"Well, I didn’t believe it at first, but now I’ve confirmed that this is the news that the special forces are back. It’s really Big Brother White Teeth!"
"But how did he meet the special forces?"
"This is another short message, in which it is written that ferrets can meet white teeth, which is an accident. After the white teeth eldest brother was reincarnated by filth, he directly got rid of the pocket control and injured the pocket, and then he looked for opportunities to escape.
I didn’t expect to meet them unexpectedly in the end! This is what happened. "
"Haiyi, can I talk to Baiya?" Three generations have stopped crying at this time, and he wants to apologize immediately like a white tooth.
"I’m sorry everyone I …"
"Three generations of adults, we are also very sorry that you didn’t explain anything. We shouldn’t doubt the spirit of big white teeth!"
At this time, the inappropriate sound also came in. "Who do you say white teeth are?"
"Green, you should have heard that there was once a man named Konoha, and his strength was still three-forbearance. He was the first master of Konoha to endure the news, and all who met him could give up automatically, which was not a failure! He is Hatake Sakumo Qimu Shuomao! "
"What? He was reincarnated by filth? "
If Shu Mao is the first master of a generation of ninjas, then White Tooth is the first master of Lu Jiu’s time!
"well! But he’s out of control! "
At this time, three generations of hands have been placed on Hai Yi’s forehead.
"Special forces, this is the general staff, and this is the general staff. Three generations of adults want to talk to you!"
[special forces]
Everyone in the special forces received the news from the general staff.
"White teeth is that you? Sorry! "
As soon as you hear this sound, you will know that it is three generations of grandfathers.
"Apes fly you …"
"I just received the news that you were reincarnated by filth. I have no chance to see you in my life and say I’m sorry. I didn’t expect that there would be such an opportunity. I remember Konoha coming back here is your home!" Three generations finished and took away their palms. He knew that he could not bring much burden to Haiyi.
"Big Brother White Tooth, it’s Haiyi. I’ve been taking deer for a long time and others say hello to you!" Hai added himself.
Everyone in the special forces was silent, and they knew that White Teeth was in a mood without asking anything.
See white teeth that hole in the eyes actually emitted a little glittering and translucent light, you know, he’s a man from the dirt.
Everyone who doesn’t know white teeth thinks he is a cold-hearted man, but everyone who knows him knows him not only because of his strength, but also because of his tolerance. He praised him more than once for three generations, but then something like that happened, which made everyone have a little doubt about him. Finally, he chose the most intense method to prove his innocence!
When Shu Mao cleared his grievances, everyone regretted that he shouldn’t have been suspected. The three generations regretted that the pig, deer and butterfly also regretted knowing the white teeth. However, after they learned the truth, four people got together and got drunk. The three generations also shed tears alone. I didn’t expect that he shed tears again today.
White tooth can’t tell what kind of state he is. He is a reincarnated person. He shouldn’t feel a little blood or temperature. But at this moment, he really felt the long-lost warmth and slowly gave birth to an obsession in his heart. I must meet him!
Others can feel that his body actually sends out a golden light, but in the end, I don’t know why it turned dark.
Chapter 34 Current events make heroes
General staff
"Benedict ~"
"Come in!"
"Lord Lujiu, three generations of adults, this is sent by Lord Shumao!" The ninja who enters the door is the guard at the door, and everyone knows him. He holds a piece of paper in his hand and can vaguely see the wet ink mark on his face.
Three generations took the note from him, looked at it and handed it to Lujiu.
"Hey, I didn’t expect it to come. Okay, we know. You go first!"
The ninja went straight out and delivered a message to guard the whole staff. Ann was his job.
"Shu Mao went to the psychic world to see what happened over there. Our ability is limited. We can’t help in the past, but we can rely on ourselves."
"I just don’t know if he knows that white teeth have been resurrected. This little boy has always worshipped white teeth, otherwise he wouldn’t have tried his best to help him wash his grievances! Speaking of which, it’s also our fault, but let the child help us finish all this.
That’s when I saw the righteousness in his heart and decided to give him a hand! I didn’t expect that. Hehe, is this my greatest achievement? "Three generations of smiling faces made it one of his happiest things to cultivate Shu Mao, and Shu Mao did bring a different place to Konoha. This gradually declined village, and his help has now become the first forbearing village.
[Spiritual World Huaguoshan]
"Shu Mao, are you here?"
"Well, why is Huaguoshan so full now?"
There were no psychic animals here when I came here, but this time I came here and found that it was almost full.
"Come with me. Elder Two is waiting for you at the top of the mountain. What will you know when you get to the top?"
"All right!"
It’s not the top of the mountain, but the place where the fairy tree at the top of the waterfall lives.
"What’s wrong with the Second Elder Fairy Tree?"
When I first saw the fairy tree, it was luxuriant, just like the name of the tree, dotted with all kinds of flowers and magical fruits. The whole tree exuded charming fragrance, and this time the fairy tree has changed greatly, and its leaves have begun to turn yellow. Those fruits have all disappeared, and there are still a few flowers and stars left.
"This is the psychic disaster! Look at the distant sky! "
At this time, Shu Mao discovered that the psychic world really began to change dramatically!
In the dark sky in the distance, a huge black whirlpool suddenly appeared, like a huge mouth, ready to slowly swallow up the whole psychic world, and there were waves of great pressure from there
"Is this coercion the same as that black hole?"
"Well, that’s right. It wasn’t so strong before it came to coercion. Now it has come to this point. Those psychic beasts all say that they are so intimidating that they can sleep and rest. They all come to ask for help. I didn’t take it seriously before, but when I ran here, I realized that there was no such coercion here in Huaguoshan.
It’s not that there is no such thing as Xianshu’s own resistance to those threats. As you can see, his own fruit has offset those threats and protected this pure land, but there is not much time left for us. If the threat of that black hole continues to increase, Xianshu will be completely dormant in half a month. At that time, no beast here will be able to resist such threats!
So I just sent someone to let you come and see what’s going on! "
"I know. Don’t worry, Elder Two, I’ll solve it. Have you joined the three immortals?"
"Miaomushan toad dragon cave snake wet bone forest slugs, we all have links, and the situation there is not so good, but at least they are all three fairy places with their own ways to deal with them, but they can’t help him like us, so they can barely protect themselves, which is why our place is almost full."
From here, you can see a road full of all kinds of psychic animals stretching to the bottom of the mountain.
"So find a few psychic beasts who are good at earth-dodging rocks and let them build a giant habitat in the mountainside, so that all psychic beasts outside can come in and rest. It’s not a way to block here, is it? In addition, when I was practicing here before, I opened the Dojo and gave them a rest. "
"This how line? That Dojo took you a lot of effort to make it. How … "
"Two elders, you can listen to me. Yes, although there is a place where I practice, I can’t stand by and watch the animals in trouble now, can I? Besides, if I don’t feel wrong, that guy should be born. He is my natural enemy. When the time comes, I may have to ask you to give me an arm! "
"Natural enemies? What natural enemy? " The second elder rolled his eyes. "You said it was that giant black hole?"
"Well, somehow I am also the reincarnation of the immortal in your mouth. Since it is the reincarnation of the immortal, then you can say that there will be heroes when the world is in trouble, right? Isn’t that why current events make heroes? "
"Well, I’m white!"
Shu Mao didn’t know that the latter two elders did give up the Dojo, but the name of the Dojo was changed to hero Dojo by him, and later a stone statue was erected here for Shu Mao with the words "Current events make heroes!"
[Outside Konoha Village]
Shura wandered around the Woods. This is the twelfth wave of dark beasts that he has eliminated by himself. He has been looking for the "hiding" of the dark beast, but he has never been able to find that guy. He keeps avoiding Shura like a fine mouse.
Finally, Shura may be a little tired, or Shura wants to have a rest. The total Shura can’t move, but she stays there motionless.