Wide and spacious room, French leather bed, all comfortable and luxurious arrangements, all talking about the high-end taste of Junling wealth.
The maid followed Yin Ningluo carefully. Talking to her in French was probably asking her, "Is there anything else you need, madam?"
Yin Ning collaterals "stop" and return to her in French. "No, you go first." Just after that, Yin Ning collaterals went back on her word and hurriedly grabbed the maid’s arm and asked "Sir"
"Mr. Wang hasn’t been out of the room since the day," the maid replied
Well, this Yin Ning winding is finally at ease. She let the maid go out and stay in her room by herself, but she couldn’t help frowning. How busy is that man?
Very late, Jun Ling came out of the room, walked to the bedroom door, pushed the door and saw Yin Ningluo sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for him.
She saw him and smiled at him gently. "It’s over."
Jun Ling took off his legs as he walked. When he came back, he wore a black trench coat and hung it aside. Look, this man was really busy. When he walked to her, he simply sat on the bed. Her side was tired after work, but when he looked at her, his handsome face had to raise that charming smile. "Let the servant show you around here during the day. Do you like it?"
She looked at him silently. Obviously, she didn’t care about this question. She stretched out her hand and touched him. She turned to her hands with a gaunt and disguised spirit and asked, "Have you eaten after being busy for so long?"
It has been said that men and women are two magical species in the world. For example, a man earns money to support his family in order to meet all the material and spiritual needs of his beloved woman. He is calm and serious, but the world of women is different. She has far less requirements for the material world than the spiritual world, and the world of women is full of love and concern. Her world has always been warm.
For example, now Jun Ling and Yin Ning are winding your heart. Do I like my heart or not? Is your stomach comfortable?
When the plane came back here after eating, the servants prepared lunch very intimately. Yin Ningluo was not hungry, but Junling was different. From early to now, it is unclear whether there was a meal in the cabin.
Jun Ling’s black eyes are full of tenderness. Looking at her eyes with a cherished eye, she cares about her. The woman turns her neck and lips and kisses carefully in her soft palm.
If you don’t eat at the moment, you will cheat her into eating. Let him be a bad guy once. He is used to coaxing Yin Ning in a low voice. "I have eaten the servant and sent the food to the room early. I will eat together at the same time as you."
After listening to him, he said that he had eaten Yin Ningluo before he let go of his heart and lips and raised his hand to touch his head. "Good boy."
He smiled and took Yin Ningluo by the hand and took her to the window to push the curtains on both sides. After a while, the beautiful night fell into their sight. Junling walked behind Yin Ningluo and hugged her waist and said in her ear, "Do you like this night scene?"
Of course I like it, but Junling did give her a big surprise, so she teased with malicious intent, "Why didn’t you know your family was so thick before you lost me?"
"Oh, really?" Jun Ling deliberately made a strange face and knew that she was deliberately teasing him. He didn’t reveal it. Then she cocked her head and saw her face in the best view. "In the future, I gave you all the folding cards before your engagement."
Seeing his naughty appearance, Yin Ningluo couldn’t help laughing. He might chuckle and hold his nose and deliberately scold him "you big liar"
Moonlight falls to the window and wraps two people’s physical happiness. Yin Ningluo looks at Jun Ling affectionately and has each other in his eyes.
Ning, I also want to tell you a little secret, that is, every man is a liar, and I want to cheat you the most and give you the best.
Exchange your joys and sorrows
The cleverest thing about an excellent person is that he will never write his Excellence on his face. His Excellence will wait for you to find out and sometimes surprise you.
This is only the perfect introduction to outstanding people, but the reality is that outstanding people are smart and dark.
The corners of the mouth will always twitch when Yin coagulates to this excellent person with deep talent around him. This person is so treacherous.
Frenh brigade has added some commercial factors. Simply put, Junling has to deal with the necessary company banquet before taking Yin Ningluo and his mother to visit frenh.
It’s said to be a business dinner, but it’s actually very simple. It’s just a summary of the commendation meeting of company leaders or CEOs to employees of the company once a season. Which department will be rewarded for its outstanding performance this quarter. Everyone will wear luxury clothes to have a hearty dance to celebrate the colorful life. frenh is different from the country. The pace of romantic life here is too slow, too quick success and too little intrigue. It’s just right for Yin Ning to take a vacation.
That night, a servant sent Yin Ningluo a set of gifts to her, saying that Junling asked her to wear them when she attended the banquet. When Yin Ningluo came out of the dressing room, the makeup artist was already waiting in the room.
I was a little surprised when I first saw Yin Ningluo. The makeup artist is a team, at least there are ten people. Yes, what are these ten people doing? I didn’t know that these ten people have their own advantages until Yin Ningluo sat in front of the makeup mirror and was fiddled with by them. Some people prepared special foundation according to her skin color, and selected the nude color closest to the skin color from these prepared foundations to achieve the effect of makeup-like nude makeup, ensuring that facial skin can breathe freely, and some people screened and blended the eyebrow color of eye mascara for her. During the appointment, I heard makeup artists talking to each other. They said, "jaen specifically told my wife that the makeup she chose should make natural plants stimulate the skin." The makeup artist was a man, but it was frenh natives who brought frenh romantic and profound facial features, and long black hair was tied into a ponytail. The man was busy with his hands and laughed and joked with another makeup artist. "I didn’t expect Asian men to be so considerate to women, so we frenh men should be sad."
Teasing is fun, but after all, professional makeup artists have to keep their own points. Makeup artists give makeup to Yin Ningluo step by step. In the eyes of these Europeans, Yin Ningluo is a typical Asian makeup artist. There is such a doubt in her heart. Aren’t Asian women petite and lovely?
However, Yin Ning, an Asian woman, doesn’t show much that Asian women are petite and lovely. Her beauty is a kind of crisp and clear beauty, as if she could buy people’s souls in an instant by rippling in the depths of her soul.
This kind of praise is not the same as that of a seductive fox. Take Yin Ningluo in the eyes of the makeup artist at the moment as an example. She is charming, but she has always been quiet and kept a distance from them during the makeup artist’s makeup. This distance is noble in her nature.
Perhaps it is this indifference and alienation that makes the makeup artist appreciate Yin Ning’s collaterals a little more.
Blush fell on Yin Ningluo’s white cheek with ponytail. The makeup artist looked at the mirror and Yin Ningluo said in French, "Madam, you are very beautiful."
In fact, all men in this world will be somewhat male-oriented. For example, these makeup artists specially assigned to Yin Ningluo already know each other’s information before receiving it. They say that jaen is several Asian businessmen who can gain a foothold in Europe, and they will automatically bring in such excellent men. Women around her should simply be women to coax men’s hearts, so no one expected Yin Ningluo to speak French and answered him "thank you for your praise"