This is what Liao Xingye said to Li Tianqi.
This is also the place where the country is "sinister"
In addition to the real knife and gun in the battlefield against the country, it is necessary to uproot the hardcore hawks, and other war criminals can be handed over to the enemy’s imperial court for handling, so that when the war suddenly intensifies, their contradictions will erupt and be finally dealt with.
You hand over the list of people who need to be uprooted, how many people and families you have in mind, and you will handle it yourself.
Then whoever lives and dies will be in the hands of Li Tianqi.
How many people did Li Tianqi let die with his family?
This is a complete unknown.
Finally, Liao Xingye left Shenglong City with the winner and brought it to the army. It was the news that the Lee Dynasty of South Vietnam was willing to accept the big conditions and was ready to surrender.
Zhao Yucheng also smiled.
Sincerely show that Zhao Yucheng ordered the army to stop attacking and retreat for three miles, still maintaining the situation of encirclement of Shenglong City.
Give three days to let Li Tianqi handle what he should do by himself and see the results.
Chapter 1376 "Annan for inverse"
On March 10th, the ninth year of Hongwu, it was chaotic for three days. When the gate of the Dragon City was opened, the "emperor" Li Tianqi, dressed in plain clothes, went out of the city and offered his surrender to the army.
In addition to gold and silver treasures and copper coins, they also handed over a large number of war criminals and their families. The total number of men, women and children crying is obviously a very painful family change.
But this is war.
The army has been very, very, very ignorant. There is no killing, burning and looting, and destruction of houses and farmland everywhere. It has been achieved that a country’s army can achieve the ultimate goal in war.
Everyone rules the law to criticize the military discipline.
In his view, the liquidation after the war is the winner’s legitimate interests, but it does not belong to the humanitarian category, and the same person can be blamed.
Li Tianzuo formally surrendered to Liao Xingye, the representative of the great emperor, and Zhao Yucheng, the commander of the great army.
He knelt down and presented a list of etiquette on behalf of the "emperor" of South Vietnam, such as Li Fu Jie and Bao Xi, and was read out by the representative of Li Gongxin, the etiquette.
And in front of the two men, Li Gongxin also announced that he was going to call Qin Wang’s troops to return to their original places, whether they had already set off or not, and they should return to their original places and not continue the war. The war is over.
Liao Xingye and Zhao Yucheng accepted Li Tianqi’s surrender, and Liao Xingye personally helped Li Tianqi to take off his element, clothed him with a symbol of the nobility, and then entered Shenglong City with him.
As Liao Xingye and Zhao Yucheng entered the Dragon City Army together, about 500 people represented the symbolic occupation of the Dragon City to show the victory of the war.
Li Tianzuo hosted a grand banquet in the evening to treat Liao Xingye and Zhao Yucheng and others, and sent people out to present military cattle wine and food as a reward.
This war is over, and we can’t fight it anymore.
Let’s shake hands and live in peace from now on and say nothing.
It was Liao Xingye who chatted with Li Gongxin and asked him why he didn’t see Huang Yixian.
Li Gongxin put his glass in silence with a sigh.
"He killed himself."
"oh? What? "
Although he was not identified as a war criminal, he still felt that France accepted the situation and admitted that he was also responsible. He committed suicide last night.
"So that’s it."
"By the way, he is responsible for the identification, selection and specific arrangement of war criminals, and no one else interferes with it."
Liao Xingye didn’t ask Li Gongxin any more, nor did he say anything about drinking one cup after another and getting drunk one after another.
South Vietnam surrendered and accepted most of the demands. The news was sent to Su Yonglin on March 23, 2009. Su Yonglin was very happy to reward Zhao Yucheng’s first army soldiers for their contributions.
On March 27th, the South Vietnamese surrender emissary officially arrived in front of Su Yonglin in Guangzhou and presented a surrender form to Su Yonglin to show his complete commitment.
The emissary also presented Su Yonglin with 211 South Vietnamese war criminals.
The total amount of war compensation that South Vietnam needs to bear has also been agreed, and it is stipulated that copper coins will be 350,000 yuan plus 50,000 Jin of gold and 50,000 Jin of silver.
After these conditions were confirmed, Su Yonglin accepted the surrender of South Vietnam.
He personally made Li Tianqi the Great Emperor, named King Nanping, and specially appointed Li Tianqi the Chief Executive of the Annan Special Administrative Region.
Then he renamed Shenglong City, the capital of Annan Special Administrative Region, Annan City.
And from then on, officials of the Annan Special Administrative Region must be officially ordered by the Great Emperor to be justified.
More importantly, not only Li Tianqian, the chief executive, but also all the officials in the government department of the Annan Special Administrative Region have to be read by the great emperor and then confirmed to be official compliance officials.
Otherwise, it will be a crusade if the name is unreasonable.
Although the actual personnel is arranged by Li Tianqi himself, the nominal process needs Su Yonglin’s approval to be recognized.
This means that Su Yonglin’s action to disintegrate South Vietnamese government agencies and leaders has begun.
Finally, Su Yonglin changed the name of the Millennium Xiongda South to Zhennan, and he prepared the inscription "The Great Destruction of the Song Dynasty" and established Zhennan Middle School.
He also personally wrote the article "Annan’s Rebellion", which made it a stone tablet to make the capital of Liangzhou do a big crusade against "Annan’s rebellion".
In this article, Su Yonglin elaborated in detail the fact that the military crusaded against South Vietnam caused the country to legally own the territory of South Vietnam and the "crazy ignorance" of South Vietnam, and once again claimed that South Vietnam was a national territory.
At the same time, Su Yonglin began to arrange some garrison situations after the war. He was going to leave an army to occupy the south of the town and Liangzhou, and then arrange for the revival meeting and the government to enter Liangzhou to carry out land reform and completely occupy Liangzhou.
After the completion of a series of things, the climate in Lingnan has begun to feel hot. Su Yonglin plans to prepare for a phased rectification movement when he returns to Guangzhou after handling Hu Xin’s affairs.
However, Su Yonglin didn’t think that something happened when he was going to have a talk with Hu Xin.
Zou Yana, the king of Zhancheng, made some contributions to the attack on South Vietnam this time. Although the attack he organized was stopped by the South Vietnamese division, it attracted some South Vietnamese troops to reduce the pressure.
When Su Yonglin ordered Li Tianqi to pay compensation, he also paid Zou Yana a small part, which was his hard work.
Zou Yana was very moved that the important orthodox issue of being recognized as the king of the city was also solved. He was very happy to immediately prepare to honor his promise and pay a generous gift to the great emperor in the name of tribute.
This batch of gifts is quite large and weighty, and Su Yonglin was surprised when he first learned about it.