For example, Lu ‘an, Shouchun, Hefei, Anqing, Chuzhou, Baling, Wuling, Changsha, Hengyang and many other important places were captured by the army.
Of course, there is a need for military attacks in this process, but a large part of them are unguarded and the whole city can’t escape. The people in the city are kneeling and expecting the army not to abuse them too much.
In this process, many Renaissance instructors have found a problem.
Of course, the demonization of the country by the rulers and landlords in the Southern Song Dynasty was one of the important reasons why the people in the Southern Song Dynasty generally feared the army and equated it with Song Jun.
However, the power of national propaganda has never been weak, but it still can’t improve the people’s view of the army in most areas
According to their careful analysis and large-scale interviews with people, they found a very serious problem.
This world is too bad for those officials, troops and policies in the Southern Song Dynasty who have never really contacted the people of the country to recognize the country.
They think it is impossible for the country to treat them as people and look at policies.
They are so used to cattle and horses that they think they are cattle and horses rather than human roots, so how can they be treated as human beings by officials?
So this must be false. It must be that the national dialect can’t be trusted.
The army is a little better than Song Jun at most, but it must also be ferocious, and it must also be the type of plucking geese.
Song Jun is the kind of army that even dogs passing by on both sides of the road will be slapped three times when marching.
If the army is a little better, well, it should belong to the kind where dogs passing by the street are slapped twice
Less slap is a beautiful fantasy of the people in the Southern Song Dynasty.
After the army went deep into Jinghu North Road and Jinghu South Road, it was found that this was especially the case.
The people of Shan Ye, where the army and soldiers were located, fled into the mountains and dared not come out.
Urban residents can run away, and the rest are those who have no money and can’t run away and wait for fate.
When they saw the army entering the city, they either hid or resigned themselves to their fate, watching with fear and despair on their faces.
Members of the Army Rehabilitation Association are very surprised by this kind of thing and are resistant.
They tried to preach national policies and military regulations, but the results were not very good because people generally did not believe them.
They generally reported this matter to the Henan Corps Fuxing Branch and summarized it to Wen Anzhi, who read out and analyzed the meeting of the Henan Corps Fuxing Branch.
"We have to admit that there is a huge gap between our policies, our requirements for officials, the army and our actual actions. My vocabulary is relatively scarce, so to speak.
But you should be clear that I said that this huge gap is so great that the people in the Southern Song Dynasty are unwilling to believe it, and we will find that despite our efforts, the people in the Southern Song Dynasty did not take the initiative to help us everywhere.
It didn’t happen that we welcomed Julian Waghann, but the bureaucrats and landlords of the Southern Song Dynasty were scared away because of our propaganda, which greatly reduced our burden of occupying the territory of the Southern Song Dynasty, but this is still a problem. "
Wen Anzhi’s meeting preached this problem and put forward his own methods to solve it.
"It’s too sad that the people in the Southern Song Dynasty were abused by the rulers of the Southern Song Dynasty. They didn’t see and experience these things with their own eyes. At the same time, they couldn’t believe that Dazhen would treat them like this. We announced that something was wrong here.
We can’t say that we are too good to make people feel incredible and unbelievable, which is not good for the propaganda institute. I suggest that we should change our propaganda strategy in the future. We need to make ourselves less good so that the people in the Southern Song Dynasty can believe it. "
Wen Anzhi’s method makes many members feel inexplicably funny but a little sad.
"It sounds really ridiculous and ridiculous not to be believed by the abused people because of the policy of caring for the people. It can be seen that the Southern Song Dynasty abused the people to such an extent that they could not believe that there was such a good thing in the world."
One member spoke like this.
After he finished speaking, his members also expressed their feelings one after another.
"Don’t say that I first heard about the Guangfu Army … at that time, it was still the Guangfu Army. I couldn’t believe it when I first heard about this policy. I didn’t really believe that I was not dreaming or lying until the Guangfu Army really did this."
"I can’t believe it even more. It took me half a year to believe it after I got the land, houses and farm tools."
"I didn’t dare to believe that it was all a dream until I recognized more than one hundred words."
"I’m about the same. I’m …"
Members, you told me a word about how you turned from being frightened by abuse to believing that the New Deal was really good for them.
Listen, listen, Wen Anzhi felt a strong sadness.
"This fully proves that they live in the Southern Song Dynasty just like cattle and horses, but they can’t believe that they can really be seen as people. This is cruel …"
Chapter 1117 Bury the feudal era completely
After this meeting, Wen Anzhi organized people to study the improvement of propaganda tools for the Southern Song Dynasty.
Then I reported this matter to the headquarters of Zhongdu Renaissance Association through the channel of Renaissance Association to let the headquarters know.
After this news was known by Su Yonglin, Su Yonglin held a meeting of the headquarters of the Renaissance Association and made some adjustments to the propaganda work of the Renaissance Association.
"For people who are used to our policy countries, we will continue to publicize the current policy against people, revolution and liquidation, but it is not necessary to be so detailed and generous for those enemy people.
For one thing, they can’t read, but we can’t read them. For another, as we are facing problems now, we publicize ourselves too well, and the policy is too superior. It is too strong to be abused, but it is not easy to be believed by people.
They haven’t accepted the big governance yet, and they haven’t witnessed the implementation of the big policies with their own eyes. If they want to be convinced, they must say that it is a little euphemistic and they seem to be achievable.