"Even the unique person turned out to be even the unique!"
Chang Sheng was surprised when he looked at what was coming to him. Even though he was busy running around all day at ordinary times, he had also heard of the name of Hector Lianjue. It can be said that there was no practitioner in the Daqi Dynasty who didn’t know the name of Hector Lianjue.
Even in some countries in the south of the Daqi Dynasty, the name of the genius and his strange stories are everywhere.
He was born in the fierce Mongolian dynasty, the most prominent of the three families, the Hector family. Unfortunately, although the Hector family was fierce, the dynasty could call it rain, but he was a remote branch of the Hector family, and this side was not just a general side. Their family had almost reached the point where it could not be called Hector.
It is such a side-by-side family that there is a super genius in their family, even the father, even the bully!
He Lianba Tian didn’t show amazing talent when he was young, but he seemed to be more talented than the average person. However, he Lianba Tian suddenly made a blockbuster after middle age, and he suddenly defeated the famous masters of the dynasty with one-handed hegemony and axe method.
Because of the performance of Hector’s bully, Hector’s family has considered bringing Hector’s bully and Hector’s unique pulse back into the family’s office.
But at this moment, I don’t know why. Even the bully is right. The first master of the fierce Mongolian country has not started for a long time. The fierce Mongolian Buddhist Nangong is suitable.
Although the rise of Hector even the bully suddenly defeated many masters of the fierce Mongolian dynasty, he had a result in the face of the nangongshan Shi, and that was death!
After World War I, the whole branch of Helian Batian was slaughtered overnight, and no one knew who started it, and the family of Helian was unusually silent.
However, this time, when the general manager Hector was killed, he was lucky to live. At that time, Hector was only eleven years old, and an eleven-year-old child left home alone to travel in the grassland.
It was that year that he joined a thief group in the grassland.
Prairie thieves are different from mountain thieves in the Daqi Dynasty, especially ordinary thieves who face death threats almost every day.
There are several thieves in the prairie, but there are some resources. Almost every day, thieves can be seen in the prairie fighting to the death.
When he was only eleven years old, he was born in this cruel environment. Two years later, when he was thirteen years old, he left the thief group and joined the fierce blade army of the fierce Mongolian dynasty.
In addition to the official name, the Fierce Blade Army also has a name called Death Army!
As the name suggests, the legion of the dead rushes to the front of the army in every battle, which can be said to be the legion of the dead. Most of the soldiers of this legion are made up of criminals who have committed capital crimes in the country, while the 13-year-old Lian Jue took the initiative to join the legion of the dead.
There is a catch-up theory in the Corps of the Dead that all crimes will be automatically offset when the dynasty sends him to the Corps of the Dead and can last for a year.
However, there are too few people who can survive a year, and most of those who live have become disabled.
Chapter 443 Hector even unique
He even refused to stay in the army of the dead for three years. At the same time, the most surprising thing is that he always rushed to the front three years in every battle. When he killed the enemy, he won the title of blood axe shura.
However, because of this title of blood axe shura, he was investigated by others and found that he was a bully, so an army general took the initiative to try to kill Hector even when he was only 16 years old.
Since then, he has never become a fugitive wanted by the fierce Mongolian dynasty, and he has lived in exile.
In the face of the dynasty army, not only did it not die, but it made a series of earth-shattering events. As his strength fled, he continued to rise to death, and more and more dynasty masters in his hands.
Gradually, Hector even never fled blindly. In addition to constantly challenging the masters, he butchered the dynasty masters. The suspected exception of the dynasty masters he slaughtered was the first master of the fierce Mongolian dynasty, the Nangong Shidi.
In recent years, several younger brothers who were most valued by him in the later period of Nangong Shi were almost killed by Hector even, including all younger brothers of Nangong Shi, who were most valued by him. The most outstanding genius of the famed Meng Dynasty in the past hundred years came from the heads of Hector even’s family.
We have sinned against the first master of the fierce Mongolian dynasty, the Buddhist Dynasty, and against the family of Hector even, but he still lives to the present.
The experience of Hector even from the age of eleven to the present is absolutely amazing. Many people compare him with the Emperor Yingwu of the Daqi Dynasty! There are also many people in the Department of Daqi Dynasty who have always said one thing: The younger generation of the Liemeng Dynasty had the Lian Jue and the Daqi Dynasty? Who else in the Daqi dynasty can compete with Hector even in addition to Ying Wuhou?
Although several masters have emerged in the Daqi dynasty in recent years, they are eclipsed by Hector even though he is a genius who rushed out of blood all the way, and compared with the talents of the Daqi dynasty, he is really a flower in the greenhouse.
Chang Sheng looked at his eyes and smelled of blood all over. The man thought about it in his mind, and he said that he had to admire one in his heart, and he had to add another one to the master this time, and it was still a very strong one.
He must have come to participate in the tournament when he appeared in Beijing at this time, but his eyes are hard to guess. From the smell, he can see that he is a martial artist. Even at the most urgent moment when he was being hunted down, he still did not forget to challenge the master everywhere. The tournament in Beijing gave him the best stage to challenge the master, and it was still in the territory of the Daqi Dynasty. He didn’t need to worry about the fierce Mongolians trying to kill him!
However, it’s hard to say whether it’s that simple or not. After all, he was a fierce Mongolian dynasty and made too many enemies. It’s not clear whether he participated in the Daqi dynasty tournament with the help of the Daqi dynasty idea.
"Chang Sheng, this man, his axe is not simple." Suddenly, Chang Sheng observed the ancient monty sound in Hector’s mind. "Although the axe in this man’s hand looks shabby, it would be a big mistake if I am not mistaken. This axe should be a sharp weapon from ancient times, even if it is not magic."
"This axe is really not simple." Chang Sheng nodded his head. From the moment he saw the axe in Hector’s unique hand, he recognized that it was not simple. If ordinary people were holding such an axe, it would be just that, but a master holding such an axe that looks bad obviously could not be simple.
Chang Sheng saw Hector even off a few eyes and then withdrew his sight. People in the hall now almost all eyes fell on Hector even off. He saw Hector even off a few eyes, but it was not appropriate to look again.
However, with the emergence of Hector even unique, I feel that the atmosphere in the whole hall has become heavy. Although there are few speakers before this, after all, there are still a few people talking, but now Hector even unique appears in the whole hall, which is actually weird without a trace of conversation. The whole hall is surprisingly quiet.
"Knocked …"
Far away, a step entered the hall from the corridor, and everyone almost turned their eyes to the corridor. This step is obviously two people, and the step is heavy and light, which should be a man and a woman.
Soon two figures appeared in front of everyone. It was indeed a man and a woman, and they were very similar.
"Twin brother and sister? Twins? Still a foreigner! "
Chang Sheng’s eyes stare slightly, which shows that these two people are definitely not from the Daqi dynasty. Although they are all wearing clothes, they are not from the Daqi dynasty. Their skin is much whiter than that of the average Daqi dynasty, and their noses are higher.
"Hello, everyone." The girl walked into the hall and greeted everyone naturally. She was as white as snow and full of exotic customs, and her face smiled brightly.
"This woman is interesting"
Chang Sheng smiled in his heart. Today, everyone gathered in the secret building, but after meeting, they rarely greeted each other. Unlike those ordinary people outside, everyone who can walk into the secret building today is arrogant. Everyone respects their status and will not greet others casually. This woman is enthusiastic. When she comes here, she greets everyone. It doesn’t look like she’s here for an assessment, but for a banquet.
Girls take the initiative to say "hello" to all the people, and all eyes immediately reached the girl.
"Miss, you shouldn’t be from our Daqi dynasty, right?" A man in the crowd was also whiter than ordinary people, and many handsome men came out of the crowd, but seeing that his complexion was whiter was not because of his skin, but because he hadn’t seen the sun for a long time, and he could tell that the other person was not from the Daqi dynasty even after talking nonsense.
"Yes, my brother and I are not from the Daqi dynasty. We are from the Yitan dynasty." The girl smiled even more when she saw someone taking the initiative. "My name is Deliji. You can call me Liji."
"The Yitan Dynasty is far away from the Daqi Dynasty, but from there, you have to go through the Zhulou Dynasty before you can reach the western regions. From the western regions, you can go all the way east to reach the capital." The man praised his eyes but left Deliji’s plump chest and showed a lot of slender legs without trace.
"It’s a long way, but it’s also very interesting. My brother and I wanted to return to our Yitan Dynasty when we arrived at Zhulou Dynasty, but we heard that the Daqi Dynasty was going to hold a tournament and that the final winner of this tournament could marry Ying Wuhou’s sister. We Yitan Dynasty also heard about the name of Ying Wuhou’s adult, so we decided to come here and have a look." Deliji didn’t notice that the opposite man looked at each other with a pair of big beautiful eyes, especially when Ying Wuhou was beautiful.
In the corner of Changsheng crowd, I heard Deliji talking about the name of Yingwuhou, and suddenly I was surprised that the name of Yingwuhou was so big that even the name of Yingwuhou, a country far away from the Daqi Dynasty, was even out.
Ying Wuhou!
The word "Ying Wuhou" suddenly made the atmosphere in the whole hall sink. The man who had been talking for a while just now was stunned and continued, "Ying Wuhou is indeed a rare genius in our Daqi dynasty, but we don’t have a genius in the Daqi dynasty."