But if you don’t give up, what can you do?
This dragon phoenix’s real vitality has been wiped out by the cloud king department, and there is no chance of coming back to life.
Want to drop blood rebirth Long Huang yuan god will return to the world back to the wild mainland.
But now that he has gone from Du Jie, if he turns back, he will be stopped by the law of the world.
The law of butterfly, moon and sky is complete, and the root of dragon and phoenix can’t return to the wild mainland again!
What’s more, there must be a drop of vital blood before the drop of blood is reborn.
And Long Huang’s vitality has been destroyed by King Yun You.
Even if the Dragon Phoenix Yuan God returns to the world, it will not help.
Crackle Su Mo’s eyes flashed with cold light, and his heart had already made a decision!
Give up the dragon and phoenix!
Giving up doesn’t mean that the dragon phoenix will disappear.
This dilapidated dragon phoenix will fall back to the wild mainland along the original broken ivory beam.
The limit of the law of the world is everything that has life.
For example, things like the lonely lotus platform "Heaven Killing Sword Tactics" and "Earth Killing Sword Tactics" bronze Fang Ding will not be restricted by the law of the world.
And Long Huang’s own body will not be stopped by the extinction of Yun Youwang and his life will fall to the wild mainland!
And the wild mainland budao Zun is still there!
Su Mo’s decision is the separation of spirit and flesh!
Now that the Dragon Emperor’s body has been saved by law, he will return to the wild mainland and hand it over to Wu Daozun, who will thoroughly refine and integrate it into the statue with the help of Wu Daohong furnace.
Wudao Zun was originally a fruit of Wudao without flesh and blood.
This time, if Wu Daozun can integrate Long Huang’s original body with Su Mo’s original body, he will become a "statue" completely!
Long Huang’s body was handed over to Wu Daozun.
And the dragon and the phoenix god will be handed over to violet!
These two Yuan gods were originally integrated by Su Mo’s cultivation.
If it can be reunited, it is of great significance to Su Mo!
The fusion of the two Yuan gods is also extremely obvious for the strength of Su Mo.
The most direct must be the skyrocketing power of Yuan!
What’s more important is that the Dragon Emperor Yuan Shen realized that many magical secrets will also be integrated into the Sumo body and will not be lost!
This is too important for Sumo!
Long Huang really knows a variety of powerful magical powers. If it is lost, it will be difficult for Su Mo to recover the loss.
But this would not happen if the Yuan gods could merge!
That is to say, if Su Mo’s idea is successful, the dragon phoenix’s true body will be destroyed, but it will be integrated into Wu Daozun and violet’s true body in another way!
Of course, before all this, Su Mo was able to escape this catastrophe!
Boom Boom Boom
The woman who appeared later in the star didn’t show up, but the cloud king war broke out in a violent fluctuation!
Yunyou Wang Weiwei sneered, "But you want to get involved in the king’s affairs even if you condense a small cave. I think you want to die!"
After saying his word, Cloud King made another move.