
Now Zhang Chongxuan has already entered the state of turtle’s breath, and there is no consciousness. It is by controlling the truth before concentration that the truth accepts that consciousness is flowing.
This method of letting Shin-won practice by himself is the most dangerous. If those who practice low let Shin-won flow, 100% of the body will be destroyed by uncontrolled Shin-won’t dare to let Shin-won wander around casually. Even if it’s all right, but Shin-won’t stray from the track set by his body, his skill will be greatly reduced. Of course, a strong person can let Shin-won flow by himself after the Shin-won’t derail because Shin has been trained, just like a frog in a vessel. As a result, the frog can’t
Chapter 32 Heaven is a long way.
True Yuan is flowing freely in Zhang Chongxuan’s abdomen, which brings about shock friction. The feeling brought by that friction is transmitted through the cortex layer by layer. If Zhang Chongxuan looks at his body now, he will find a white line constantly flowing to Baihui point in his brain, and it is the nerve center of people near Baihui point.
Ten days later, at Baihui point of Zhang Zhongxuan, there was a faint white mass that was hotter than that of the abdomen. The white light was expanding and reached the degree of abdomen. At this time, a light from Zhang Zhongxuan’s brain center flashed at the same time, and a white light was also raised. This white light did not stay in it like the white light of the abdomen and Baihui point, but spread to the brain everywhere.
In an instant, the whole brain is in a piece of white light, forming a huge ball of light, which is unusually white and radiant, and there is a faint heat wave in the air.
Zhao Zifeng, who was sitting outside the cave, woke up again and felt hot in the air. He found that Wanliu Cave had to shoot a soaring white beam. That beam was too bright to look straight at Zhao Zifeng. He hurriedly closed his eyes and said, "A month ago, it was a huge roar. Twenty days ago, it was a sky fire. Now it is a soaring beam master. What is the science of uniting so much? According to this calculation, when the master breaks out, the whole hidden snow peak will be turned to ashes. "
Zhao Zifeng wants to return to his hometown and transports the real element to resist the heat coming from the gas. Since the fire from the second million-flowing cave has brought fire, Zhao Zifeng can increase his skill after discovering the fire. This time, he will not miss the opportunity to increase his skill.
It is also considered that every time Zhao Zifeng Cong has a quiet cave, it is Zhang Chongxuan who worships others and takes the opportunity to cultivate Zhang Chongxuan. All kinds of strange energy can urge the human body to work naturally and increase repair.
Zhang Chongxuan’s whole brain white light brought up a violent vibration in Wanliu Cave, and the ceiling of the cave swished off lime to the depths. All kinds of materials gave off a kind of low-pitched sound. At this time, the blue tide at the entrance surged like a gale and roared, and the mysterious word was engraved at the entrance, giving off an unprecedented brilliance and lifelike image of Zhang Chongxuan. Huo Ran stood behind Zhang Chongxuan’s head.
The whizzing number sounded, and Zhang Zhongxuan’s young body flashed several tiny light balls. Among these light balls, there was a prominent light ball, and the one in the abdomen was also free. This light ball was connected by several lights, and Zhang Zhongxuan’s whole head turned into a light ball. At this time, a light beam flashed, and Huo Ran shot into the big light ball, which was in the abdomen.
At the same time, the first and second floors of Wanliu Cave shook violently, and all the things piled up on the first and second floors of Wanliu Cave floated up. If someone is in the blue tide at this time, it will be found that the green lake part of the blue tide floats in the water to form four big characters, and the mysterious word at the entrance of Wanliu Cave still emits four identical words and shoots into the four words composed of the blue tide lake.
Facing the hot strength outside, Zhao Zifeng crawled to the ground, clutching the ground with his hands. He looked at Wanliu Cave with fear and sighed, "Master, you always let me go, so I can’t stay up." Zhao Zifeng trembled all over the hidden snow peak when practicing, and Zhao Zifeng was even unstable, let alone practicing.
At this time, Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t know what was going on around him. His whole body floated up and several light balls evolved to connect these light balls at this time. At this time, Zhang Zhongxuan’s brain that big light ball was so light that it suddenly rose. In the light ball, Huo Ran emerged a dark blue Chinese character-Xuan
The word Xuan is more correct than a blue light, which permeates the whole ball of light, and all the vibrating things at the top of Lilian are back to normal. At this time, several balls of light simultaneously emit a light that is neat and orderly and flies towards the ball of light in Zhang Zhongxuan’s brain.
If there is a master of astrology, you will find that Zhang Zhongxuan’s Huo Ran ball and light painted a sun at this time …
Boom A strong sound came out from Wanliu Cave, and the whole hidden snow mountain trembled violently.
At the moment, Zhao Zifeng floated on the soul-sucking complications, stretched out his hand and wiped his face with sweat. "Lucky", Zhao Zifeng settled down in the soul-sucking complications and guided the soul-sucking complications to release a negative atmosphere around him, but the negative atmosphere also broke up in this loud noise.
When Zhao Zifeng saw this, he dared to neglect his mouth, sucked out one mouthful blood from his fingers and sprayed it out. He gave a tremor and released a stronger wind to be unbreakable.
The heavily guarded soldiers in Tianmen also heard this loud noise, and they all showed different colors and wanted to discuss what happened to each other. However, because of the fairy rules, it was better to hold back their curiosity and wait for the shift to talk again. Although they had to keep their eyes straight, they kept looking at people, but it was a pity that the distance was too far and they didn’t know what was happening, they could smell it.
At this time, Zhang Zhongxuan’s light ball has disappeared and his body has slowly drifted to the ground. Now, his eyes are only cultivating to a higher level than light, but his actual ability has reached the point where others will take thousands of years to cultivate to the middle of Du Jie!
Huo Ran has reached the state of returning to reality and entering into virtual reality.
Chapter 33 Return to the House
Knock! Knock! Knock!
Weathered cloud knocked on the door and shouted, "Master, I’m a big brother at any rate. Why do I feel like a handyman?"
Behind Zhang Zhongxuan, Zhao Zifeng laughed, "Big Brother, you are not like it, but the root is it."
"You …" Weathered clouds were trembling with anger, but I saw Zhao Zifeng’s hands fiddling with soul-sucking complications and choked back.
Zhang Zhongxuan ignored Zhao Zifeng and weathered clouds, but stared at the big plaque in front of Zhang Fu’s door. There was a small crack in Huo Ran’s two gold-plated Zhang Fu characters. Obviously, the crack was not a day or two, but Zhang Zhongxuan couldn’t help but sigh, "It seems that it is really at the end of its tether."
The door creaked and Zhang Huai leaned out a head to see a face of ShaQi, and the word weathering cloud got a fright and went back to Zhang Zhongxuan and hurriedly called "Zhang Huai"
When I heard Zhang Chongxuan’s voice, I asked for a door. Zhang Huai’s hand stopped and looked at it with joy. He looked straight through the weathered cloud in front of the door until Zhang Chongxuan trembled and said, "Master, you are back." He came out to Zhang Chongxuan’s side.
"What’s the matter with Zhang Huai? I’ve only been out for a few days, and our family feels that the atmosphere is a bit wrong. What’s the door in broad daylight?" Zhang chongxuan’s way
"Master, you didn’t go out for a few days, but you went out for exactly three months!" Zhang Huai cried.
"Three months?" Zhang Chongxuan looked at Zhao Zifeng with a face of doubt. Zhao Zifeng hurriedly said, "Master, you have been closed for three months." In fact, Zhang Chongxuan closed for more than a month and developed the first stage of spiritual cultivation because he had to adapt to the new reality and spent a long time reforming his body. Of course, Zhang Chongxuan did not know it in the deep cave.
Zhang Chongxuan: Oh, the Zhang Huaidao: "Zhang Huai, no matter how many days I go out, tell me about my family situation." Zhang Chongxuan just asked and heard a cough. The cough is so familiar. I don’t guess Zhang Chongxuan also knows that it is Zhang Ai. Now Zhang Chongxuan is surrounded by Fiona Fang thyme.
Zhang Huai coughed and looked at Zhao Zifeng and weathered clouds.