"Report assured that although Lin Feng was not stupid in his humble position, he had already expressed his position and vowed that Tian Cheng would die together." Lu Jun deliberately slowed down his speech and acted in the same way, so he needed to change his tone according to the place and way of speaking.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-three Midnight fireworks
In the carriage, the king of Jin suddenly smiled. "It’s better if Lin Feng doesn’t die. It’s always a menace to the king. Since he dug his own grave, the king became him."
Lu Jun nodded. "What does the sovereign need to be humble?"
"Today’s midnight lets you control the front door, and then the soil secretly blocks the back door. Wang Yiding wants Lin Feng to die." As soon as Jin Wang sat up, his fist made a honk, honk, honk, honk and honk. Jin Wang hated Lin Feng. If it wasn’t for his testamentary edict, he had won that time.
"I get it."
"Go to work." Jin Wangyin got out of the carriage and never saw Jin Wang lift the curtain. Because Liu Junyin was ever-changing, it was exactly the same as Tong Shanyin, the steward.
The main reason why the King of Jin didn’t suspect was that Tongshan clearly told himself that Tian Cheng’s dangerous place could be rearranged by himself. This is very important. A war victory is not as simple as killing people, and many factors should be taken into account.
Lu Jun turned his horse’s head and two legs, and a horse jumped forward. When Lu Jun was about to leave the sight of the carriage, the king of Jin suddenly lifted the curtain. This was the king of Jin’s guard.
Lu Jun’s figure is also very similar to Tongshan’s, so it is most suitable for Lu Jun to play Tongshan, but if Tongshan is the kind of tall and burly man, it is very difficult to do this.
Yi Shu is to change people’s appearance through some blindfolding methods, and it is a special way to control the body after the sound is finished. Otherwise, it is definitely a serious injury
"Wang ye"
The king of Jin put his arm on "Wang is a little tired. I’ll give it to you here. Tonight, the fire will attack Tiancheng."
"it’s your majesty."
Jin Wang’s arm rested on his eyes, and the carriage was slightly closed. Next to it stood Jin Wang’s favorite dagger. This is a sword that cuts iron like mud. On the status, it doesn’t protect Longshan Villa.
Jin Wang Dajun slowed down because it was necessary to approach Tian Cheng in the third night, and Tian Cheng’s field of vision must not appear before dusk, which would ruin the report.
This man deserves to be the most trusted person around the King of Jin. He explained one by one that the speed of going to each battalion has slowed down, especially the cavalry carefully controlled the war horse. This kind of war horse has been killed several times, unless it is suddenly frightened, it will not make a sound. This is the biggest difference between the war horse and the ordinary horse.
When untrained horses arrive at the battlefield, they will immediately lie on the ground when they hear drums and shout for killing, not to mention running and walking. Many war horses are bought from grassland nomads.
It’s dark at night and windy in the sky, and it’s near midnight. You can faintly see the defenders walking around with spears in their hands. At this time, I don’t know that the big brigade is approaching quickly in the dark.
The king of Jin had a day’s rest and his spirit was much better. Looking at the direction of Tian Cheng, the corners of his mouth smiled. The defense ability of Tian Cheng’s wall was limited. Although Lin Feng increased the defense force, the root of his army was to use his arm as a gladiator.
"Does the sovereign start?" Before one person left, the army was ready at this time, waiting for King Jin to make an order.
"Wait until the moonlight is fine tonight. Just enjoy it." The king of Jin looked at Tian Cheng and waited for Tongshan to instruct the fireworks to rise to the middle of the night to be gorgeous.
Bang! Almost at the moment when the King of Jin finished speaking, Tian Chengfang suddenly exploded, and then the defenders inside shouted and killed the wall. Some of them turned around and ran along the wall ladder.
The king of Jin waved his hand. This is the best time. The city wall defense is even more ineffective at this time. The big brigade rushed forward, carrying ladders in front, pushing cars to attack the city, and cavalry behind it.
After all, the number of people is too small and it has become a mess. Although it can cause damage, the deterrent force is very limited at this time
If a group of shooters send out thousands of arrows at the same time, and the sky is full of black shadows, it is doubtful that it is terrible, whether it is a cavalry with amazing impact or a step-by-step infantry.
The King of Jin simply put a curtain on the overall situation, and there is no need to look at it again. This is doomed to be a massacre. Even if Lin Feng has something to do, a knife can kill several people. Even if he is tired, he can be exhausted.
Physical strength is a person’s limit, even if it is a freak with amazing physical strength like Tang Niu, the same method lasts for too long, especially if it lasts for too long. Everyone has his own limit, and once it reaches the limit, his muscles will be sour and stiff.
Jin Wang is a martial arts practitioner who knows the best way, which is also the main reason why Jin Wang wants Tian Cheng to kill Lin Feng.
The gate of Tiancheng suddenly came from the inside, which was doomed to be a nightmare for the defenders of the city. Once the cavalry or infantry entered the city, the archer could kill the defenders. The most important thing is that once the gate was broken, the morale of the defenders would be greatly affected.
"Your Majesty is at the gate."
The king of Jin nodded, "Tongshan has made meritorious service, and the king wants to reward him for not being unkind to Wang Zhongxin people."
As the infantry on both sides of the city gate rushed in quickly, the cavalry rushed in with the horseshoe. Is it to occupy a favorable position and finally kill or to rely on the cavalry with amazing impact?
Cavalry is also a big country. Perhaps many people don’t believe how powerful the cavalry really is, especially in the northwest of the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The cavalry and nomads in the North Yuan Dynasty are extremely strong and extremely fast. These tough nomads have always been a headache for the Han people. The Great Wall of Wan Li, where the Qin Dynasty was founded, had already lost its due.
It happened that Zhu Yuanzhang didn’t believe in this evil. He had cavalry himself, and he was more fierce than him. It wasn’t that they could become horse heroes. So could Han people.
In the end, the big fighters swept the edge to achieve a miracle.
On both sides of the gate, hundreds of men in black looked at the cavalry and were unmoved. According to the pre-arrangement, these must be the reasons why Jin Wang was supposed to hit the gate.
Three thousand cavalry swarmed in at an amazing speed, just in time to see the head of the defensive camp retreating backwards in front of him laughing. "Brothers all gave Lao Chong a reward for killing one and eating meat and killing two."
With the sound of falling, the cavalry camp quickly chased after it, and did not pay attention to the surrounding environment. Tiancheng Street was relatively spacious. Even so, the 3,000 cavalry chased after it, and the whole camp gradually extended backwards and the speed behind it became slower and slower. With the congestion in the middle camp, the cavalry simply stopped and looked forward.
Before running, the cavalry generals didn’t realize that they were chasing the camp behind them with big guns. By the light of the fire, the people in front were getting closer and closer, and they were about to chase for a moment. Those people suddenly disappeared.
It’s dark ahead. Someone is holding a torch. It’s a dead end here. There’s no road ahead. "General, we seem to have been tricked."
At this time, it was found that it was too late for a moment, and the people behind them went belly-up, hiding in the dark. The shooters fired their arrows in their hands and shot at the cavalry in the alley. The more they rushed out, the more they couldn’t get out. Those cavalry with rockets shot inside burned their horses’ hair at the same time.
"Back up, back up"
The alley is a mess, and the generals can’t get out of the camp by shouting. The outside of the camp is completely blocked by those men in black with swords, and the entire elite cavalry camp of 3,000 people is trapped inside to die.
That kind of taste must be unpleasant. Lin Feng’s layout is extremely exquisite. First, he pretended to be a steward, Tongshan hit the city gate and let Jin Wang Dajun enter the city. Then a team of elite royal guards attracted cavalry to chase into the lane that was arranged in advance. The lane became narrower and narrower, and the cavalry generals rushed in. They were preoccupied with killing people and getting credit. Because of the darkness, they didn’t notice the changes inside.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-four Fire horse to break the enemy