"Let me think about it," Liu Yao said with a smile. "Please treat me to a banquet when you get married and don’t need me to give you a red envelope."
"Of course," Bai Yinting suddenly felt that Liu Yao was quite cute.
Xia Zhu turned over a supercilious look. "Who said anything about …"
"I promised you that there would be no need to haggle over every ounce with a red envelope. Liu Yao is not only your best friend but also a savior." Bai Yinting suppressed her words.
What she wants to express is that she doesn’t have to get married, okay?
At this time, the doctor came out. Yimo’s injury was not particularly serious, because it was cold in winter and he wore more clothes. The degree of burns was lower, but some bare parts of his neck and wrist were slightly more serious.
Even after the final treatment, there will still be scars.
Somehow there is no harm to life. Bai Yinting and Xia Zhu thanked the doctor and went to the ward to see Yimo.
Yimo saw them with a cold face and said, "Have you come to see me? Yes, I’m a person now. It’s what you want, right? "
"Yimo, why are you back?" Bai yinting asked
"I didn’t leave at all," Yimo replied with a cold hum.
"Did you do what my daughter threatened?" Xia Zhu is very angry about this.
"Not dead also didn’t how? I was really angry at that time and felt that God didn’t help me. "Yimo said angrily.
"She is still a child. How can you do this?" Xia Zhu feels that Yimo is really crazy.
"What? Because she hurt me? You don’t think you kids are so kind, do you? I hate her for what she did to me, "Yimo said angrily.
"She is only four and a half years old. What can she do for you? Yimo, what did you do to me? Have you forgotten everything? " Xia Zhu is going crazy.
Bai Yinting took her to appease her and looked at Yimo at the same time. "Yimo is that you owe Xia Zhu first. Even if Xiao edamame really did something to you, you are even. This time, you will suffer the consequences. We don’t want to dispute with you, but I hope you will behave yourself later, otherwise I will never spare you."
"Don’t spare me? What are you going to do? " Yimo suddenly became hysterical. "If our child hadn’t died, I would have married you instead of her, Xia Zhu."
"Yimo, can you stop that kid?" Bai Yinting began to get bored.
"What?" Yimo began to cry. "Now that you have gained love, are our children worthless? Oh, by the way, you have a daughter, and my child and I are both in your pain. You don’t want us to disappear from your vitality so that you can be happy, don’t you? "
"Yimo, you leave me alone and yourself alone, okay? I owe you also you don’t pester "Bai Yin court feel Yimo really crazy.
Xia Zhu suddenly began to feel sad in his heart. Yimo said it was true. If her child didn’t have an accidental abortion, maybe she and Bai Yinting would be a happy family, and they would have their own children, and she and Xiao edamame were outsiders.
Now Bai yinting is so concerned about them, I’m afraid it’s also because of Xiao edamame’s love.
She turned and walked out of the ward. Liu Yao chased her out. Bai Yinting saw that Xia Zhu was lost. He knew that his pursuit of love was complicated again.
Yimo is very satisfied with this, and this is what she wants.
"Yimo, you are not good for yourself." Said Bai Yinting and left the ward.
After he chased out, Xia Zhuying was out of sight. After searching for a long time, he called her and no one answered.
Xia Zhu looked at the phone ringing all the time, and her heart was mixed.
"Xia Zhu, don’t listen to that woman Hu said that she just doesn’t want you to be with Bai Yinting. If you really mean it, just be her." Liu Yao advised her.
"But I think she’s right. Do you remember that?" Xia Zhu asked
Liu Yao was speechless. In those days, Bai Yinting and Xia Zhu and Yimo had a love triangle, but everyone knew that it had caused a lot of noise.
Xia Zhu left after the divorce, and the news that Yimo was pregnant and miscarried was well known. In the end, Bai Yinting didn’t marry her. Some people said that he had unfinished business with Xia Zhu, and more people knew that he would not get married if he was married.
But there are some things that Liu Yao can’t say much. After all, no one knows better than the parties themselves whether their choice is right or wrong.
She is a bystander, watching the excitement before and worrying now, but she can’t help.
Liu Yao stayed with Xia Zhu for a long time. When they finally went back to the hotel, Xia Zhu tried to adjust her mentality. She didn’t want to show her unhappiness in front of Xiaomaidou.
As a result, I saw Bai Yinting at the entrance of the hotel, and my mood was depressed again.
Happiness is impossible.
"Xia Zhu, let’s talk." Bai Yinting didn’t want love to return to freezing point just after it improved.
"It’s too late today. Let’s talk about it." Xia Zhu was really tired and didn’t want to talk about it.
However, Bai Yinting held her back, and he would be very upset if he didn’t speak plainly today, so he had to speak his mind.
Chapter 20 This is not his intention
Xia Zhu looked at Bai Yinting. She really didn’t want to listen to him, but she couldn’t leave.
Bai Yinting saw Xia Zhu’s indifference and impatience with him, and his mood was no better.
"Xia Zhu things before we don’t want to never want to? People always have to move forward. If you remember the past, forget it. Shall we start looking again? " Bai yinting tried to be gentle and comforting.
Can the past really be regarded as never happening? Xia Zhu smiled, but she couldn’t do it.
"Some injuries are in my heart. You can forget that I’m sorry. I can’t." Xia Zhu opened Bai Yinting’s hand. She wanted to go back because she was really exhausted.
"What if it didn’t happen today? Have you begun to reconsider our marriage? " Bai yinting has this feeling.
"Bai Yinting Yimo has always been a knot between you and me, but she is not the only knot. There are still many things we can change." Xia Zhu’s eyes are scarlet
"I know, but those things are our law changes, aren’t they?" Bai yinting also felt overwhelmed.
"Yes, why should we be hard on ourselves when the law changes?" Xia Zhu said, "Don’t you tell Yimo to let herself go and let you go?"
"Xia Zhu, we are different from her." Bai Yinting always felt that he and Xia Zhushi lacked a little faith, and with faith, they could overcome all difficulties.
"What’s the difference?" Xia Zhu sneered, "Is my child alive?"
"Xia Zhu?" Bai yinting’s heart aches instantly.
"Bai Yin court is a small edamame, this time it’s me. What else do you want? Do you really want me and my daughter to pay the price before you let go? " Xia Zhu shook her head and she didn’t want it.
Bai Yinting suddenly panicked. Isn’t that what he meant?
But why is there some creepy feeling at this time? Does his love really hurt Xia Zhu and Xiao edamame?
Looking at the back of Xia Zhu walking into the hotel, Bai Yinting didn’t have the courage to chase this feeling for himself. He was at a loss.
On the other hand, Xiaomedao and Yani have a cup of milk tea in their hands, hiding in the shadows and sighing. It’s really a waste of time at best.
Little edamame frowned and pulled Yani aside and whispered, "It seems that it is very difficult for my father and mother to get back together."
"Yes, so you gave up?" Yani asked
"Of course not. I just heard them say that the bad woman seems to have done something to hurt my mother. She really hates it." Little edamame snorted with unhappiness.
"I’ll check for you." Yani knew what she wanted to do before Xiaomedao could speak.
"Ha ha, brother Yani, you really know me best," said Xiao Maodou, looking at Bai Yinting. He had returned to his car and left.
Oh, that’s really worrying.
Xia Zhu returned to the hotel room and didn’t see Xiao edamame. At that time, she was in a hurry and hurriedly called to know that they would go out to buy milk tea and horses before she came back.
She walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Her eyes were a little red and swollen. It’s okay, little edamame. No, it’s another explanation
"Mom, I’m home." Little edamame came into the room and made a noise.
Xia Zhu hurriedly washed her face with water. She should have a small edamame and didn’t want her to have no face in the past.
Some things still need to be done quietly behind my back. Xiaomaidou and Yani winked, and they had a heart to heart.
"Little edamame, how was filming today?" Xia Zhu deliberately found a topic.
"Not bad, and the director praised me again today." Xiaomaidou was still very happy when she started filming.
Today, she accidentally suffered a little injury and never dared to tell her mother that she would be distressed by her nose and tears again.
Little edamame thinks she is a very strong girl, and this skin injury is nothing
Xia Zhu didn’t want Xiao edamame to see her face washed by red and swollen eyes, so she directly applied a mask and went to work with her brain.
When she came back this time, she actually went to Liu Ying. Unfortunately, she was married and went to another city. Some people had a wonderful time in your life, but they finally returned to peace.
Well, she found Liu Yao. Maybe this is also the best pursuit of her youth.