Do you really think a tiger is a sick cat if he doesn’t show his arrogance?
Look at the more uncontrollable Allen Ann turned a blind eye to the root didn’t look at his sad appearance, for him, there is nothing Allen is even more sad, and his mood is even more carefree!
Fat assistant looked at An Cheng and explained, "Boss, they said that this medicine can’t be tolerated for too long or it will kill people …"
"Ah …" According to this statement, Allen is really blessed, isn’t it? This idea looks very good … If so, Allen really needs to get in touch with that kind of taste early.
An Cheng got up from the sofa and walked out slowly. "I told you to wait on him. If you can’t wait on him well, you won’t get the money."
The men immediately said, "Don’t worry about those women, but they are very good, very good, and their skills are all over."
"Well" An Cheng walked to the door and swept his eyes. Allen paused and smiled gently. "By the way, don’t forget to find some men. I know that Mr. Allen likes this mouth … Remember to take pictures of me. I also need it."
Everyone was slightly stunned that a man immediately said, "I’m going to find a man!"
In this place, of course, there are men doing that kind of thing. There are many people in this place who like the rich. All men naturally do this kind of thing to make money. Anyway, they all get what they want.
The man smiled quickly away from the corner of his mouth. I didn’t expect this man to serve Ann so well and be so accommodating. Does this prove that he has much money to take? Think about it. The mood is just too beautiful to be taken away.
Allen seems to have heard an cheng’s words, and his eyes are wide open. "An cheng, you …" He can’t say a complete sentence now, and he can be anxious in his heart.
An Cheng seems to have walked out without hearing Alan’s sound, just like an elegant cat walking without making a sound. The fat assistant sensible is waiting for a pair of people who are in charge of taking pictures and videos.
"You should remember to make people and faces clear so that I can pay you, don’t you think?" The fat assistant asked the men if they dared to refuse.
Is to nod a way "Ann told things less how dare we not do well? Assistant rest assured that you will be satisfied. "
Isn’t it just a few photos? Of course it can be done easily!
The fat assistant is satisfied that Ancheng has reached the next room. He is sitting on the sofa and looking at the wall, and the movement there can be very good. There is no obstacle.
"The boss has arranged it." They just need to wait for the result. The fat assistant has already hated Allen to death in his heart. It’s silly for him to covet the boss and the woman to dare to take medicine for the big lady!
"Well" busy along while An Cheng wants to watch a play now. I don’t know if it is wonderful enough …
If you want to say what to do with taking pictures, of course, it is to make Allen shut up automatically, so there will naturally be something behind!
Looking at the movement in the next room, An Cheng narrowed his eyes. At this moment, several women have come in and uncovered Allen’s head mask, while several men’s faces also wore masks and looked at women playing Allen.
Maybe it was that those women who saw Allen’s good-looking face made great efforts to provoke him. They touched Allen’s face and rubbed his skin, while Allen seemed to be angry and scolded a few times, but they had strength.
Roots are not as arrogant as before.
He didn’t want women to touch him, but his body was honest and he didn’t have the strength to resist, and those women were experienced and didn’t care that some of them were just working.
They tear their clothes when they look at Allen, but they have heard that this man has offended Ann Shao, and they are doing things in Ann Shao now. If they do a good job in Ann Shao, it will naturally not be low.
If you want to start moving like this, you won’t stop. Allen is simply full of fire and keeps twisting. Nai’s body is under control and moves …
The fat assistant here is simply watching the thrill of the erotic palace. It’s the first time for him to watch it, but it’s like watching a child play house when he looks at the boss.
It’s amazing!
The fat assistant little brother is out of control. He can’t help but look at Ancheng’s place, but he is even more surprised when he looks at it. The boss is not moving at all, is he?
This idea was interrupted by myself. If the boss doesn’t lift it, how can it happen with Miss Gu …
"Boss, I have a question."
"Say" An Chenggen didn’t look at his assistant. How could he not know what was on his mind? Just like him, his eyes and eyes can express his thoughts well.
Ancheng narrowed her eyes and didn’t look at the assistant.
At this time, the fat assistant seems to have some unspeakable words. "What do you want this man to find such a beautiful woman and why not find a few ugliness?"
In this way, after he wakes up, he can clearly feel sick to death. His fat assistant is more cruel than An Cheng in his heart!
An Cheng lightly nodded his knees and gently waved, "Do you think there will be ugly women in this place?" It’s good to pull any one. What kind of brain is this assistant? But he said he quite agreed.
I think so, but I can’t tell my assistant that he said gently, "And your boss might do something like that?"
He is trying to say that his image is tall and his assistant is very white. He squinted and said, "Boss, I know you have a good image, but you don’t have to be so ashamed to praise yourself."
When the fat assistant said this, An Cheng turned his eyes to see that he was asking, "That’s a really good idea … but isn’t it a bit bad to tear down your boss’s desk like this?"
"… boss, you are absolutely wrong!" The fat assistant denied that he was speaking ill and pointed to the front. "Boss, it’s a pity that you missed such a wonderful scene yourself!"
He chuckled and let An Cheng turn his eyes.
I don’t know how many times people over there have done it. Anyway, An Cheng felt tired physically and mentally, narrowed his eyes and fell to the sofa to sleep. He ordered, "After they finished, they told me that such a single move looks very boring."
Fat assistant with a black line hurriedly said, "Good boss, just sleep!"
Ya, I let you watch it, but you still dislike it. It’s simply terrible, right? The fat assistant is a little confused, but looking at the next door really feels single
In fact, the boss didn’t say anything wrong … Is it interesting for these individuals to repeat those moves?
Alas, he shook his head, and the fat assistant took a chair and sat slowly against the wall, gradually feeling that he was going to sleep …
Two people unconsciously into the dream.
"Dong-"Fat assistant fell to the ground and raised his watch. When he looked at his eyes, he widened his eyes. What time is this? He fell asleep and looked at the next door. It seems to have stopped.
But if you look closely, it seems that there is no such thing as a few men doing it.
He swallowed saliva, wiped his eyes and watched with relish. I don’t know how long it took before it was completely over there. Someone came to the next door and knocked at the door. The fat assistant quickly walked over and said, "We know."