Among the four people, Manman or Sanjing Sanxiu’s trip to Hua Zhen immediately realized that it was inappropriate to wake up Manman’s way of coping with the magic realm.
Although it’s not the experience of Manman’s demons or the magic realm, it’s similar in nature to Manman. It’s a small accident, and Locke also stopped Lianna from casting spells.
It is just right for him to stop at the moment.
After the theory is inherited, all the inheritances of Fugen Great God can be printed into the Yuan God, but some of them are too advanced, and their understanding of the law belongs to chaos. Forced interpretation of unclear information will still impact the Yuan God.
It’s not a one-off thing. With the development of practice, you can accept and understand it again. If you have any doubts, you can look for answers in the memory of your predecessors.
However, if the predecessors feel that they belong to the predecessors, they can learn from them, and each step needs to be verified by themselves.
For example, Locke wants to know how to play a paper plane, and his ancestors may not be able to give the exact answer, but they can learn a lot from their ancestors’ experience of repairing the certificate and eye surgery.
Today, the four people in the field are equal to all getting Fugen, and they understand the receiving range separately.
For Locke, the most important thing is not the magical means, but the complete cultivation of the magical teacher. Otherwise, even if he becomes a formal magical teacher, he doesn’t know what to do unless he follows Lian Na’s study or he can change to Hua Zhen’s practice of nourishing the Yuan.
Now Locke doesn’t have to do that. His original foundation is the Fogen family’s magical skills. The best way is to continue to practice and regard Yangyuan as an aid and reference.
For Manman, the way to get the "grant" from Zahin is broken. If she doesn’t meet Hua Zhen, she can also take this path of spiritual cultivation. She is the priest of the sea protoss.
Now that she knows Hua Zhen’s trip, she has cultivated the art of nourishing Yuan from scratch and perfected her spiritual practice, so there is no need to do that again. Isn’t it sweet to continue to practice the art of nourishing Yuan with Xiaohua?
Besides, there are three well-connected experts behind Xiaohua, which is certainly better than that one!
For Hua Zhenxing and Man Man, with today’s inheritance, they can also display all kinds of magical skills in the future. It is no problem to go out and pretend to be a magical teacher in the future. I am afraid that if you are not a master, you will not see it.
Four people at the table didn’t speak again. Hua Zhen and other three people quietly realized that Chengmanman had just received it, but he closed his eyes and concentrated.
I don’t know how long it took Locke’s right hand to suddenly make a thumb move, and there was a faint white light coming out. The wound had stopped bleeding and gradually scabbed and healed. This is a healing magic.
The wound on his right thumb is very small and shallow. If you suck two in your mouth according to Hua Zhen’s custom, you don’t have to pay attention to it. But Locke still used the magical treatment method to verify the method he just learned
How long has it been? Even if Locke, the simplest means in the treatment of divinity, can display it immediately after receiving it, it is quite difficult! No wonder Mr. Dawson has always regarded him as the best genius of the younger generation of the Fogen Foundation.
Hua Zhenxing found this scene, which was also impressive to Locke, and then he stretched out his hand to fill Locke’s thumb with a healing magic.
As soon as the poor little wound scabbed, it fell off at the scene, leaving pink tender skin to show that the part had been injured.
Hua Zhen-xing’s display is also the simplest means of healing divinity, and he has just learned it, but he feels subtly different from Locke’s casting.
He cultivated the bottom is the art of nourishing the yuan, and the main idea of the art of nourishing the yuan is to accumulate the healing spirit of the health machine, and the effect is actually better.
If old man Yang were here, he might knock on his skull and scold, "Look at you!" At the same time, I am secretly praised, and maybe I will be secretly proud because this child is set up by him.
But at the moment, there is Lianna on the sidelines, and Lianna didn’t say anything and realized what she had gained.
For Lianna, there is no shortage of basic spiritual skills. Frick has taught her a long time ago. Frick, a great spiritual artist, also left her with similar means of mind-reading.
According to Godsworn Dong Guo, the master of Fugen Great God should be called "the idea of resisting the gods" by means of inheritance, and only the Godsworn Qi Jing can master it.
In the face of another person, directly sending spiritual thoughts is a means that the monks in the six realms can master. Spiritual thoughts are a form that is ever-changing, but a memory can also be simple.
The highest and most important thing is the mind seal of God. For example, a few days ago, Yang Laotou was printed in Hua Zhen Xingyuan God, which is a kind of mind seal.
It includes all kinds of secret methods that can be cultivated after breaking through the four realms, not only the basic method of nourishing the yuan, but also all kinds of means of imperial and refining the vessels …
These things are not instilled in Hua Zhen, but are in a state of reading as much as they can. If Yang Laotou is not around, Hua Zhen can continue to practice according to the guidance of God’s mind.
Of course, old man Yang is still alive and kicking. If Hua Zhenxing has any questions, it may be better to ask others.
Keeping the sacred mind is more demanding than sending the sacred mind seal, because it is more difficult for the caster to do things, but he can leave the sacred mind to future generations through the passage of the object.