Bite your nails and think hard.
I want to organize the language and speak it well, but this is not something that language can express clearly.
No language can accurately express what love is.
"If there is someone who can make you feel happy when you are together, and you want to stay together forever and share weal and woe, maybe that is your lover."
It’s really a pale explanation
However, there is nothing I can do for seven nights. I feel that this kind of thing is unnecessary.
"Why don’t you let your sisters watch more and have a picture of love? Maybe you can learn-tell your sisters."
"It’s Yusaka. Yusaka knows."
Finally nodded
Anyway, they will do whatever they say for seven nights. After all, seven nights won’t harm them.
That’s how they believe in seven nights.
"Okay, okay, have supper and go to bed."
One-night talk
Early the next morning
Lying in bed for seven nights is rare to open your eyes, but God looks at the ceiling.
"It’s early."
It’s early, right?
It feels like I haven’t slept long.
Maybe it’s still late
But there’s plenty of light. Did you forget the light?
Or maybe …
Generally speaking, I still got up.
A new day is coming.
Today is no different from yesterday, and there are many differences.
I didn’t plan to go to the institute for seven nights
I didn’t go out and planned to sit on the table in the living room after washing, as if I had no bones.
Sure enough, it’s better to do nothing
Maybe you can draw a picture to relax your brain, which is busy thinking recently?
Is there?
But what if you are lazy and don’t want to move?
And what should I draw? Living happily with a witch?
Speaking of witches, I suddenly thought of nuns.
I don’t know what happened to the pregnant nun and the pick-up girl.
Speaking of which, it’s the end of the month
If I remember correctly, something big is going to happen in the last few days of the summer vacation. It seems that magic is coming over and someone is making a big noise, which is quite big.
It seems that Ou Bi ~ Pie is also very big?
I’m a little confused.
But it’s not an important thing. If you can’t remember it clearly, you can’t remember it clearly.
Besides, if you want to brag, Konori Mii is very big. That girl has a good figure, but she just can’t tell when she is dressed.
Maybe you can lend her Ou Bi ~ pie for a play?
No, no, I can’t borrow this
Maybe we can just go over there and discuss it with her. Maybe we can succeed?
No, I can’t either.
That’s a good girl. She won’t do anything casually, and maybe even arrest seven nights directly.
After all, he is a discipline Committee member
Maybe I will tell Shiraishi and Uiharu Kazari, and then the two little girls will tell Misaka Mikoto.
Then Misaka Mikoto directly made a big move to summon the lightning to nullify the seven nights into slag.
Well, maybe a bad control will ruin the Xueyuan city, and if you work harder, you may be able to sink the neon.
Maybe the sinking of neon will cause the continental plate to vibrate and then spread all over the world. The violent activities of the continental plate in the world will cause landslides and volcanic eruptions.
Maybe the world will end.
"This is not bad, and it can save two cents for a reward."
Speaking of which, these people really don’t know what a treasure is. The two-cent reward has been issued for so long, and none of them have tried to destroy the world. They are ultra-rare props
Well, it’s all called
"Ah, I haven’t talked like this for a long time!"
That’s great
The world is unfair.
Some people can eat, drink and be merry all day, and some people work hard every day.
It’s an ideal, an ideal that people pursue
Don’t complain that the world is unfair because the ideal of "fairness" has not yet been realized.
Not to mention this.
Febrie and seven nights still don’t understand anything.
Yesterday, because it was very late and I was very tired after seven nights, Misaka Mikoto left with the little girl after a little talk.