Chapter three hundred and forty-five Arrangements
"Dean Liu, as you know, I’m the vice president now. I’m driving a duck rack. What can I do, Dean? I really don’t have that."
Dean Liu smiled and pointed to Li Chu. "You, I’m also talking to you this time for advice. You don’t have any mental burden."
Think about it. Premier Liu went on to say that "level leaders have another opinion."
Li Chu made a gesture of all ears, but he was still a little confused. Is this to make arrangements for himself in the future? But why choose this time?
Revolutionary soldiers need to move a brick wherever they need it. He still has this consciousness.
I just think it’s strange
"The other meaning is to keep it as it is, but the back of your work center has been transferred to the health care group, and the application from the medical school has been approved. You can hire external teachers to teach at the medical school, and you need to coordinate with the health care bureau for specific classes."
When I heard that, Li Chu was stuck for such a long time and nothing happened. He had already rejected the application for medical school.
And as far as he knows, active servicemen should not be able to work part-time outside, right?
"Dean Liu, I didn’t understand that I was under the impression that soldiers can’t work part-time, right?"
"Yes, you really can’t work part-time. If you agree to teach in medical school, you won’t get paid."
? ? ?
The part-time job can also be understood like this? Is it not a part-time job if you don’t get paid?
Li Chu felt that his brain was a little insufficient.
Is this a cover-up?
"Finally, our hospital should also set up its own medical school, but it is still the same as now. If it is approved by the examination and approval, you should reconnect it."
"This is no problem. How can the hospital arrange me to come?"
He doesn’t have any opinions about the arrangement made by the hospital. He can’t just take advantage of others and pay nothing, can he?
"The Health Bureau is about to face a restructuring, and the establishment of the health care team will be abolished. We will change one place and two places, and we will not continue to be members of any position in the future."
After coming out of Dean Liu’s office and returning to his office, Li Chu silently thought that there was no big change in general, or he continued to teach students after the approval of the Medical College of General Hospital.
Although he is approved by the medical school outside, he is still hesitant at present. Will he be too busy if he takes both classes at the same time? After all, his job is in the health care group.
Come on, step by step. It will be two and a half years before the medical school outside enrolls new students in the first year of this year and needs his class.
They haven’t been approved for further training here yet. It’s all gone.
On second thought, I’m going to cook at Wang Shu’s house tomorrow, and I’m thinking about the menu.
Since he made medicated diet for everyone for the first time, it has been out of control. My sister and brother-in-law have nothing to do, so they come over to eat. Uncle Wang often sneaks him home to cook.
He has completely become a full-time chef at home. Ding Qiunan sometimes wants to cook, but all three children dislike it.
It’s going to be early to pick up Ding Da and Ding Ma and move here, so it will be noon.
Ran’s courtyard has been packed with furniture, bedding and everything, just waiting for someone to move in.
The old couple are still reluctant to come over. They are still the older generation. It is not without children that their husbands and mothers-in-law live in their son-in-law’s house.
Finally, it took Li Chu a long time to do ideological work before he reluctantly agreed
This is also because Ding Jianguo is going to get married in ten days, and they need to come and help.
Ding Jianguo’s room is rooted again, and it will definitely serve his daughter-in-law when the time comes. It is obvious that this room is more suitable for some.
And the son-in-law bought a house for the old father-in-law, and Ding Da lived in that area all over.
Those neighbors are already numb with jealousy.
Since he is going to cook at Wang Shu’s house tomorrow, he took out the chicken and ribs from the warehouse, thought about it and took out some pig’s trotters, which they like to eat vegetarian dishes. Let’s go to the vegetable market early to buy them.
After summing up everything, he bent over his desk and continued to write the case.
Night shift and his wife came home, Wen Hui and Yue Yue wrote in their room, while Wen Xuan was sitting around him in a courtyard moping, and he didn’t even have the heart to take a look.
"Wenxuan, what’s wrong with you?"
Ding Qiunan just entered the hospital to see this state mouth asked.
Li Chu is still behind. He asked for a car. He came back by himself today and didn’t let Oda send him.
Wenxuan looked at mom and dad came in and got up, lowered his head and said, "Mom and dad, our teacher asked you to take a trip to school on Monday."
! ! !
This is a new thing. Li Chu and Ding Qiunan looked at each other.
My son has never made any mistakes in his life, whether it is a teacher’s home visit or asking parents to go to school, this is the first time.
"Son, what’s wrong with you? Say it to make mom happy. "
Wen Hui and Yueyue also saw them coming back in the room. Just after they came out, they heard Ding Qiunan talking. The three children looked at her dumbfounded.
Is this still your own mother?
Li Chu was ready to put something in the kitchen with her hand, and her wife almost choked to death by her own saliva.
However, it is no wonder that Ding Qiunan is excited to talk nonsense. These two children are obedient and love to learn from an early age, but they are not the kind of people who know how to learn.
Both students and teachers like them.
This also makes Ding Qiunan less fun as a mother.
It’s hard to knock over the called parents. It’s strange that they are not excited
Li Wenxuan was rolled his eyes by his mother. "Mom, how can you talk like that?"
"Oh, it doesn’t matter what I say." Ding Qiunan sat down on the bench in the courtyard with a wave.
"Tell Mom what’s wrong with you and you’re going to be called a parent." Although she tried to put on a serious look with a straight face, she kept raising her mouth and couldn’t control the smile in her eyes, which betrayed her.
Wen Hui and Yue Yue shook their heads at the door of the house and touched such an unreliable mother (mother-in-law) who didn’t know whether it was good or not.
Wenxuan didn’t want to correct her mother’s words. He simply said, "I don’t know what I did wrong. The teacher just told me to go to school once a week."
Chapter three hundred and forty-six Parents
"Er … didn’t the teacher say anything?"
"No, nothing has been said."
"Did you get punished today?"
"No, why should I be punished?"
"Did you fight with other students?"