That was once Zhu Yiniang and now Lu Shu.
Since being rescued by Pei Wende and Xiaoqing, she has sincerely believed that the image of Pei Wende was born as an immovable king.
For all practitioners who set foot on Shinto, distracted manifestation is a kind of energy.
Like those buddhas and bodhisattvas who have already said that they have the ability to "recite my real name and be my incarnation".
Pei Wende is not there yet, but if someone sincerely believes in him and never recites his real name.
Pei Wende can also know what happens to the other person to some extent.
When necessary, Pei Wende can even give his strength to the other party to make the other party become his true incarnation.
But the sudden appearance of this statue is different. Pei Wende didn’t perceive thoughts from the other side, just like a pure soul as white paper.
Or it is a soul as pure as a blank sheet of pap.
Without thought and belief, Pei Wende can be a simple man because his image completely conforms to that of Mohoroga.
This is the first time Pei Wende has encountered such a situation that Imohluoga is extremely similar and then automatically becomes an incarnation.
With some curiosity and enlightenment, Pei Wende entered the body as Mohologa and successfully learned Aoguangxing from it.
【 mediation avatar can so? 】
Pei Wende’s surface remained the same, but his heart was full of surprise.
By tracing back to Li Xuan’s memory, Pei Wende knows that mediation can create creatures out of nothing, but he never dreamed of Aoguang’s method.
Actually, with the tool, a false body of oneself is revealed, and all the talents and magical powers are copied exactly the same.
Pei Wende wondered if the other party had made a clone of himself unless the pure soul couldn’t disguise itself.
Rao, this exaggerated performance still shattered Pei Wende’s three views.
The key is to stay in that pure white paper. Pei Wende is finally Bai Aoguang. Why dare to do such outrageous things?
Because this should be done by relying on mediation to create magical powers
Once Aoguang no longer makes the mediation avatar so strong that it is almost comparable to the body, it will naturally collapse.
Pei Wende has no doubt whether Aoguang will create a body of Li Xuan if Li Xuan has not been cultivated into a Yang God and almost reached the level of "all thoughts are incarnated"
[He is testing me? 】
[Still think I might as well die long ago, Li Xuan? 】
Some in distress situation PeiWenDe heart made a whisper.
Although he hasn’t set foot on the other side and achieved Yang Shen, he is rare in the world, and his ability to create incarnation is not weaker than that of ordinary Yang Shen.
No wonder Aoguang is not afraid to seize control by himself when he makes a Moho-Lorca so openly?
[No, he should be pure conceit]
All kinds of thoughts in my mind are fleeting, and Pei Wende finally came to such a conclusion.
Because he noticed AoGuangGen, he didn’t think so much about creating the incarnation of Mohologa, and gave it the clock from this difficult bone at the first time.
If Mo Huluojia turned traitor, Aoguang would pay a little too much.
It can be said that although Aoguang was able to mediate the avatar to create a false body of Mohologa, he did not realize that there was almost no difference in the eyes of Peiwende, the body god.
[So should I teach him a lesson now? 】
Sit and forget that the foot of the peak has become a ruin, deep in the South Mountain.
As dense as a spider’s web, the rift valley spreads wildly, and the roar is deafening, accompanied by a little aftershock to deter all directions.
Mountains and rivers, vegetation and bamboo stones, tigers and leopards and jackals …
Almost everything in this area has wailed, among which the wailing of all beings is the most tragic.
Thanks to the shift of the battlefield when the clock left, the beasts who either fell into the rift valley or were hit by huge stones did not die completely, but wandered in the ruins at a loss.
Xu Shouxin’s father and daughter are one of them
However, compared with those wild animals Xu Shouxin who fled in the famine, the situation of the father and daughter is not too bad.
Because they are now a metallized broken rock
At first glance, this broken rock can be seen as a fragment left when the peak collapsed.
This huge rock, which is so broken that its shape can hardly be seen, is clearly visible. The charm spell method flashes from time to time and barely maintains a defensive array barrier.
This array enchantment was originally a mountain where I forgot the peak, and part of it was burned by some idle brother of Chunyangguan.