There are five kinds of stingy in the last door of the ten styles, which are observing what happens.
"Green gas is a sign of famine, red gas is a war and killing disaster, white gas is a mountain of dead people, black gas is a phenomenon of terror and fear, and yellow gas is a labor and civil work."
"The meaning represented by more breath colors is hard to say in a word now."
Donghua fairy looked at the thick gray fog, which was as huge as the sky, but the real smell was concealed, and she knew at a glance what was going on outside the gray fog.
The spirit of death is the spirit of defeat. Such a huge spirit of death hangs over Shu, which means that the army has already been defeated. I don’t know whether it is the defeat of the imperial court or the defeat of Bozhou. We must continue to see the situation inside.
The halo of gv 10 rotates like the sun, clearing the light in the deep and dark world, and the gray fog appears, and the gas cloud wriggles like hanging the dead, while the head appears the terrible scenery of lying dead in the sky; The chardonnay is bluish white, as slowly as coagulated fat, and there are residual rainbows hanging in the sky, and it is white.
Deep clouds in the sky split a huge mouth, and the ground could see the mountains collapsed and moved in the fog.
"This is a great war, and a large number of people died here. It is a strange scene that happened in the Han Dynasty."
"Where Bai Hong is the source of all kinds of disasters, the foundation of all kinds of people’s disasters, and where there is a heavy fog, it is all kinds of evils and yin to offend the yang."
Continue to look deep, the color has turned dark black, and I can’t see clearly anymore. This is a terrible thing happening.
But then the Donghua fairy suddenly saw a face in the darkness, which was very close to her and huge, and it was a grinning ghost face
The last thought of Donghua fairy consciousness feels that her consciousness will stop at this moment.
However, the face that followed this darkness was quickly gone. At this time, it was absorbing the essence of Donghua Fairy Fairy Fairy Road, but it was suddenly interrupted!
It was a solemn drink.
Boom! Lei Yin is all over the world, and the sound of the sea is Skyquake’s boldness, arrogance, anger and clear spirit.
North Xuantianlei Road!
After that, the second angry way to drink will shake the facial features and get twisted and skewed!
God fights in Yin and Yang!
Yin and Yang are thin and furious!
Taixuan Lei Yin
Damn it, drink!
Far away from consciousness, I woke up at this moment. The fairy in Donghua was pale, and the essence of Xiandao was sucked away at the moment. She was pale and immortal, but she was not so frightened. Lei Yin killed her and got up late again, and she would be completely occupied by ghosts and gods!
"You saw something bad."
Although Ji Xiang didn’t see the grimace, Bai Shenpai just suddenly worked for a moment to know that Donghua Fairy was strange in that instant.
【 The ancient Qiang people wear Tsing Yi to avoid ghosts, and often call Lei Yin system 】
[After Taoism, the ghost road turned into the town of Sanguan Emperor! 】
Chapter four hundred and fifteen Sacrifice to Heaven
【 Seek immortality as a ghost 】
[In ancient times, the people sacrificed to the gods and ghosts, hoping for immortality. The object of sacrifice was not the gods, but the gods and ghosts. When Taoism originated, it was also sacrificed to the gods and ghosts. At that time, there were three days of art and six days of weather, and there were nine chaotic beliefs in the world.]
[If you want to invite ghosts and gods, you can meet the needs of these ghosts and gods through human affairs. Ghosts and gods are the will of heaven, and the will of all peoples is embodied in the fact that people and heaven echo each other, thus inviting them to appear in ancient times and play the role of "immortal" and "god" in today’s world]
[The name of the heavenly ghost represents the ritual of summoning them. After the rise of the Three-Day Art, the ghosts disappeared every day, and the ancient books turned the gods and ghosts of the Five Mountains into collectors.]
The celestial ghost was a kind of sacrifice to ghosts and gods that flourished from the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period to the Han Dynasty.
"It turned out that it was sacrificed to the ghosts before Taoism took shape. So the sacrifice to them was to control them. The ceremony should be the worship of the Qing Qiang!"
"Nowadays, some people hit the ghost house, that is, they sacrificed the Qing Qiang, but they didn’t sacrifice the Qing Qiang. The master didn’t control the ghost to wreak havoc everywhere … is that right?"
"The Three Officials and the Great Emperor came to suppress … It is true that in the origin of Taoism, the Three Officials and the Great Emperor worshiped heaven, earth and water, and also transformed from witches and ghosts to orthodox gods. The original gods were between ghosts and gods, and they were upgraded to personify the Taoist Emperor and attached the status of Yao, Shun and Yu."
Ji Xiang recalls Yuan Huang’s warning
The worship of Qing Qiang has been in ancient times, and evil spirits will appear. It will devour all souls and grow up. The origin of Taoism is closely related to each other, but Brother Yuqing can’t touch it and it is really something.
Six days after the ghost died, he also invented the magical power of Confucianism. It is impossible to make Leishan do a small thing here.
And the demon Tianshi wants to find the spirit of Zhang Xiuqing City by himself.
Ji Xiang frowned.
It’s one thing to get rid of ghosts these days, and it’s also one thing to get the spirit, and if we distinguish big things from small ones by making a noise, we should take the small ones apart from the big ones, that is to say, we must watch the ghosts raging these days and we can’t get rid of them. Is that what Emperor Yuan means?