"good!" Duan Xin is frank should way immediately is a kick in the your honour abdomen your honour eat pain called a back two steps scold a way.
"How dare you arrest me in the street? I think you don’t want to live, brothers!"
"With you a few pustules? Haha, I really don’t know how high and thick the sky is! " Lin Sheng boxing out several your honour is one after another fell to the ground.
"Hum! This Wang Ping is really despicable and shameful! I have the opportunity to … "Duan Xin looked at several your honour and said.
"Ha ha, you didn’t wait for that girl. Who do you think you are?" Lin Sheng laughed Duan Xin down looking at the past, it turned out to be Wang Ping, who was walking towards Lin Sheng and Duan Xin with Wu Feng.
"Princess, what a coincidence! I just got a notice that the thief who stole my Lingbao has been arrested. I didn’t expect to meet you two here, too. Hey? What’s wrong with these officers? Why are they all lying on the ground? " Wang Pingyi said seriously
"Maharaja is that they are the ones who stole your baby. Look at that tea table, but this time it’s all stolen! I didn’t beat the humble position, but these two men also asked us to make decisions! " This your honour head a face of koo said
"Motherfucker! Do you know who this is? This is our princess’s position. How could she do such a thing? It must be the unknown wild little stem next to her who didn’t ask people to catch him. "Wang Ping slapped her in the face.
"Yes, it’s a humble job. I’ll do it!" That your honour got a slap in the face. Busy is the way to go.
"Somebody, don’t hurry up and catch that little one!"
A few of your honour walked into Lin Sheng with trepidation, but at the sight of Lin Sheng’s clenched fist, the horse shrank back.
"A bunch of nothing!" Wang ping scold a way
"Come on, Wang Ping, stop acting. Your little trick is not enough for me!" Lin Sheng really lost his interest in watching Wang Ping’s acting here.
"It seems that I have to do it myself and make you crazy. Don’t even cry when the time comes." Wang Ping said with a ferocious face.
"I don’t have so much time to play here with you, dude!" Lin Sheng said with a face of contempt
"Hum! Then you can take it! " Said wang ping is toward Lin Sheng a palm blow to palm cold spirit force was caused by the surrounding gas to a roar.
"It really has reached the early stage of Wuling!" Duan Xin was surprised that although he learned from Lin Sheng that Wang Ping had reached the early stage of Wu Ling, he was still a little shocked after seeing it with his own eyes. Wang Ping’s cultivation talent was so young even by relying on the strength of Dan medicine, and it was also very impressive in the late stage of Wu Ling. Not only Duan Xin was shocked, but Wu Feng was also taken aback. He was twenty years old this year, and his whole practice was just at the late stage of Wu Shi. He asked himself that he was already the best among his peers, but there was still a gap between this Wang Ping and that. Lin Sheng’s age seemed to be younger, but Wu Feng was.
Wang Ping’s roaring with strength didn’t achieve the result he wanted. In his plan, Lin Sheng’s theory couldn’t escape his palm, but Lin Sheng just missed his palm. Wang Ping attributed this to the other side’s good luck, but he didn’t think so while watching Wu Feng. On the contrary, this Wu Feng had already rowed Lin Sheng into a group of dangerous people. If he hadn’t had to, such people would not have provoked him. Now Wang Ping has made such a bad idea and regretted it. If he had known that Lin Sheng was so powerful, he wouldn’t have provoked him.
"See how long your good luck can last! Look at the trick! " When Wang Ping missed a blow, he immediately changed his palm and punched Lin Sheng in the back. However, the result was that he was disappointed. He still didn’t touch Lin Sheng’s skirt. Wang Ping realized that his opponent was not as weak as he thought, but it was too late.
"If that’s all you want, then this fight is over!" Looking at is panting Wang Ping light said
"Hum, I didn’t see that you still have something to do, but it’s still not enough to see me in front of me!" This Fu Hu Boxing is a martial art of Wang Jiazu. Only the masters of Wang Ping’s family have been qualified to practice this martial art. The masters of Wang Ping’s family have naturally practiced since childhood. Although he has cultivated a part of it by relying on Dan medicine, it has been a slight success since he practiced for more than ten years. However, his unique skill has never been forced to use this boxing, but today is obviously an exception.
Looking at the rising momentum, Wang Ping Lin Sheng became interested as soon as he came. It seems that this Wang Fu Fu Fu Quan is really a little special, not only for fighting, but also for the messenger. Lin Sheng has heard of it in an old place and has not seen it with his own eyes. Now he finally has the opportunity. Naturally, he wants to have a good test. Lin Sheng didn’t take an attack to interrupt Wang Ping’s Xu Li, but he just waited there for Wang Ping. Wang Ping saw Lin Sheng not attacking him, but waiting for his Xu Li.
"Hum makes you crazy. Wait till I finish my Xu Li and see how I can tidy up you!"
"Drink!" Finally, Wang Ping came to attack Lin Sheng with his fist again after Xu Li finished. This punch is not only much stronger than that just now, but also fast to the extreme, which actually formed a phantom! It was a fist, and now there are three or four fist phantoms hitting Lin Sheng.
"This time I see where you hide! Haha, die! " Wang Ping’s face became more and more crazy.
A piece of boxing shadow blocked Lin Sheng’s retreat. Lin Sheng dodged and was not in a hurry. He was hit red-handed by that fist.
"Hum …" Lin Sheng was hit by Wang Ping’s boxing fly and fell to the ground.
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21324 Fourteen
Chapter 20 Dumb people eat Rhizoma Coptidis
? "Ha ha I see you arrogant! Ha ha ha ….. "Wang Ping looked at Lin Sheng arrogance has hit the ground and said.
But Lin Sheng still let him down. See Lin Sheng slowly climb up from the broken sawdust.
"Hum … I’m afraid that’s to disappoint you. It’s really strong, but it’s still not enough in front of me! It’s my turn to attack. "
"Look at the move …!" After Lin Sheng got up, it was a horse that punched Wang Ping’s head, but also condensed the pale blue qi film, and the surrounding gas was almost distorted by Lin Sheng’s strong aura oppression.
Wang Ping looked at this attack and punched himself, but he was so scared that he hurriedly dodged. If he did not die in this boxing, he would be seriously injured! However, Lin Sheng obviously won’t give him a chance to escape. Lin Sheng has already locked in his knowledge. Unless Wang Pingxiu reached the later stage of Wuling, he can’t escape from Lin Sheng’s knowledge. When Lin Sheng just left the ancient forest, it was already the early stage of Wuling. After that period, although Lin Sheng didn’t spend time in reiki training, it was faint that he had to break through to the middle stage of Wuling after that kind of high-intensity melee training. Now, although he still failed to break through, it was already the peak of Wuling’s early stage. It is impossible to divide it by adding his strength. This is Wang Ping’s
And Lin Sheng obviously didn’t want to let this Wang Ping go. This Wang Ping has angered Lin Sheng for three transgressions of five times and his own right. Now he is trying to frame him and let him let Lin Sheng go so easily. It is obviously impossible. Lin Sheng always works on the principle that he will not take the initiative to provoke people unless he attacks me, but if anyone really bullies him, he will not be soft.
Wang Ping saw the dodge, but Lin Sheng’s fist suddenly got a fright. He hurriedly lifted a table in the teahouse and blocked it in front of him, which could alleviate some of the attacks. Indeed, he relieved some of the pressure when the table was here, but Lin Sheng’s fist was still not something he could resist.
There was a loud noise. Wood chips were flying. Lin Sheng bombarded Wang Ping’s chest. Wang Ping cried in pain. One of them flew up and hit a side door. The door panel with good tree texture should be broken.
"Crash" Wang Ping landed heavily on the ground and splashed a piece of sawdust.
Several followers saw that their master was beaten so badly, and immediately they came in an attempt to rely on many advantages to surround Lin Sheng. However, Lin Sheng was so able to overcome it. In a short time, Wang Ping brought several followers to the ground, and they were the same as the master.
Lin Sheng approached Wang Ping again step by step. His fist was clenched and he seemed to be ready to tidy up Wang Ping.
Seeing Lin Sheng’s fist is about to bombard Wang Pingshen. This is an old man who suddenly broke in and stood in front of Wang Pingshen.
"Don’t hurt my family!"
It turned out that Wang Ping’s bodyguard and half-master Wang Lei broke in at ordinary times. This Wang Leilai is surnamed Liu. Because his family was poor, he joined the Wangs and became a servant of the Wangs. Only then did he change his surname to Wang, and his repair was not high. Probably, the mid-term strength of the martial arts division was far from Lin Sheng’s opponent, but now that he is in charge of his own life, he can’t take care of many things, and his bullet is in the way of Wang Ping.