And Olga no longer hesitated to automatically break his arms and replace himself with an avatar not far away, thus avoiding a bullet.
Seeing him escape from the other side and smash the avatar with his hands, there was a flash of unhappiness on his face.
A little upset, stuffed Olga’s broken arm into his mouth as food.
Chapter 153 Solve
It’s hard to get one, even if it’s hard to get one. How can there be two evil spirits in two places?’
Looking at the unknown evil spirit who showed his true colors and was in charge of this operation, Gewa’s mentality was a little unbalanced.
You know, if you fail this time, his game will be particularly miserable!
According to the feedback from various demons, there are about a quarter more powerful people in this city than the intelligence says.
It turns out that this is a small problem. After all, not every strong person is very high-profile, and it is normal to move around one by one. Otherwise, who knows where they are staying? This number is also Gewa’s expectation, and he has his countermeasures.
But the presence of two evil spirits in front of him made him a little uncomfortable.
He can feel two unknown evil spirits in front of him, and I’m afraid they are not weak.
Although they are two doppelgangers, it will take ten [demons] to hold them off because of their advanced strength and some special abilities.
This is not very beneficial for the on-site battle. After all, there are more than a dozen large forces on their side to deal with the two of them, and I am afraid that they will not be killed alive by the indigenous strong relying on absolute numbers.
At that time, the on-site fighting stopped one after another, and the demons faced the fact that their leader suddenly became an evil god while facing two evil gods, which also blinded the indigenous strong people.
The three parties hate each other and are wary of each other.
After some hesitation, Gewakou said to the two evil spirits, "I can let you two leave."
He knows that our side is the strongest and the most popular, and calling again will force the other side to close.
In that case, even if we can win, we will lose a lot, so he decided to take a step back.
After hearing this, two evil spirits who didn’t know each other made brief eye contact, and a large amount of information was discussed when it was extremely short.
In the end, gruer said, "If it’s not the two of us, we should take it with us."
For his reasonable request, Gewa did not speak out against it, but added a precondition: "But you must swear for one month not to reveal the information here in any way."
Letting them go is a small problem. If the news is not leaked for a short time, it is called.
It can be said that letting them take some of their manpower can also reduce the city’s resistance to a certain extent.
Seeing that he directly agreed to his request, gruer, they also nodded in agreement with his proposal, including a lot of guys in the original indigenous strong people who came out and settled behind them.
Leave those comrades who fought together not long ago in disbelief.
The duke is an evil god’s disguised companion, and acquaintances are cultists. This exhibition has dealt a greater blow to them than the devil’s invasion.
Glancing at gruer, there was a crowd behind them, and Gewa didn’t know what to say.
As soon as the other party took away a third of the indigenous strong groups.
This shows that the penetration of the two into the city has reached a certain level.
Even if they don’t intervene, I’m afraid the city will not be much better in the future
It’s worse than the devil’s sacrifice in a country near Augustu not long ago. Gewa was originally written by a disobedient demon. Now I think about it, maybe these two guys arranged for people to do it and planted it in the abyss demon’s head to make them take the fall.
Gewa didn’t know it was him, but he was right …
After the oath, another Baal in gruer had a tacit understanding. They all looked at Olga and gave him a look of’ little brother, I remember you’ before slowly leaving this enchanted city with their own families.
Gruer not only didn’t lose money, but also made a small profit. Although a Sarah died, this trip also attracted two demigods and several strange places. He was in a good mood 3!
In another evil god, he was very angry, and his identity was exposed. After a hundred years of painstaking efforts, his power base hit Shui Piao.
According to his plan, the nearby civilian department will be gathered in Augustu by panic, and in a few years, another plan will be launched to manipulate the array deep underground and sacrifice the whole city to the body in one fell swoop
At that time, you will not only make a lot of money, but also have a chance to go further!
But I never wanted to be picked by demons who suddenly invaded the abyss.
It is a little acceptable to be true in your heart!
If he didn’t know that his chances of winning were not high, he would have to fight Gewa and others to the end.
While watching them leave, the back was threatened by their eyes again not long ago. Olga moved at random, and his arms and face grew again, showing nothing strange.
No one knows that he is a little lost in his heart.
Originally, he still had no good way to take the evil god, but the other side ate his two arms to death.
I have to say that it takes a lot of courage.
Olga is a professional in poisoning.
As the owner of "Death Epidemic", his flesh and blood looks a bit like magma, but it actually contains extremely strong special toxins.
The effect is far better than the so-called poison, which can corrupt thousands of ordinary people in less than one milliliter, and can dissolve nearly 99% of the substances like alien blood, which is the crystallization of his virus experiments for many years
If we delay for a few more minutes until the other party has digested those two arms by mistake, we will gradually relax our vigilance.
Olga is sure to activate those toxins directly, dissolve each other’s viscera in one fell swoop, and ignore the injury.
But Gewa suddenly got cold feet for fear of being delayed.
Soolga didn’t activate that part of the flesh and blood with its own toxin.
Because if he hadn’t killed the evil spirit at one stroke, he wasn’t sure whether Gewa would choose to sell his teammates to reduce the risk or whether he would take advantage of the other side’s serious injury to win the battle and completely eliminate it.
Facing the double threat of enemy teammates
Olga can choose to be safe and pretend to be afraid to say more after eating.
After all, although they can’t kill themselves, it’s not difficult to make themselves suffer.
Secretly, those viruses are adjusted to the dormant state, which makes them fall into the dormant state and imprint their real-time detailed coordinates.
When you are ready to find a time, slowly touch it to find trouble with each other.
In the face of their departure, the face of the strong indigenous people is extremely ugly.
They know very well that they and others alone can’t be the opponents of demons.
Someone immediately tried to come out and want to surrender to the demon side or the Baal side.
In this regard, Gewa calmly commanded "Do it!"
The fighting resumed.
However, compared with the recent war anxiety, this time it has become a unilateral crush by demons.
In a short time, those indigenous strong people died in spite of their unwillingness.
After dressing up, a demon leaned forward and went to other areas. They could feel that his battlefield struggle was not over yet …
After a few hours, everything in the city department has been settled.
Gewa fulfilled the contract and distributed various rewards.
After receiving Gewa’s own things, Olga scanned the eye square, and the crowded people left here to find a place to rest.
Gewa paid no attention to this.
Look happy, turn your head and look at those people who have been controlled, and say, "Kill yourself, dedicate everything to the great abyss, and turn your flesh and blood into the door and wait for our coordinates to shelter!"
Several answers: Midtown residents fell to the ground like wheat, and a red light ceremony broke through the sky and poured into the sky!