It’s as silent as death, even when it seems to stop.
Looking at Sackaski Jos, he froze. He swore that he had absolutely no strength.
Sakaski also froze, because he found that he was soaring and then he fell into the sea as soon as he smelled’ plop’.
It is reasonable to say that he will be able to walk on the moon, but at this time, he has just been discharged from the hospital and can’t do anything about it.
"Gollum … Gollum …" While drinking seawater, the red dog patted the water to try not to let his body sink, but how could he swim after eating the devil’s fruit!
Looking at a face of numbness, Jos Sakaski immediately became angry. "Smelly little is not fast …"
"Help me … Gollum" and drank a few mouthfuls of water. As soon as Sakkaski felt a strong feeling, he learned to come to him and then sank to his face.
"I’ll go." When Jose was awakened by his help, he got up and wanted to jump. However, when he thought that he was also capable in other people’s eyes, he stopped. He didn’t want to be caught as a guinea pig.
Somebody, where’s the sailor! Save people from the sea. Sakaski has fallen into the sea.
As soon as Jose’s words sounded, he heard several’ plops’ falling into the water. The sailor finally played his greatness.
Ten minutes later, a deep sound came on.
"Domil * Jose …"
Jos looked at a gloomy face, and Sakaski quickly explained, "This is definitely a misunderstanding, you know." Jos said with a laugh in his heart, I will make you laugh, I will make you laugh this time! What a shame
Sakkaski smokes coal at the corner of his mouth. This is nothing to explain. It shows that a level-by-level person should have a sense of mind. Just now, when a red dog changed his face into a smiling face, he said, "It’s okay. Although you are smelly, I believe you didn’t mean it."
Jose: "After Mao listened to this sentence, I think Lieutenant General Sakaski is even more horrible."
Twenty minutes later, the two men walked side by side to Zephyr’s office.
"Knock, knock"
"Come in" Zephyr stereo said.
Before Sakkaski could speak, Jose pushed open the door and made a haha. "Dad, your son, I’m back. Did you miss me?"
When I heard Jose’s words, I looked at the information with my head down. Zephyr looked up at Jose fiercely.
Be Zephyr burning eyes staring at jose some embarrassed way "that I am what? Dad, "Red Dog looks at me like this, and Lao Dou looks at me like this. I’m not a beauty! Is it the wrong place or the wrong way to open it, or is this not the naval headquarters? I must be under illusion
At a whoosh, Jose felt that Zephyr’s figure flashed before he could react.
"so fast" really, am I still far behind? This is the peak prize, and the strength has been hit hard. Sakaski didn’t expect the teacher to be so fast, and even he saw a shadow. This scene made his determination to become stronger again a few percentage points higher.
Haha, it’s good. It’s not the kui that my son became a lieutenant general before he reached the age of twenty. This is definitely something that has never happened in the Ministry.
Look at yourself, look left and look at Zephyr Jos sweating. "Dad, there are others!"
Oh, Zephyr just saw Sakkaski, but when he saw the red dog, he was puzzled and asked, "Sakkaski, I have been teaching you for so long, but I didn’t realize that you always wash your clothes in the shower."
You almost fainted when the red dog heard it, so you washed your clothes together!
As Red Dog began to explain, Jose swore with a serious face, "Dad, I assure you that I never pushed Uncle Sakaski into the sea."
"This is without being pressed baa …"
Zephyr couldn’t beat the corner of his mouth. Who is Jose? Jose is his baby! So he was looking at Saakashvili with a disappointed face. "Lieutenant General Saakashvili, your performance is so disappointing that the navy actually fell into the sea."
Jose almost laughed when he heard it.
Sakkaski’s mouth is so polite when he swallows it again … There is also a healthy spirit … What made Mr. Zephyr so unreasonable? It’s your son’s fault, but he said he was disappointed in me! I’m fucking a dog.
I don’t know what Lieutenant General Sakkaski thinks his future is gloomy at this time.
Chapter 39 Domino
"By the way, Dad, I brought you something nice!" Jos laughed
What good things Zephyr shine at the moment? You know, his son has never given him anything! He couldn’t help but look forward to sending him something this time.
Jose quickly took out the devil’s fruit from his bag and handed it to him, saying, "Dad, it took me two years to find an animal illusion. Devil’s fruit is even rarer than nature."
Looking at Jos taking out the devil’s fruit, Sakaski’s heart jumped. You want to die! Don’t drag me into trouble!
Tragic memoirs of a red dog
It turned out that there was a terrible event that made Red Dog remember his whole life when he was still in the military academy. It was absolutely super scary. One day, someone ate a shiny fruit and Kprusoian evaded training. I don’t know where he took out an animal’s ancient demon fruit to find Zephyr. At that time, when all of them looked at Kprusoian with a smile, everyone including him looked at him with envy.
However, at noon, when they saw a calm face and came in front of them with devil’s fruit, a sense of foreboding rose from their hearts. Otherwise, after that afternoon, more than 100 of them were lying in hospital beds. They still remember that time they lay for a week, especially in Kprusoian for a whole month, which was one of the reasons why Kprusoian and Zephyr were very wrong later.
He knows that Mr. Zephyr is the person who hates to rely on the devil’s fruit ability. In his eyes, the devil’s fruit is something that makes his students lose their hearts.
This damn little brat put the devil’s fruit in front of Mr. Zephyr’s eyes. Isn’t that nothing to find? I don’t want to be hit by waves.
"Ha ha, not the kui is my son who knows how to honor your father." Zephyr accepted the demon fruit handed by Jose with a smile.
Face * * Naked face has gone to the door, afraid of being swept to Sakkaski. The adults are flushed and looking at Zephyr’s heart. "I finally know that the teacher looked down on Kprusoian’s fruit given to the ancient demons. Although ancient times are rare, there is absolutely no magic beast. It is even less rare than nature."
Silently returning to his room, he continued to think, "It turns out that teachers are also human beings and can resist the temptation of devil fruit."
Jose looked at the devil fruit and put it aside. Zephyr said, "Dad, aren’t you going to eat the devil fruit?"
"Of course not. This is my baby’s gift. How can I eat it!" Zephyr explained.