As the bell rang, the bodies on the ground went straight up from the ground, with stiff arms stretched out to the outer tomb and the middle tomb, and the broken stone door jumped over. It turned out that Chen Qiang had let these bodies take the lead first.
Several bodies jumped close to the broken stone gate, and two people heard the noise, and a huge flame suddenly jumped out. They rushed to several bodies and burned them, but they were unconscious. Although they were burnt and smelly, they still jumped into the tomb.
At the same time, there were a few cracks in the tomb, and then the bodies that were shaken by Chen Jiangru and two bells did not appear again. They should have been chopped off by two people in the tomb.
"I’ll go in first and see you and Chen waiting for my signal outside." I turned to the King Kong cannon and said that Chen Qiang didn’t have night vision ability and needed to rely on light, which was easy to expose the target. Besides, I didn’t see the tomb ambush two people before, so I analyzed that the bombs they carried were probably finished.
See king kong gun nodded and promised me to pick up the popular tactic and quickly swept the outside of Shimen with a gasp and turned around and swept in.
After Shimen, the two men felt my intrusion and reacted quickly. A fire and a knife light came at me at the same time. At the same time, I was caught between Scylla and Charybdis, which did not cause me to panic. The purple gas protected my whole body against the fire and raised my hand to cut off the dazzling knife-like object. At first glance, the knife sneaked on me. It was a young man wearing a military camouflage headband and an infrared night vision device. Half of the knife in his hand turned out to be an army-1 combat dagger. Although I was puzzled, I was obviously not hesitant at the moment. I quickly reached out and waved the face night vision device to move the
Just finished all this, I felt a fierce shock behind me. Before I could react, I had already reacted, and my woman would sneak up on me from behind and shake it out.
I hurried back to see that a black shadow had quickly flashed into the main tomb. Earlier, when this woman attacked me, it was we who watched the tactics of controlling the gas and removing the evil spirits. I am very sure of this, although she did not show enough repair.
"I caught him," the sound of King Kong cannon came from the outer tomb. "Why will this guy be captured and fought by our special forces?"
"You send him out first and bring a gun in." I looked around the tomb and found that the chisel in the tomb was also very deceptive. The roots around the stone wall were not polished and the feet were uneven. Several simple burglar alarms had been damaged.
"You be careful, we’ll be back in a minute." The King Kong Cannon said that and there was no sound. I wondered why the man I had thrown out earlier would listen to him so much. It turned out that the King Kong Cannon had knocked him out and was dragging his neck with Chen Qiang.
"Come out, you can’t run away." There was no body in the tomb, so I found a place to hide and took out my cigarette.
After I shouted, there was no movement in the main tomb, and the breath of two women and three men stayed in the original position without panic.
"The woman who attacked me just now came out to see me. I have something to ask her." I shouted at the main tomb again.
"Who are you, and why should you be against us?" The main tomb finally sounded like a woman with a Beijing flavor. Because there are two women in the tomb, I don’t know which one is speaking.
"I’m the National Security Bureau, please come out quickly. We are likely to have some connections. If possible, I will consider letting you go." I said half-truths and half-truths. I said earlier that my voice sounded very strange, but since she is a descendant of watching the valve, I naturally won’t send her to prison. I can’t care about others.
"Where did you steal your spells?" There was another woman’s voice in the tomb, which made me feel very cordial because she said it was a dialect in our coastal areas.
"Are you a ram?" I shouted anxiously that the ram leans against the wind and his hometown is the later Lu accent. Since it is not others, it must be his descendants.
"Who the hell are you?" It’s mixed with excitement, so I guess it’s not wrong
"There’s a man named Ram Leaning against the Wind in my family. If there’s anything, he’s a dead relative." My dialect says quickly, which means did your ancestors call Ram Leaning against the Wind? If so, we’re probably still relatives.
"Pinch is my grandfather" and the women in the main tomb have completely changed back to our dialect. The grandfather is the largest generation in our dialect, referring to three generations of male relatives in the family.
"I don’t arrest you, you don’t start work!" It turned out that she was a descendant of the Seventh Senior Brother. I couldn’t help but get excited and quickly came out of the hiding place, picked up the popular tactic and swept it into the main tomb.
Several people in the main tomb saw that I was swept in so quickly, and the conditioned reflex seemed to pick up the weapons around me, but they didn’t start work immediately.
"Are you a ram?" I swept into the tomb and went directly to the girl with dark red aura. The girl was young and had a round baby face. She was about twenty years old.
"Who the hell are you?" Asked the girl alert.
I was just about to say something to explain when the light of the hand barrel shone on my face. At the same time, another woman exclaimed, "It’s you, aren’t you deaf?"
Chapter 17 Buying a Bamboo Slip and Returning the Pearl
"Is it you?" I turned to look at it, and I was also surprised to hear that it was Hongyu Tuan Lin Yicheng, who was in charge of translating for me when she was called Mei Zhu’s secret frontier hotel. But at that time, Bai Jiuyi didn’t send me an ice willow crown hairpin, and I couldn’t hear the sound, so I felt strange to her voice.
"Are you the National Security Bureau?" Mei Zhu can’t believe it. Look at me. I’m not wearing a military uniform at the moment. I won’t wear it unless I have to. First, the novelty is over. Second, I have to pay attention to the image in military uniform, so I can’t be so casual.
"Do you know each other?" The woman next to us looked at us in confusion.
"Sort of. Why are you with them?" I answered her question first and raised my own questions. Although Lin Yicheng did good deeds, he was a grave robber. I don’t want the gatekeeper to talk to them about anything.
"Who the hell are you?" The girl didn’t answer my question, but she was still wary of me.
I looked at the people next to me, and when they came to their mouths, they swallowed back. This is not a place to talk and it is not a time to talk.
"I have a long history with you, but it’s a long story. I’ll explain it to you slowly when I get out. You should know that our magic comes from the same door and I won’t harm you." I woke her up by innuendo.
"What do you want to do to us?" Mei Zhu couldn’t help talking again.
"What are you looking for here?" I didn’t answer her question. There was a huge sarcophagus in the main tomb that wasn’t hit. Besides, there wasn’t a trace of martyrs in the whole tomb. I was very skeptical about the purpose of their visit.