The boss is still the old mother-in-law, but the new joint command has also brought some new changes.
Leishan received several orders from North Moon Island in succession, canceling Leishan’s protection of No.1 base and replacing Ceres with its target, which means that the safety of Ceres will be in Leishan’s charge in the future.
Ye Han really wants to spit out such a big dwarf planet. Can you manage it?
Don’t worry, the order is to ask Leishan to avoid death and defend Ceres as much as possible to adopt flexible and active defense tactics …
Well, this is more in line with Yip Han’s appetite, but if the Leishan Eye hadn’t just set off at that time, it would have consumed more than half of the fuel supplies now. It is estimated that it would have consumed the remaining reserves once or twice.
Yip hon linked up with Beiyuezhou once. As a result, Beiyuezhou told him that the supply ship had set off for more than half a month, and it would take a while to get to Ceres. Not only did Leishan need ammunition and supplies urgently, but also a lot of materials were needed to rebuild the No.1 base. Beiyuezhou hoped that Leishan could find a suitable asteroid near Ceres.
This is simply a divine reply. More than half a month ago, the Leishan didn’t arrive at the No.1 base!
Yip hon suddenly felt a little familiar when the supply ship set off. Turn out the log and see if it was right immediately.
When the supply ship set off, it was the second day after the loss of base 1!
Everything is clear. Ye Han acted according to the instructions of the head. The first thing to do was to find suitable asteroids through optical equipment, eliminate inappropriate targets through technical means, and then number all the remaining asteroids. Finally, the field investigation was carried out to find the most suitable one.
It’s easier said than done, but it’s not that simple. Ye Han took a group of people to work for more than a week before he managed to pick out a few candidate stars.
It’s called the asteroid belt. Actually, asteroids don’t want to find a suitable one as much as expected, and it’s even more difficult to choose these candidates again. If none of them are qualified, they have to go further and continue to choose.
This is the asteroid belt. If it’s the earth and the moon, just find an old ship and it’s a ready-made orbital ladder. How can counter weight get it?
This idea has been hovering in Yip Han’s mind. He suddenly thought of a question: Why can’t you just make the track ladder into a spaceship by finding a counter weight?
There is no air resistance, and any spacecraft can be made in any shape. Moreover, Ceres’ gravity is so low that the orbital ladder ground and the spacecraft are combined together. Just fly to Ceres and put the ground down, and the orbital ladder will be set up.
If aliens call and put away the cable and the ground, it will be much more convenient than putting an asteroid outside ceres.
Yip hon more think more feel have a head simply called the road to write a report sent to the north month continent … This thing he often do recently now report that call a comfortable.
It wasn’t long before Leishan received a reply from Beiyuezhou, but the reply said that it had received the report. However, Beiyuezhou reiterated the supply ship problem and asked Leishan to find a suitable asteroid as soon as possible.
Yip hon that call a spirit not dozen 1 come to BeiYueZhou bureaucrats are blind? Don’t adopt such a good idea?
But no matter how angry you are, there is nothing you can do. Even if you have any resentment, you have to execute it first.
Until a few days later, Yip Han was still in Yu Nu. At this time, he flew to the No.2 base, Nanzhou and Leishan, and Gao Kai talked to Yip Han about the asteroid belt. Before he planned to know the situation.
Let’s talk about the track ladder. Ye Han came up with a bamboo tube to pour beans, thought about himself again and scolded the bureaucrats in Beiyuezhou again.
Gao Kai heard a burst of crying and laughing, but he couldn’t elaborate. After thinking for a long time, he said, "The base is the base track ladder or the track ladder!"
Yip hon eyes wide boss "emotional base with track ladder is not the same thing? That’s not what I said originally! "
"The plan is not as fast as the change!" Gao Kai said, "Do whatever the boss tells you to do. Where do you get so many complaints?"
"Can’t they just tell me?" Yip hon said indignantly
These days, the weather is so white!
"It’s not your turn to worry about what you’re in such a hurry?"
"I won’t say a word about this after I leave!"
Two people tacitly crossed the topic and said a few words before ending the communication.
Although Gao Kai felt that Ye Han made a mountain out of a molehill, he also felt that there was something wrong with Beiyuezhou’s reply mechanism, so he wrote a report and sent it back to Beiyuezhou to suggest that Beiyuezhou improve the reply mechanism. Similar problems reappeared.
As a result, Gao Kai didn’t get a face-to-face answer. He simply stabbed the question to Huo Qiang, saying that it was a small impact, but it was really necessary for Dabeiyuezhou to pay attention to this issue at such a time.
This report eventually caused a chain reaction, and several people directly responsible were dealt with to varying degrees. Since then, similar problems have never appeared, and even if the French answer, they will say that they can’t answer.
A few days later, the transport ship finally arrived at Ceres, and two warships docked with Leishan, and the library was almost bottomed out and refilled.
At the same time, Yip Han also handed over the soldiers in double hibernation to the transport ship according to the level requirements.
Then the transport ship went to the candidate asteroids according to the guidance of Leishan to survey the geological conditions of asteroids and find the most suitable asteroids for construction base.
Just arrived at the road near the candidate star and suddenly reported to Yip Han that "the captain found an alien warship with a bearing of 135 and a height of 342, and the direction was directed at us."
Yip hon eyebrows a wrinkly "early don’t come late don’t come at this time … they are for transport?"
"It’s really possible."
"How far is it?"
"It’s too far to be measured for the time being, and it should not be less than 9 million kilometers."
"His direction? Have you found it? " Ye hanwen
Chapter 1245 It doesn’t feel that simple
An alien warship alone is definitely not an opponent of Leishan. Aliens know as well as Yip Han that if aliens want to do things, they can never send a warship.