"We’re not bad people. Come and have a fire." I smiled at the ragged victims.
One of the youngest girls in "Thank You" thanked me and dragged her parents and two sisters to the fire.
"for you to eat" king kong gun took out a pocket bag and handed it over.
When the old man saw it, he still didn’t dare to pick it up. In the end, the youngest girl generously came over and thanked us. After that, she took those bags and distributed them to her family.
I looked at this little girl with great interest. She should be about 14 or 15 years old this year. Although she is young, she is very generous. She is not as arrogant as her two sisters. Although her face is covered with black ash, according to the outline of her face, the little girl should still be very beautiful.
I’m not a talker. Many people don’t seem to be in the mood to talk today. After giving the package to these victims, they stare at the fire and become speechless. Occasionally, they throw some firewood into the fire. It’s chilly outside the house, and there are firewood burning, cracking and chewing weakly by those victims.
"Are you homesick?" King Kong cannon line of sight did not move from the fire.
The words "Our home is not here" made me feel sad. When I think about it, it has been nearly four months since we came back, and we are very far away from our relatives. I don’t know what happened in Ziyang Temple or how my parents are doing. The only thing I know for sure is that Bai Jiuyu should be by my parents’ side now. Although we didn’t hold a ceremony, she is a profound woman. She can read my meaning.
"Why am I homesick?" It’s rare for King Kong Gun to be immersed in love. He seems heartless, but he just doesn’t want to say it.
"Why don’t I want to?" I don’t like this sad atmosphere, so I quickly turned my head.
"You’re a fucking bachelor. I have a wife and children!" King Kong cannon shows disdain.
"Ha ha, don’t worry, we’ll go back when things are done." When I spoke, I found that little girl not far from the fire was staring at me and King Kong cannon.
"Ah" King Kong cannon shook his head and sighed and closed his eyes against the corner.
I took the guard bonfire and added firewood to it. There is no door in this stone house, and the cold wind is poured directly. If you want to keep warm, you can keep the bonfire alive.
When I was guarding the fire, I found the girl staring at me again. I was puzzled and frowned. No matter how bold a girl was in ancient times, she shouldn’t stare at people so directly.
Doubt swept my eyes and found that the girl’s breath was nothing abnormal, but her wisdom was longer than ordinary people, so I could tell that she was very clever. In addition, there was a virtual shadow of her fortune, which added her original fortune, which meant that her future status might be much higher than now. This kind of situation is rare, but it is not uncommon. Some women will increase their fortune because of their future husband status. On the whole, this girl’s breath is normal.
"My Lord, I’ll do it." The old man grinds over to help me add firewood. By contacting him some time ago, he already knows that we are not bad people.
"Well, thank you for your trouble." I turned and walked to the side of King Kong Gun and lay down.
The king kong cannon dragged back the dead tree, and a big bonfire burned all night. These victims took turns adding firewood to keep the temperature of the stone house, so they slept comfortably.
The next morning, when King Kong Gun and I woke up, the heavy snow had weakened, but the temperature outside was extremely low. It should be that there was a good low temperature, which did not affect my journey with King Kong Gun, so I simply ate some dry food to prepare for the road.
"He’s not so young." When I was eating with King Kong Gun, the young girl frowned and looked at me again, and at the same time muttered to herself that it should be me. Some of her acquaintances were similar.
"It will be more and more difficult for the old man to flee with his three daughters. Go home." I squeezed out a few small ingots and threw them to him. Gold is much more valuable than silver, which is enough to maintain their family of five for three years.
"Thank you benefactor, thank you benefactor." The old man is relatively sensible. He didn’t pick up the money first, but knelt down and kowtowed with his family first.
"Don’t wipe the bottom of the pot after hehe, it’s not a ghost entering the village." King Kong cannon up and ready to go.
"ah!" As soon as the King Kong cannon "Ghost enters the village" was exported, the kneeling girl suddenly raised her head and trembled. "Is that you, Yu Kechang?"
Chapter 55 Something goes wrong
"And you are?" I was startled to ask the section chief that it was my ten-point position. No one here knew that this girl had shouted out to the section chief, and I was surprised by the natural law.
"Yu Kechang, I am Mei Zhu." The little girl jumped excitedly and hugged me and cried.
Although her behavior was rude, I didn’t push her. She must have worked very hard and suffered a lot since she came back. It’s not me and King Kong Gun, two legal persons who have a way. I can imagine that we are both unhappy — to the sky’s end and King Kong Gun are worried about food and clothing, but she is hungry and hungry. No wonder she found the organization when she met us.
"This girl is in evil influence again." When the girl’s mother saw her daughter hugging a stranger, she was in pain and rushed to pull the word "You", saying that something happened after Mei Zhu possessed the girl made her family feel incredible.
"It’s okay, it’s okay, we know each other." Kong Bao waved and said that although we are not very close to Mei Zhu, it is still difficult to find an old friend in another country.
"Oh, oh," the girl’s mother timidly withdrew her hand.
Mei Zhu soon realized that she was rude and turned loose. I hid my face, sobbed, and trembled all over. It was a long time before Mei Zhu’s mood gradually calmed down.
"Yu Kechang, how are you different from before?" Mei Zhu wiped the residual tears from the corner of her eyes.
"This is our original body." I pulled her back a few steps, so that her parents and sister heard us talking. I didn’t change much, mainly because of the age gap, but the King Kong Gun was a different person at all.
"Is there a general manager Lin in the section chief?" Mei Zhu quickly asked Lin Yicheng’s whereabouts after he recovered his composure.
"Not yet," I shook my head and said, "I’ve been recovering for most of the time since I came back. It’s also a recent thing to go out.
"Oh," said Mei Zhu, feeling lost.
"How did you get into this virtue?" King Kong cannon looked at Mei Zhu in rags.
"Ah, it’s a long story." Mei Zhu shook his head and sighed.
"Forget those sad things. We’ll settle you down first and then help you find Lin Yicheng. You don’t have to worry about us." I stopped Mei Zhu’s words. It’s a long time before she can make things clear.
"Well, thank you to the section chief" Metso nodded repeatedly.
"You suffered during this period." King Kong Bao shook his head and sighed with sympathy.
"Shut up, you." I didn’t look at the King Kong cannon angrily. This guy had previously left most of his aura to Mu Zhuifeng for Lin Yicheng and Mei Zhu, otherwise Mei Zhu wouldn’t have ended up like this.
"Is your little daughter betrothed to others, old man?" I turned around and walked to the old man’s side. In ancient times, it was all about young marriage. If Mei Zhu possessed this body, I had to find a way to get rid of these trifles.
"Not yet." The old man shook his head in astonishment.
"That’s good. I’ll take you home when the snow stops." I nodded with relief. I can’t take Mei Zhu with me. The safest place is to put her next to her parents.
"Home house has been …" The old man sighed and shook his head.
"It’s okay, we’ll buy it for you." I smiled and waved my hand. If money can solve the problem, it won’t be a problem.
"Good good" The old man didn’t see me this time, and his eyes were full of joy, and Mei Zhu’s two sisters didn’t look at Mei Zhu with jealousy. It took me a long time to react, and my feelings were that I was a future son-in-law.
Thus, the atmosphere between the two groups was harmonious, and they chatted and learned that the old man surnamed Zhao was a renter and had three daughters, namely, 164, who were not betrothed to others because of their poor family.
At sunrise, the heavy snow finally stopped, and a group of people trudged through the snow for three days before returning to their former village.
The village has been abandoned not long ago, and people have already run away, so the place can’t live any more, so everyone can turn east and rush to Xianyang.
In ancient times, the geographical boundaries were not accurate, and the place names also changed from time to time. Xianyang was then called Chang ‘an, which was the capital of the Western Wei Dynasty.
No matter the dynasties, their capitals will be built to strengthen the living facilities in the city, and even if it rains and snows again, people will not die because of rain and snow disasters. Wei is a Xianbei nationality, that is, today Xibe people know how to build the supporting facilities in the capital, so by the time our party comes here, the snow in the city has been cleared out and the living base of residents has returned to normal.
Finally, I went to town. King Kong Bao and I immediately took everyone to the restaurant to have a full meal, and then asked the bartender who had a house for sale. I had to give Mei Zhu and them a nest.
Xiao er is still very enthusiastic about us spendthrift people. He told us a series of idle houses. After dinner, I looked for them one by one according to Xiao er’s position. After that, I was not satisfied. Either the environment was too noisy or the room was too small. It was not until I finally came to a relatively secluded position in the west of the city that I found a pleasing place.
According to the architectural style and the three huge willows in front of the house, it should be hundreds of years old. Although it is quite old, there is nothing damaged in the house. There are six rooms in each house, and there is a big garden behind the main room. The location is not too remote or too noisy. I took a fancy to it.
"One thousand two hundred" obscene middle-aged man gave us a cocked index finger.
"Show me the deed." I didn’t tell him that the price was so big. The house of 1,200 yuan was not expensive, but it was too cheap, which made me suspicious.
The middle-aged man hesitated for a moment and took out a piece of yellow rice paper from his arms and handed it to me. I took it over and found that it was not an ordinary deed, but an official style, similar in nature to today’s court decision that there was a dispute over the property, which would only be issued, but the reason for this writing was not the case. Instead, the owner owed this wretched middle-aged man 520 silver before his death and gave him the house with the official seal on it. The date was two months ago.
"You look around the room." I rushed Zhao Laohan’s family with the wave and dragged the wretched middle-aged man to the front yard to see that I looked wrong and then followed.