Without the protection of the ward boundary, the practitioners naturally have to find a way to avoid the thunderstorm. In fact, the method is very simple. It is not many to find a cave nearby and hide in the valley where the rain stops. But for some practitioners, it is just a matter of lifting a finger. The practitioners quickly hid.
Compared with those ghosts and spectres near them, it’s a little sad. Most of them have energy left, and they can’t make weapons, not to mention condensation enchantment. Besides, they are most afraid of being struck by lightning, and even being ordinary thunder is their nemesis.
It is definitely impossible for a practitioner to be in the same room with those ghosts and spectres. When he sees a ghost and spectre rushing into the hole, he must immediately destroy it. Therefore, most of those ghosts and spectres can be wailed in the thunderstorm because the practitioners gather together, either being killed nearby by the practitioner or being struck by lightning.
It was a thunderstorm for a whole hour, because the thunder was fierce, and the practitioners didn’t have the knowledge to observe the changes outside. When the rain stopped and walked out of the cave, Hu Yingxue and others found that this thunderstorm actually cleared the ghosts and ghosts around the valley.
Because Ling Yue and the snake protector’s doom are still going on, the sky is still thundering for an hour, and both of them look a little embarrassed. Ling Yue’s posture and clothes have become tattered, and the snake protector’s black body looks nearly half less than before, but although they look embarrassed, their faces are excited.
At this time, there was a loud noise in the direction of the skeleton temple camp again, and then a red and black column went up into the sky. The red and black column was almost condensed into a substance, and it made Hu Yingxue feel restless and had a sense of stagnation when running through the distance.
What’s even more frightening is that the column with a diameter of more than ten feet is densely packed with ghosts and spectres, giving people a kind of blood injustice. The ghosts and spectres of the sea have to rush out, but after a few breaths, the mountains and mountains have just recovered a little bit from thunderstorms, and the sky has been dyed with a thick dark red.
This is not a good thing for Hu Yingxue and other practitioners, but it is like a timely rain for Ling Yue and the snake protector in Du Jie. There are just so many successors nearby, which are pure and pure, complaining about Shaqi’s strength, taking a big breath, and the momentum is soaring one after another. I feel that the momentum of doom is much weaker.
But at this time Hu Yingxue and others have already failed to pay attention to Ling Yue and the snake protector. For example, the army of ghosts and spectres has rushed over with the black and red Tianzhu. Although it can cover the whole valley, the barrier wall has been reopened, but if they don’t move, the barrier should not last long.
At this time, no one cares what principles are not. Before the battle, most of them will rise up in the Mahayana period in the rear of bring up the rear and disperse along the boundary. Through the barrier of the barrier, ghosts and ghosts will attack the barrier. At that time, the barrier is full of various colors, and some repairs are relatively low. People can’t open their eyes.
It’s already Mahayana period, and Hu Yingxue naturally protects the camp. The design of the enchantment is very practical, but it can stop attacks from the outside, but it won’t hinder the people inside from attacking the outside. The five spiritual swords in her hand frequently pull out the terrifying soul swords, which correspond to the pieces of swords outside.
Also moving around Hu Yingxue Mu Tianxuan seems to be more efficient. I noticed that Mu Tianxuan’s sword shadows are flashing. Hu Yingxue blinked and then raised the five spirit swords. From time to time, there was a big flame in the bowl and red-violet bloomed.
A spring breeze turns into rain on the opposite side, and then the sword shadow is all over the sky. This time, it is different. Every sword shadow tip is covered with a flame. Red-violet all over the sky is beautiful, but it is a real death warrant for ghosts and spectres. If you get the flame, Red-violet can be wrapped in the flame and wail.
Red-violet industry fire is the nemesis of resentment and evil spirit, and naturally it is also the bane of those ghosts and ghosts. For ghosts and ghosts, the most terrible thing about red-violet industry fire is not to get rid of it by sticking to it, but it will not only disappear when it kills resentment and evil spirit like thunder, but also make the supply of resentment and evil spirit grow stronger.
It is precisely because of this that the place covered by the spring breeze and the rain has melted into a sea of fire. From time to time, there are blossoming red-violet blooms in the sea of fire, which are enchanting, horrible and beautiful, which makes people excited and can’t help but feel chilly behind their necks.
Although most of the ghosts and spectres are irrational, they also know that the red-violet industry fire can’t be touched. Of course, it is far away from the fire at once. It is true that those fires are owned by owners who don’t go to the front when they see the ghosts and spectres. Hu Yingxue simply put away the five spiritual swords and urged the red-violet industry fire to chase the ghosts and spectres.
Red-violet industry fire will grow because of swallowing hatred ShaQi and body hatred ShaQi source body ghosts and ghosts, which makes the area of the inferno fueled by Hu Yingxue increase again and again, but it is only about 100 square meters, but it has increased by three to five times in a moment, and then it has already gone to a thousand.
Mahayana is a land fairy in the human world, but her ability is limited. Hu Yingxue is confident, but not arrogant, so that the area of the fire is still under his control, ensuring that she can control the red-violet fire smoothly. When the area of the fire is close to 1,000 square meters, she will compress the area of the fire.
The increase in the area of the sea of fire is naturally the increase in the concentration of red-violet fire. The most direct manifestation is that the number of red-violet blooms in the sea of fire is increasing and the blooming flowers look twice as big as before.
With the increase in the number of flames in the sea of fire, the word "red-violet" can only be crowded when it is crowded. The distance of red-violet means that the collision is no longer difficult, and there is a constant fire. The volume of red-violet is not one plus one equals two, and it looks even smaller.
After careful observation, it will be found that the Phnom Penh of the petals of the flame red-violet is more than before. After the continuous collision, the golden color of the petals of the flame red-violet will soon reach a finger width. You know, the length of the petals is only two thirds of the palm length, which is not small.
This kind of opportunity is rare, but Hu Yingxue certainly cherishes it. With the help of constant compensation, resentment, anger and ghosts, the industry will continue to grow, and the red-violet will be compressed, and there will be some obscure feelings. It will gradually become more and more convenient, and the golden growth rate of petals will gradually increase.
Ling Yue and the snake protector absorbed resentment and evil spirits in the process. Hu Yingxue consumed resentment and evil spirits and ghosts in the local red-violet industry fire. There were many practitioners together to eliminate ghosts and ghosts. Together, they firmly locked resentment and evil spirits and ghosts in the central area of the sunset mountain area and did not spread around.
When Xu Rui called up the army again and took people to the depths of the mountain area at sunset, he found that there were ghosts and spectres everywhere, but those ghosts and spectres were not rampant at first glance, but they were rushing to avoid attacks. They didn’t know where they came from without looking carefully, but every blow could erase a large number of ghosts and spectres.
Of course, the most striking thing is that the black and red Tianzhu was erected in the original camp of the Bones Temple. Xu Rui noticed the pillar without bringing people. He wanted to send this group of people to call up the bloody hands again and no longer listen to him. It was because he saw the pillar that he decided to come in person.
Some practitioners can’t stand Xu Rui, but they are very happy when they are close to him. If you look closely, you will find that when he inhales hatred Shaqi and exposes his bones, he will give birth to some purple granulation.
This kind of change naturally makes Xu Rui more happy and crazy to absorb the resentment and anger that swarms around him. There is enough resentment and anger. His appearance has changed dramatically, and granulation quickly becomes texture and muscle, and then skin that looks no different from ordinary people is born.
The fastest recovery is the head. If Liu Yaoxin sees Xu Rui at this time, he won’t abandon him again. The phoenix eyes, the sword eyebrows, the nose and the thin lips are very in line with her preferences. Even if the brow is full of yin qi, it won’t prevent others from labeling Xu Rui as a beautiful man at this time, and it won’t prevent crazy bees, waves and butterflies from flapping.
Even if you look at the temple with itchy bones in your heart, you can’t dare to make this idea. You can’t even think about it. If you are told by Xurui that it is a light fear to be sent to the dungeon, you will have to go through the torture of those who make people feel scalp pins and needles.
Immersed in joy, Xu Rui ignored what the people next to him thought. Compared with those parts of the head and body, it was much more difficult to repair. He needed more resentment and anger, so his eyes were fixed on the black and red Tianzhu, "Move quickly."
Smell speech Around Xu Rui, the skeleton people in the temple immediately speed up the movement. Xu Rui absorbs all the resentment and evil spirits around him. They need to eliminate the ghosts and ghosts who occasionally rush over without being affected by resentment and evil spirits. Because Xu Rui scares away most ghosts and evil spirits, although many people move at a slow speed.
In Xurui Huhang, a skeleton temple gate, people like sharp knives entered the center of the sunset mountain area, which is the location of the camp in front of the skeleton temple.
At the same time, because there is not enough resentment around, ghosts and ghosts always run away. Hu Yingxue went out from the enchantment and took the red-violet fire to pick a place with a relatively high concentration of resentment.
Hu Yingxue, of course, can’t go out alone. She wants to do that, and Mu Tianxuan won’t agree. Not only Mu Tianxuan followed, but also Wei Chihanyu was dragged. There must be ghosts and ghosts rushing to concentrate with red-violet industry fire to sweep away resentment and Shaqi. Hu Yingxue will raise his hand behind her, and the sword won’t get her hand.
In order to further transform the red-violet industry fire, Hu Yingxue also stared at the dark red sky column, and noticed the ghosts and spectres in front of the red-violet industry fire breath. Most of them had long since avoided some irrational loss and left no ghosts and spectres before they would continue to rush forward and be killed by Mu Tianxuan or Wei Chihanyu.
Armageddon Yun Lingyue’s face is blue, and the fangs in his mouth are slowly shrinking, and his face is no different from that of ordinary people. The snake protector comes from a semi-transparent body and quickly solidifies around the black gas, which also looks just like ordinary people.
The snake protector was born out of her body. At this time, Ling Yue looks like a pair of twins, but there are still differences. Ling Yue’s face is innocent, and the snake protector’s face is like Xu Rui’s, and her brow is full of yin.
Ling Yue and the snake protector had this change, which means that their Armageddon is close to the tail high school. A cloud burst down and two thunder pillars, one black and one red, directly hit Ling Yue and the snake protector.
Because the two people are too close, some of the two thunder pillars overlap together. At this time, one plus one will be greater than two. This is white. Ling Yue and the snake protector smile more strongly, and at the same time, they reach out to each other and stick together tightly for a moment.