When everyone saw me for a moment, Wang Yanpei woke up and thanked me in succession. I sighed and shook my head and walked out of the door.
"Less than you cured my sister?" Sister Wang Yanpei followed her.
I shook my head blankly and reversed my breath, but it made me feel a little refreshed for the time being. When I used to have a aura, she would return to the original shape, and the ordinary people could not stay in the aura for long.
Wang Yanpei will be in a coma, saying that her life is unstable. People who are dying will always be in a coma before they die, and the coma will get longer and longer, and finally they will never wake up. These are all signs that the soul is trying to leave the body.
"Don’t you know how to continue life magic? Help her quickly." The eldest son-in-law also leaned in.
"If you really have that trick, he would have paid you back." King Kong Gun didn’t good the spirit said.
"Didn’t you say that you would? Then what should my son do?" The eldest son-in-law asked eagerly. King Kong Bao said his son’s longevity in those days. We were entangled in him. We lied to help his son continue his life. There is no such magic. Zhuge Wolong is a yin-yang pedant. Even if he continues his life, he will fail. How can we know those mysterious things?
"Is that how you greet guests?" Wang looked at his eldest daughter and son-in-law and looked pale.
When I was overwhelmed, my wrist watch actually vibrated, and I didn’t bother to avoid the crowd and directly pressed the call button "125 to ride the wind"
"A case of stealing and digging an ancient tomb in the Warring States Period happened in Handan, Hebei Province. The headquarters analyzed and recognized that there was a ginseng crime in a certain door, and now you are specially ordered to investigate." The dispatcher sounded opposite, and the Wangs saw that the watch I wore could actually talk and stopped talking and turned to look at me.
"I don’t have you now. Let someone else go," I said grumpily.
"It’s safer for the Secretary to hold you responsible." I’m very tired of the opposite voice.
"Have you been to the second division?" I asked.
"Not yet," said the dispatcher.
"Let them die before they come to me." I ended the call directly. The mule made more efforts and let me and King Kong Gun investigate and deal with it easily. Damn it.
"Don’t delay the work if it’s less than" Wang knows wisely.
"Nothing." I took out a cigarette and lit one.
"Well, tidy up for dinner," Wang said.
The meal was sumptuous, but where the King Kong cannon and I ate symbolic chopsticks, we picked up the water cup. Rebecca’s aura soon dissipated, but this time her life didn’t fluctuate, so she insisted on eating the meal.
"Don’t worry, I’ll go to Zhejiang immediately." King Kong Bao tried to share my worries when he saw me when you were sad.
"Do you want to go to Jinting Mountain?" I knew what he wanted to do as soon as he took a bite of King Kong Gun. He definitely wanted to get that jade house goblin back.
"Is there?" King kong cannon asked
"I don’t know, but you can go there. If you find them, don’t be difficult. Their mother is not big. If there is still a thousand-year-old ginseng seed in their hands, you can come back." I nodded and said that I left them a thousand-year-old ginseng seed, but it’s really hard to say whether that thing can cure leukemia. After all, the third brother ate it and it didn’t have any effect
"What are you talking about?" Wang Yanpei asked that the Wang family’s living room was very big, and he always sat first. King Kong Bao and I sat in the left seat, while Wang Yanpei sat next to me.
"Try to save you," said King Kong Bao, taking out the leftover ginseng seeds from his pocket and handing them to me. "Do you have this?"
"No" I waved my hand and said that Wang Yanpei’s symptoms were not symptomatic.
"Then I’ll go," King Kong Bao said.
"Go to the car and send Nalu back by the way," I said, taking out the key and throwing it to him.
The Wangs thanked them for sending off the King Kong cannon and went back to their rooms, leaving the living room to me and Wang Yanpei.
"Your hat is really ugly when riding in the wind," said Wang Yanpei, pointing to my hat and smiling lightly. There was no sadness in her words, but the more she did, the more I blamed myself.
I reached out and took off my hat. When Wang Yanpei saw it, she couldn’t help but shout, "Are you a Taoist?"
"No, I’m deaf. This thing can help me listen," I said with a wry smile.
"Are you kidding?" Wang Yanpei showed surprise.
"am I in that mood?" I took the cup and drank saliva.
"Actually, you are not like this. I know I won’t live long. I have gone to all the places I should go, and my family are all around me. It’s also good to leave like this." Wang Yanpei takes pleasure in suffering.
"What do you want to do most now?" I don’t expect too much of ginseng seeds. I hope that the goblins in Yuwu may not go back to Jinting Mountain. Even if we go back to King Kong Gun, we may not find them. Even if King Kong Gun finds them, it’s still unknown luck. If we get that ginseng seed better, it’s uncertain whether it will work or not. It’s really too big a variable.
And the method of renewing life is only in the middle. If there really is that kind of spell, I would have given it to King Kong cannon. The thought of King Kong cannon has not been many years, and my heart is cold. It seems that we should let him get rid of the ten innings and admire the wind as soon as possible and live a quiet life in a few days.
"There is nothing to do, but there are some things I can’t get over," said Wang Yanpei.
"What is it?" I asked.
"If you tell the truth, are you cheating on Tang Pingshen?" Wang Yanpei looked at me with a bad smile.
"It wasn’t me. I didn’t have the ability to hold the soul for thousands of miles at that time. I did it in my previous life." I truthfully answered that it was really not for me that I was driven by the wind man to rush to Tang Ping.
"Why would he do that?" Wang Yanpei asked
"Then ask him I don’t know." I shook my head and answered the real reason. I knew it, but I was embarrassed to say it.
"Have they had sex before?" Wang Yanpei boldly asked, her eyes are getting thinner and bigger. I’m a little nervous to see her.
"No," I hurriedly answered. Although Xu Zhaopei was framed by Ma Lingfeng, everyone was able to do it, but the person who took the air duct never touched a woman for life
"Oh, what do they look like?" Wang Yanpei actually showed disappointment.
"The person who rides the air duct is almost as long as me," I replied.
"What about me? Do I look like Xu Zhaopei?" Wang Yanpei asked curiously.
"Do you want to know?" An idea came to my mind.
"Know past ask" Wang Yanpei grabbed a walnut on the tea table and threw it over.
I took the walnut and got up. "Let’s go and I’ll show you!"
Chapter 163 With the ages
"Where to?" Wang Yanpei looked at me puzzled.
"You will know when you go." I stretched out my hand and pulled up Wang Yanpei.
Wang Yanpei has her own car, and I drove straight to the abandoned school.
After the car reached the path, it was blocked by the mound that appeared in front of me. My car was lucky to see that the previous primary school had been pushed down and there was a wall around it. It seems that it was planned. If I come later, this death array is likely to be destroyed.
Because the road ahead was blocked, Wang Yanpei was able to walk, but she couldn’t walk far. Looking at the faltering Rebecca Pei, I was very reluctant to pick her up in the first few steps.
"Do you want to take advantage of me?" Wang Yanpei said with a smile
"You can call for help." I tried to squeeze out a smile.
"Help …" Wang Yanpei actually caught me off guard by shouting.
"I didn’t mean to take advantage of you, you really shouted." I quickly spoke to stop the late-night sound, but it was really troublesome to go out far away in case I really shouted out a few good people.
"Don’t admit that you are hard." Wang Yanpei was born as a reporter and her words were hot and direct.
"What nonsense?" I let her go and straightened up. "Where am I hard?"
"Oh, I made a mistake." Wang Yanpei hung my waist with her finger. "It turned out to be a knife handle."