Laurence family there is even worse. The only one who can still be present is Luo Wei, thanks to those two men who tried their best to protect him. Otherwise, Luo Wei’s strength rose by Dan medicine, and even he would have been slapped by magic dragon to make a demon stone.
Is close to a spent force magic dragon finally at the moment in a few people and a wave of powerful attacks can’t hold on any longer crashing down all also a little sigh of relief.
But as soon as they relaxed, they saw that the fallen magic faucet slowly rose a little aura, which slowly condensed and formed, and finally directly condensed into the shape of Zilin magic dragon suspended in the middle.
The "demon spirit" is a joy for everyone, and they are just about to snatch it.
See a white shadow "sou" a flash …
Chapter 44 Snatching the demon spirit
"Haha, since you big brothers are so polite, the younger brother is disrespectful. I’ll take this demon spirit!" They haven’t waited for the reaction to come over to see the white shadow. It’s already quickly flying to the demon spirit and holding it in their hands.
Mu Yun looked intently at the man in a white robe. If he had a jade mouth like Dani, he would have been mistaken for a woman if he hadn’t distinguished from the sound.
Fang Ben squinted and said, "Yang Xiong, even if you get the demon spirit, how can you get it back?"
Mu Yun didn’t come here for nothing until he heard Fang’s name. It turns out that this white-robed teenager is four families, one Yang’s family, Yang Xiong. This Yang is handsome as a woman, but it happened that he gave birth to a man’s body. Although this face is a man’s body, Yang Xiong’s mind is exquisite, but it is no worse than a woman’s.
In fact, this Yang Xiong also followed Zilin magic dragon to come here early in the morning, but he also waited for the other three families to arrive in vain. Naturally, there was a fierce battle. It was better for him and the other three families to fight to the death. Yang Xiong had been hiding around and waiting for an opportunity. Now that the demon spirit has gone out, each of them has its own damage. It is a good time to go out and get the demon spirit smoothly.
But Fang Ben is right. Even if Yang Xiong gets the demon spirit, how to coagulate it is the key.
Listen to Yang Xiong said unhurriedly, "Luo Shaoshao, I know that you have concealed your strength. Now the biggest obstacle for the other side is Fang Ben. Why don’t you and I join hands to get rid of Fang Ben first?"
Listen to the words of Yang Xiong Mu Yun secretly lose the original seemingly straw bag Lowe incredibly still have a cause, fortunately, I didn’t rush to make moves, otherwise I was the first to be targeted by fire.
Luo Wei’s pupil shrinks slightly, and it seems that he is also considering this interest. He nodded and agreed with Yang Xiong for a long time.
At this time, Yang Xiong just noticed that Mu Yun wanted to pull Mu Yun into the partnership in the distance, but when he saw that Mu Yun didn’t even reach the strength in the foundation period, he could not help secretly frowning and glanced at Mu Yun slightly, then he turned his head and his tone became casual. "Which side did you join?"
Although the tone of the other party makes Mu Yun very unhappy, Mu Yun still has to fight with Yang Xiong for it. Although Mu Yun is not afraid of him, there is a big sister Mu Xue here in Mu Yun who is not their opponent Mu Yun. After a little consideration, he smiled and looked up and said, "You big brothers are all younger brothers in the construction period, so I won’t embarrass you. I don’t want this demon spirit."
Yang Xiong saw Mu Yun so happy in his heart, and the surface of the flower nodded at Muyun with a smile and said, "Well, you are smart enough."
Mu Yun Yang Xiong doesn’t care where he is, but Fang Xiang is not stupid in the distance. Once upon a time, it seems that the three people in the Baili family are obviously Mu Yun’s core theory of whether to attack or defend, while Mu Yun’s Qi purity is also shocked. Although the strength is a little poor, the strong Qi cooperates with all kinds of overbearing Wushu, even Fang Xiang has to pay attention to it. Now Muyun has to retreat without a fight, so there is a possibility …
"Big sister, big brother, how is he?" Mu Yun turned and walked back to the elder sister Mu Xue and asked.
"It’s okay to be in a coma for a while." Mu Xue is also slightly pale at the moment because of the excessive consumption of the former qi.
"Elder sister, if the other side is too strong to compete head-on, I’m not sure if I can plot the cause. It’s too dangerous for you and eldest brother here. Why don’t you go out first?" Mu Yun discussed.
"That you …" Mu Xue remains to be seen.
Mu Yun interrupted, "Don’t worry, elder sister, I won’t be forced to go out if I really don’t have a chance."
Mu Xue knows his third brother’s stubborn temper and knows that he can’t help here at this moment, but it will also drag Mu Yun down and carefully tell Mu Yun a few words, and Mu Xue will be in a coma for the demon stone.
When Mu Yun looked back again, the four of them had fallen into a fray. Mu Yun took out a grain of gas-returning Dan from his arms and put it in his mouth, so he sat on the floor and replied.
Around the square, everyone saw that several people sitting around the demon stone fluctuated more and more, but there was no demon. As a result, there was a fight between them
At the moment, it’s not the thyme army. Even the former Luo Fang’s two householders are holding their breath and keeping a close eye on that piece of Blackstone.
"Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang and bang.
Looking at the two people out of thyme army hanging heart finally put to quickly help two people to rest.
"Dad is Zilin, and three families in magic dragon have already fought a battle, and Mu Yun is still in it," Mu Xue said.
Although Muxueyin is not big, the square is very quiet at this time. This sentence is like a thunder on the ground, which makes everyone stunned. Even Luo Tian Ba and Fang Yunshan are in alarm at the moment.
You know, this Zilin magic dragon is the strongest of the dragon spirits. Although I don’t know which branch of the dragon this Zilin magic dragon is, since it is a dragon, it is very likely to be a spirit with growth potential. That’s a rare spirit in a hundred years. How can everyone not be surprised?
Square immediately talk to …
Muxue told the thyme army about the specific situation of the stone again. It seems that the spirit god is destined to be his own fate once in a hundred years. It is less than two hours before the demon spirit stone is closed. I hope Mu Yun will not have anything to do.